Wednesday, December 29, 2010

In a recent report, that many left wing bloggers have been rolling around in, it was stated that Fox News viewers were the most uninformed of all time.
According to Mark Joyella, from Mediaite, said daily Fox viewers, regardless of their party affiliation, were significantly more likely to believe things like...

The stimulus caused job losses
The health care law will worsen the deficit
That the economy is getting worse
That most scientists do not believe in global warming
And the list goes on.

So why do I have the big TIME emblem on my front page today ?
Time magazine employs a writer by the name of Joe Klien, who in a brilliant article has the idea that the year 2010 was a waste of time.
In his own words, he starts the article with " Nothing much happened in 2010 "
He does spend just a few words reminding us of a Republican sweep, and unemployment numbers of 9.8%, and even commented on the amount of time it took Obama to get the Health Care bill passed.
Joe then moves on to the lame duck session of Congress, and thumbed his nose at the meager results, and then reminded us that not much happened overseas either.
Article here.

It amazes me how the man could keep himself awake while mustering up the shear genius to create enough content to hand over to the people at Time magazine and collect his paycheck.

Now let's just refresh, did a poll say Fox News viewers are the most uninformed ?

Roll Call, a newspaper on Capitol Hill is reporting that Nancy Pelosi is asking for donations to help combat the so called " Shadow Organizations " that are currently targeting ads against her, and the policies she helped to bring about in 2010.
Pelosi is calling for help now because these organizations are looking to repeal the progress she has made.

Wait a minute, what progress ?
Joe over there at Time magazine just wrote that nothing has happened in 2010 ?

Here is what gets me, if Fox News is so full of lies, and if they give the viewer bad information, then how is it that not one time has any type of legal action been taken and followed through ?
Why does Beck, and Hannity, and O'Riley put it out there day after day ?
Why is it that we hear about Bill Ayers, and Van Jones, and ACORN, and border violence from Fox News ?

Not much happened ?
Well, I guess that depends on weather or not you have crossed over into the sheep mentality or not.
I am contented to be hunkered down here in the middle with my own opinions.

Friday, December 17, 2010

It's Almost Over

Last night the extension of the Bush Tax plan was extended, and I learned this morning that Harry Reid had pulled the Omnibus plan from the floor.

Should we consider these Victories for Conservatives ?

Should we perhaps take a breath and relax now and enjoy the Christmas break with the knowledge that possibly with the addition of the new Republican blood that enters D.C. in a few days, things may take a turn for the better ?
What bothers me the most about our current condition, is that when any information a conservative, or someone that is not part of the "progressive " movement presents to prove that an idea is bad, a decision is wrong, or a policy will cause more damage, then the person becomes labeled as crazy, a hatemonger, a racist, and just plain attacked by the left wing machine.
Yes, Obama has been getting some time from the people on SNL, and the late night talk shows, but here we sit with an administration that promised a lot of hope and change, and now all we have is the hope for the change that is coming .
We all know what the problems are, why not just stop trying to offend and get them taken care of ?
I sit here and look at my Christmas Tree, and my two young boys getting ready to go play in the snow, and thank God that my little corner of the world is safe and secure for now, but in the back of my mind I know that there are people in Washington that do not think my opinions are credible, and that worries me, and it makes me worry for my children .
There are 14 days left until the new year, and the new crop of Republicans go to work.
It's almost over,
or is it ?
Merry Christmas

Friday, December 10, 2010

Remain Calm...All Is Well hahahahahaha

Boy howdy that pic has made a fortune.
Look at Camilla, do you think that is a staged look of fear, or is that the real thing ?
It seems that after years of extremely high taxes and nearly free education, the Government over there has decided that the Utopian society of big government tax the hell out of everybody and give them all kind of entitlements does not work, so they are going to triple the cost of tuition.
It also seems that the Democrats over there are breaking their promises, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg signed a pre-election pledge to oppose any type of tuition hike.
Just wonder if anyone sees a mirror image yet ?

Yes, he did promise to end the tax " cuts " for the rich, and accuse the Republicans of trying to remove the tax breaks for the middle class
Two years of this administration, and we get down to just days before the Christmas break to have this debate ? And with a bunch of Lame Duck's leading the way.

But let's get back to my original point, the mean, unruly protesters upset about having to pay for college.
When people find out that all the hope and change is not coming, and the super far left has had enough of the ultra slow process that the current administration has taken in getting things done, so sad : (

And whoever is really running things throws a fit because Fox news is still on the air, and Glenn Beck is still exposing them to the light of day, and we still say Merry Christmas, and go to Church, and praise God, and support our troops, and help each other, and stand strong,

Then what happens......?

Remember this old guy ?

He had a show on not long ago that I thought was slightly built up, but I checked into it.

I did find that they do exist, and I found that there are 3 within 50 miles of D.C, and 2 more just outside of Baltimore.
This is clip 1 of 6 if you have the time to watch. It starts with the LIST
I am sure we have all heard of the list the Government keeps of people that may cause problems.
There use to be a time we were afraid of getting an audit from the IRS, now we have to be afraid of Homeland Security.

Someone tell me where we live again ?

Merry Christmas

Sunday, December 5, 2010

What Brought You To This Place ?

I crossed over to the left tonight, left wing blogs that is, and stopped at a site I have been leaving some comments on.
It started because he had some cartoons of Mitch McConnell riding a military style elephant, sword in hand, and it was referencing the fact that the Republicans are taking a stand about the tax cuts.
We had some back and forth, I threw some facts and numbers at him, he attacked me and made out that I was an idiot, and I said that maybe I was a little more than he could handle, and then tipped my hat and left it at that.
Tonight, I stopped in, and saw there were comments to my defense, but I left it alone, but checked the newer post.
The post was complaining about the Republicans holding up the tax cuts, but what got me was in the comments section.
The first commenter had called people that were not following along with this " Progressive Agenda " , he was calling them ' Pigheaded ". He also talked how the new congress would find it difficult to " Radically Upset the System "
While I was reading these things, I was feeling like I had snuck into a private meeting and was reading things not meant for me to see, like a secret spy, but then it became real to me.
I see these things on the news, and I know these people exist, and I have been in forums and have had some great debate with some left wing people over issues, but for some reason when I read these words tonight, it just slapped me in the face.
I did leave a comment myself, at first, I wanted to say something just to let them know I was there, and let them know I read those words, and knew their evil plans.
But it is everywhere, it is all around us, it is slowly consuming every part of our lives, so I asked simply.........
" What brought you to this place ?
After everything every American has endured and suffered through to get to where we are today, to even allow you and I the freedom to debate who may be right or wrong, why would you allow the same threat into our Government, and our lives that our Fathers and Grandfathers fought to destroy years ago ? "
Why do they do it ?
What makes them decide that the American way of life, the same kind life that people cross oceans for, and climb fences for, and risk death for, the same way of life that affords them safety, and protection to speak, what makes it so bad that they would want to destroy it, and bring about a " Progressive Agenda "
What brought them to this place ?

" If we lose freedom here, there's no place to escape to "

Friday, December 3, 2010

Blinded By The Left

Alan Grayson, in his last days, stood on the floor and did his best to prey on the mush minds of the left wing pawns that follow this New World Order cult, and put on another show.

Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Riley, Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, he even had a chance to drag George Bush into the mix. the only thing he lacked was the spooky music, and the fog creeping in around his feet, and maybe some thunder crashing in the background.

The sad thing is, after he spent all that money on that pathetic display, in the end there was only ONE person clapping for him. Listen close, they clapped about 5 or 6 times so I think it was one of Graysons staffers that was just glad that the whole thing was over.

Grayson later came out to tell us what these horrible rich people could do with this money, like buy new Mercedes cars, or a $60,000 handbag, or some $ 56,000 bottle of wine, or my favorite, he actually said they could buy 20,000 bottles of Grey Poupon mustard ?

Is this guy for real ? Does he really think this is what life is like for those that have that kind of money ?

Well maybe he does, because it seems that good ole' Grayson is worth a cool $31,000,000.00. That's right, Grayson has some bucks too, and he has had no problem collecting that $175,000 a year from all of us every year while he was in D.C. making his posters, and you know something else, Alan Grayson has been benefiting from the SAME BUSH TAX CUTS that the Republicans have been getting since the started. I wonder how much Grey Poupon he has stashed away in his Mercedes.

Why not make a poster and let us know what you spent you tax savings on there, Alan buddy ?

Now that is interesting, because after those tax cuts went into effect we gained 307,000 + jobs in the first 6 quarters, I would guess because the mean old rich had enough capitol to hire some folks and put them to work. That sounds a lot better than an unemployment check.

People have short memories, and forget the 70's and early 80's.

Most of the people that post and comment now never had to live through the gas lines, or the trucker strikes, or the Farm tractors that went into Washington D.C.

As long as the left wing pawns put their hands out, and get something in return, they will follow, but when the rewards dry up, what will happen to them then ?

The thing about these people that Grayson accused of being so bad is that they never condemn America or it's citizens, and they lokk out after everyone, no matter who they are. Take for example Jaun Williams, when NPR cast him out, Bill O'Riley had his back.

Glenn Beck never says to turn your back on anyone, he says to prepare, and be a shelter to others.

The left prefers to attack, call names, give false information, do their business behind closed doors, and hide the truth as best that they can, and use words like " no comment " on a daily basis.

To be honest, I am not happy with either party at this time, but I continue to be optimistic, and pray that Obama will realize that the United States is still a Nation full of people that would rather be free, than be ruled and dictated.


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Spending Or Amnesty ?

Here we see Mitch McConnell from Kentucky on the floor telling the Senate of the Republican resistance against any other business until the the finances have been hammered out.

This makes sense to me, and I am sure it makes sense to millions of other Americans that have to watch as our leaders walk past us and pay no attention to what we say.

I stopped at a blogsite this morning, and saw cartoons that portrayed McConnell on an elephant outfitted for war, with swords drawn, and below it a dumbfounded liberal that was disgusted because the Republicans were doing the " same old tactics " keeping them from moving forward.

What forward direction are the Democrats trying to move in the last few days before Christmas ?

Well, for one thing, why is Harry Reid pushing the Dream Act ? And why has he laid out 4 versions of it so far ?

What would be more important to you right now ?

Repairing our economy and jobs for Americans, or Amnesty for illegal aliens ?

Senator Jeff Sessions can't be the only one that has the stones to say no to Harry Reid NO !

We need to get a handle on this now.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Why would a judge step in a block a decision that people vote against ?

Why are we even considering Sharia Law in our country ?

Wait a minute, his religious freedoms were violated ?

What about my religious freedoms and beliefs and freedoms ?

What about the fact that that as a christian, my religion has to be shoved in a closet because someone says they are offended by the words Merry Christmas ?

First off, I have to say that there is a special place in Hell for for you idiots that know better and continue to turn your back on God.

On the other hand, it is right there in our back door what these Muslim people are doing in other countries, and how they are taking control of everything. It is hard for me to sit here and believe that Americans have become that brain dead that they do not see an end to our way of life as we once knew it.

Where do we go from here ? Protests, marches, or even a call to arms ? If so, who will lead the way ? How do we reclaim our Christian way of life, and what would it take to be able to say Merry Christmas without getting an evil eye from some Liberal Jackass, not that I care anyway ?

The problem is too big for me to solve, but I hope someone can come up with something soon,


Point To The Pawns

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dream Act

It seems to me that the lame ducks in Washington are carrying a heavy load on their backs with all the people jumping on looking to get bills passed before the e Republicans come in and start cleaning up things.

Do we really need another path to citizenship when these people have all this time to become legal ?

This is just a chance to allow an amnesty bill to slip through, and allow a larger Democratic voting base to keep the Socialistic agenda moving forward.

These people have had enough time, and have used enough American resources to get where they are. The clock stops now.

Anthony Weiner should be prosecuted for treason and shipped to the border with whatever he has in his pockets, and anyone else there in the crowd that could not produce citizenship should have been loaded up and carted off as well.

We have moved beyond the point of just looking the other way, and just waving our hands and saying " well, he is a good guy, he is OK "

No more, it is time to stop being a doormat for the rest of the world. We need to stand up and say NO MORE !

You are hurt, hungry ? Fine, here are some bandages, an aspirin, and a sandwich, go home. We have our own people here in this country need to work, that need to survive, and when we resolve our issues, then maybe we could allow a few to enter.

Don't agree ?

Then open your door and let them come and stay at your house and eat your food for free. Let some illegals walk right in and have the run of your home and take whatever they need without giving back, and see how long you allow it to happen.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Matricula Consular Card

So what is this, you ask ? Whats the big deal ?
First off, the official definition for the card is this...

"The Matricula Consular de Alta Seguridad (MCAS) (Consular Identification Card) is an identification card issued by the Government of Mexico through its consulate offices to Mexican nationals residing outside of Mexico regardless of their emigration status.
Also known as the Mexican CID card, it has been issued since 1871, and cardholders could be either legal or illegal aliens in the foreign country they are residing in.
The official purpose of the card is to demonstrate that the bearer is a Mexican national living outside of Mexico.
It includes an official Government of Mexico issued ID number and bears a photograph and address of the Mexican National to whom it is issued.

The easy definition is that the Matricula Consular cards are identification cards are issued by the Mexican government to mainly illegal immigrants living in the United States, and currently more than 350 financial institutions accept Matricula Consular cards as proof of identification thereby allowing thousands of illegal immigrants to have access to mainstream U.S. financial services.
Do I need to take it any further down the road for you ?
These people uses these cards that they pay $27.00 for to obtain checking accounts, credit cards, auto loans, home loans, anything they want under any name or circumstance they choose and then leave the American taxpayer to foot the bill when they walk away from it all.
The whole time they use our Hospitals for health care, welfare systems, and work for cash and never pay a dime into taxes, but seem to know where every handout, and Government service line starts.
As an American, I sit and watch my borders crumble at the South, and see a silent invasion due to ignorance and guilt.
So what do you think ? We all just turn our back on this and not worry about it ?
Hope the problem will get fixed somehow ?
Maybe blame Bush, that's been working out good so far.
You left wing folks keep smiling while you can

Monday, November 15, 2010

Glenn Beck Fired !........?

Fired ?

Well, no, but I wonder how many left wing bloggers logged on to their Internet radio site to see if Glenn was going to be on the air this morning.
He really did put the screws to George Soros last week, and spread a lot of sunlight on some things that some people did not want us to see.
Glenn started his shows with the statement that what he was bringing to us was researched, and proven fact, and that if he was telling us a lie their was no way he would be allowed to stay on the air.

I wonder just how mad George is today ?
It seems the best anyone could come up with is a complaint from the Anti-Defamation League about when Glenn talked about young George assisting with the removal of belongings from his fellow people to save his own skin.
Instead of being concerned about hurting someones feelings, why not clear the table and make room for the real problems so that some real Americans can get this Country back on track.
It is people like Soros that take advantage of the current system, and use it to manipulate people to do whatever they want.
Put aside the fear and take a stand, if not this is it,
You have no other options.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Progressives In Defense Mode

I read an interesting blog today about the mid term elections, and I find more people are more concerned with completing the transformation of our Country, and eliminating people that hope to restore what built our Nation to what it once was.
Here is a quote....

"Democrats need to be more progressive, more confrontational and more unwavering about their values and goals. The wishy-washy, limp defense of liberal values and goals and the reaons for them so far by the Congressional Democrats over the last two years has made people ambivalent and apathetic about supporting Democrats. If they don’t believe in themselves strongly, why should we? As a result, many of them lost their jobs or didn’t get elected, and it rippled into state elections. This is less a credit to the Tea Baggers than it is a strong reaction to how the Democrats have behaved, and how they fail to effectively defend progressive values and beliefs. "
Where did all this Progressive business start anyway ?
I did some reading on it in the past, and I went back today and dug around to refresh my memory, and to dumb it down a little, when people walked off the farms and moved to the cities during America's industrial revolution, they pretty much lived in cramped conditions, working in mills and assembly lines for a set wage, just like everyone else, until one day someone came along and got on a soapbox and started preaching about how the workers were killing themselves for nothing while the fat cats they were working for were getting rich and keeping all the profits for themselves.
I am sure someone will correct me on this, but that is pretty close, but after that, these folks gained some power and worked themselves into politics, and may have ushered in some good things along the way, but the message today does not sit well with people today that work hard for what they have.
But what about those that never left the farm ?
What about all of us still out here surrounded by fields, that never had the desire to venture into the big city ?
It seems to me, from what I have read, if these Liberals and Progressives get want, we will be pushed back in time and live in a world much like my Great-Grand Parents lived.
They didn't have much, but knew how to live with what they had, much like the things were passed down to me.
With all the new faces headed to D.C. in January, maybe there is hope that something can be fixed, and people will be able to get back to work.
If they get to D.C. and nothing gets done, then at least I m out here in the country.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Did Anything Happen ?

Its all over now.
So did anything get done ?
For some reason, Harry Reid will be in D.C. for another term, and I heard Barney Frank will be there as well.
It also seems Barbara Boxer Kept her seat, but you know she worked so hard for that title.
I guess people deserve what they get, that is some people, but this is a democracy, and because the actions of some will affect everyone, meaning the re-election of people that may not have the Countries best interest on their mind, we will have to prepare ourselves for some very hard times.
I am sure that we all know that POTUS has allowed the printing of more money to be infused into the system, which I am sure most of you know will make the value of that dollar bill in your pocket decrease substantially.
Are you ready for some $10.00 bread, and some $25.00 gallons of milk ? Combine this with the fact that we have not seen any jobs in the last two years and you can just imagine the job these new " winners " from last night will be walking into.
Several weeks back, I posted about helping people that were jobless, that had no prospects, and no help left from anywhere. I suggested maybe offering some yard work to them or having them do some home repair, anything would be a blessing. I also asked that donating to food banks and shelters would be a help as well.
The task of restoring our Nation will take much more than a slogan or a catch phrase, it will also take making the decision to come back to becoming God fearing American citizens that value the Constitution, the Bible, and the Flag.
We need to basically turn the clocks back on our values to a time when we had pride in ourselves, pride in our Country, had Honor and self respect, and took responsibility for our actions, and at the same time, made others take responsibility for their actions.
We can do this, we just have to keep standing.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

For months now, I have heard folks say " I can see November from my house "
Well, here we are.
Last night I cruised around the 24 hour news channels and listened to all the predictions and all the polls, and all the reasons as to why each candidate was ahead or behind in their state.
Are the Republicans really looking at making a sweep because the they are the better candidate, or just the lesser of the two evils ?
Recently I posted about the extent others would go to just to draw attention and cause violence. I used the incident at a Rand Paul event, not to endorse Paul, but just to call attention to the extremes of some of the folks that had different views.
This brought some information to my attention that I did not know about, courtesy of my friend Laryen that I had not read before, and as expected caused some debate with another friend of mine, Jeremy .
My point is, today the theatrics end, the debate ends, and all the analyzing ends.
Will this be a day of hope and change ? Who knows, but a large majority of Americans are not happy with the way the current administration, and the Democratic Congress and Senate have done things.
A lesser of two evils will probably not make anything any better, but at this point, Americans are drowning and they are reaching for for anything that is thrown to them.
That's what makes it sad, that these are the best we could come up with.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Joy Behar Is Educating Us All

Here is your modern day liberal.

Here is your defeated left wing.

Yes indeed, she has nothing else to say, not one good word about her incumbent Harry Reid, just attack Sharon Angle.

And whats the big deal with coming to the South Bronx ? Is she admitting that it is a trash hole right there in her back yard that people should be afraid of ? Is she playing some sort of race card ?

The best part was Behar screaming about Angle going to hell. Behar is supposed to be an Agnostic, pretty much the same as an atheist.

Please don't try to school me on the difference because when it comes down to it, she does not believe in god, so why would she think someone would go to hell ?

Behar is nothing but a twisted bitter prune, but she is doing a great job showing the liberals for what they really are

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lauren Valle vs Rand Paul

Top row, second second from the left.
That's the woman that got her head " stomped " the other night at a Rand Paul event.
A verified paid protester that seems to have nothing better to do but the work of the left wing.
This is a group mug shot of Valle and her friends taken by Port of Fourchon Harbour Police and LaFourche Parish Sheriffs office for trespass and vandalism.
The left has many of these kinds of people sent out to stir up violence and to cause problems, that is their only job in life, their only responsibility, and they hold a rather large flame to a very short fuse.

Take a close look, enlarge he video if you have to, but look closely at Valle's face between the 14 through the 26 second time frames.
She is laughing.
Laughing at all of them because she accomplished what she came for.
And another thing, who took the video ?
It was real convenient that they were in the right place at the right time, don't you think ?
I should have named this post Lauren Valle scams us all.

Getting Closer To Tuesday

I came across this video and just had to share.

Have you ever heard the expression better to laugh than cry ? Sometimes after sitting here reading the blogs from both sides of the political spectrum, and flipping between Fox News, and then trying to stomach what Chris Mathews and Maddows and that bunch is trying to sell sometimes makes me want to throw all my stuff out the door.

Everyone has an opinion, and the news has turned into an opinion program, everyone starts with a small percentage of the fact, and then runs in the direction that's suits their own agenda.

Left and Right wing bloggers have slipped into a mud slinging contest over who did what, and what side are the bigger thieves and liars.

I have a news flash for everyone, they are all as crooked as a dogs hind leg. The broken promises, and the money that has been spent, and all those stupid programs that they allow our money to go to, come on, we have been abused for years. The place is overrun with lobbyist ready to corrupt the lawmakers and sway them to vote against the people, and when they are locked away in those " hallowed halls " they are kept safe from the regular folks that would grab them and make them accountable as to what they have done.

It's not only D.C. but has filtered down to the state level as well, and worked it way to the city and county level as well.

I can tell you why the left fears the Tea Party and its members, it is because they have no leader. It is a group of people, a body of one. Their is folks that organize functions and events, and handles various things for the group, but there is no one leader.

The Tea party has a very loud voice, and that loud voice has a very large boot attached to it, and I believe that it is exactly what is needed to kick some people out of the way to get this mess cleaned up.

Obama made a comment once about cleaning up once before, but he failed to mention that he helped make the mess, the Democrats have been in office since 2006, and he had been voting with them before he got the job he has now.

Obama supporters say " He's only been in there two years, give him some time "

How much more time do you want to give him ? I think he has spent enough money and caused enough damage

Is this just my opinion ? Yeah, and it's looking like the opinion of about 75% of the rest of the Country.

I am glad to see you folks start to wake up !

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Juan Williams Fired

So today we find that Juan Williams has been fired.
He was fired because he had agreed with Bill O'Riley that we are facing a " Muslim Dilemma " in this Country.
He continued:
“I mean, look, Bill, I’m not a bigot. You know the kind of books I’ve written about the civil rights movement in this country. But when I get on the plane, I got to tell you, if I see people who are in Muslim garb and I think, you know, they are identifying themselves first and foremost as Muslims, I get worried. I get nervous.”
You know what, we should be nervous, we should not only be nervous of the Muslim garb, but we should be nervous that we do not have the right to stand up and say " Hey ! Somethings wrong over here ! "
We have people burning our flag right in front of us, we have kids being sent home from school fro wearing a shirt with the American Flag on it to school, we have our dead soldiers being protested and mocked while their families are trying to lay them to rest, and Juan Williams gets fired for saying what most of you are afraid to say because of Political Correctness ?
I think the best thing that could happen that all of these PC clowns jump on the Muslim bandwagon and let their wives get the hell get beat out of them, and have their hands cut off when they reach for a piece of bread.
These idiots just do not realize that their left wing utopia does not exist, unless it involves living in a cave and chasing a dog for something to eat.
Take a good look at the third world Countries because that is where these people want us, they do not want us to move forward, they want a World full of slaves.
If Capitalism is so bad, how did we get to the greatest Nation in the World ?
If Socialism is so great, why has it never made it beyond our way of life ?
I would really like to know, why is it that people like Glenn Beck, and Sarah Palin, and regular Americans like the Tea Party folks scare the hell out of the left wing, socialist group so much ?
I want to know, if you get the punch in the gut on November second, like many of us hope you do, what happens then ?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Another View

You know why that show is called " The View " ?

Because it is all about Joy Behar's and Whoopi Goldgerg's view.

If you talk above them and disagree with what they say, or oppose their position on something then you become the enemy.

Enter Bill O'Riley.

You will not talk over Bill, and he will get his point across, and he will speak his mind, and he does not care if he rattles your cage because he does not need you.

The only thing Behar and Goldgerg could do was to walk away.

O'Riley sat there and said what 70 % of the American people would have said, probably more, and I commend him for that.

Bill O'Riley still has a backbone.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Our Best Friends

We have all seen Gloria Allred on the TV in the past few days with poor little Nikki Diaz, the illegal that cleaning the house and driving the kids around for a Republican candidate out there in California.
Fox News has labeled her as a bad attorney because she is not doing her best to keep her client safe, exposing little Nikki to prosecution and deportation.
Well I have my own Ideas as to Allreds motives, and to what is really going on.
I think she is fed up.
I think she is sick and tired of paying for the anchor babies, and tired of the welfare system, Tired of the overcrowded jails, and tired of the unemployed Americans due to the fact that the illegals have overrun our borders and have infested her state of California and have picked it to the bone.
I think that she has played the bleeding heart liberal to the point that it has invaded her pocketbook, and has taken a seat right next to her in her spotless Mercedes, and she is terrified now, and desperately wants to cry out for help, she wants to scream out for the Tea Parties to march up to her doorstep and accept wheelbarrow fulls of cash to help get the demons out of office that have allowed this to happen.
But she can't, because she may get her hair messed, and her suit a little wrinkled, and the hard core friends she has will look down at her and point.
So what she does is takes little Nikki, drags her out into the light of day, and says's YES, YES, SHE LIED ! SHE HAD NO SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER ! SHE HAD NO DRIVERS LICENSE ! SHE WAS LYING ABOUT HER STATUS ! but it was all meg whittmans fault.
Gloria can feel as if she got rid of one of them, right ?
She is not fooling me, I think she needs a friend.

And the Pot situation over there on the West coast.
Is there a need for debate ?
As far as I am concerned, California is a lost cause, let them smoke all the pot they want, let them drop acid, let them drink, whatever makes them happy.
But as soon as the smiles begin out there, make me smile here in my house, cut them off.
Turn off everything that the Federal government hands them, and bring everything that our tax dollars paid for back to where it can be used here.
Let them smoke themselves silly, and marry their dogs, and worship their spaghetti monsters, and do whatever it is they do because in my opinion, California can't be saved, and I really don't think that with the politicians that are there running things, and the illegals there in control, they want saving.
The pot that California wants to legalize could turn out to be our best friend.

That One Nation Rally.
I just don't know what to make of that, it's like when you start to make a cake.
You have the flour, and the sugar, and a stick of butter, and all the good things that go into the batter, but then all of a sudden someone sneaks some chili powder in there, and maybe some dish soap, and some kitty litter, and before you know it, you have a big nasty mess.
A great idea that just got destroyed.
If it comes down to sides, and you choosing which one to be on, like it is today, we lose a lot of the strength that this Nation has carried for decades.
Who is telling us the truth ?
Who is truly our friend ?
I think before we pick a group, we should tune out, and look inside ourselves to decide whats important first.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Some mean looking guys right ?
Wonder who they work for ?
they work for us, the people, well, I mean the citizens, no, I mean the State.
Is that right ? Yeah I guess that's right.
You see, as employees of the Government, paid for by all of us, you know, We the People, I would imagine that these fine gentlemen would be the cream of the crop in our front line of defense when it comes to border security, or some type of terrorist threat, or anything where some type of the threat of extreme violence was to be encountered.
It seems when this picture was taken, these men were dressed out and readied because the Poor Peoples Economic Human Rights Campaign was scheduled to fill the streets in St. Paul Minnesota.

So whats the big deal ?

Well, yesterday millions watched and prayed as Debbie Stabenow brought her S 3706 to the floor. She gave a good nine minutes worth of time to it, and then it was left on the floor, literally.
Stabenow had done what she had promised, that she would get it out there, and now most of the Senate are relaxing at home, wondering what to do about their re-election bids, and some about retirement.
The S-3706 would have offered the 99ers more free cash, and would have supplied them enough revenue to get them through the holidays, but what then ?
I have asked in recent post to offer assistance if possible, offer some side jobs to someone, try to hit some yard sales, anything.
If you do not agree with the Government becoming involved in the states business, and you agree with smaller Government. If you think there should be cuts in spending, and want to stand behind the representatives that want to say NO to the out of control spending, and the welfare state, then support them by showing the big Government that you can be a charitable person.

Take some things to the food bank
If your kids outgrow some clothes, pass them down to someone
If your friend is out of work, he is still your friend, stop in and see if he needs something.
log onto Craigslist and check your city. find someone to rake your leaves or something, or give something away
Better yet, it will be cold soon, maybe if you had a spare room ?
Could you really sleep at night knowing a family has been put out in the streets ?

This is not the post that I had intended to write today, but as I watch the rain and wind blow past my window, I know there is someone out there right now that is cold and wet, and has had everything ripped away from them.
They worked hard, everyday, just to come in on a Friday to a pink slip in their paycheck, and now they are thrown out with the trash.

Monday, September 27, 2010

No Support and No Change

I am not at all biased as to the sites I visit. I am open to every ones ideas about music, food, relationships, and yes of course, politics.
This morning was no different, and I made my rounds reading the feelings of some folks thinking Steve Colbert should be drug through the streets, and some thinking he is a shining example of just what a huge joke Congress has become.
I turned to a blog I sometimes go to today that must have picked up on the posts that I had done on the unemployment issues, and the people left behind in this Country, and he too had told a story of how cuts had left his family and friends huddled together with next to nothing.
Their Government had made promises to them that never appeared, and they were left with a realization that no help was ever going to reach them.
We see in the news today the riots in their streets, and the attacks against their police, and we hear people like Glenn Beck and Neil Cavuto try to explain to us that without the cuts to these extreme Government handouts, their Country will be bankrupt.
I read on his site that there was a lot of warning, and so much time to prepare, but the people, including himself always thought it could never happen to a country like his.

Today on the Unemployed Friends forum, I read this...

Below are the results from my calls to finance committee members - as you can see, this is a political very hot potato - nobody wants to commit. Please call and ask for their support - especially your Republican representatives.

Senate Finance Committee Members by Party Affiliation

* Max Baucus, Montana, Chairman - (202) 224-2651 - 99 weeks is enough
* Jay Rockefeller, West Virginia---(202) 224-6472-no comment
* Kent Conrad, North Dakota--(202) 224-2043-not released an opinion
* Jeff Bingaman, New Mexico--(202) 224-5521-hasn't released a statement
* John Kerry, Massachusetts--(202) 224-2742 -favor
* Blanche Lincoln, Arkansas--(202) 224-4843--no response
* Ron Wyden, Oregon--- 202-224-5244-hasn't issued a statement yet
* Charles Schumer, New York---202-224-6542--supports
* Debbie Stabenow, Michigan--Sponsor
* Maria Cantwell, Washington---202-224-3441--no statement yet
* Bill Nelson, Florida--202-224-5274-no statement yet
* Robert Menendez, New Jersey-- 202.224.4744--hasn't released a statement
* Thomas Carper, Delaware--(202) 224-2441--hasn't released a statement


* Chuck Grassley, Iowa, Ranking Minority Member-(202) 224-3744-hasn't indicated
* Orrin Hatch, Utah--(202) 224-5251--hasn't indicated
* Olympia Snowe, Maine--202-224-5344-no public opinion yet
* Jon Kyl, Arizona-- (202) 224-4521-answering machine
* Jim Bunning, Kentucky--202.224.4343-hasn't issued a statement
* Mike Crapo, Idaho--(202) 224-6142-staffer can't find any information
* Pat Roberts, Kansas--202-224-4774-no information
* John Ensign, Nevada--(202) 224-6244-considering support
* Mike Enzi, Wyoming--(202) 224-3424-still debating
* John Cornyn, Texas--202-224-2934-mailbox full- staffer didn't know

Let me just say, they don't care.
They really don't. I hate to be the one to lay it out here, but with them losing ground in the primaries, and the tea party people, and the Republicans rolling out this contract thing about all this great stuff they are gonna do, no one cares about the family of people that will come home tonight, and sit around the table while the kids work on homework, and Dad figures how he is gonna get the light bill paid, and Mom is on the phone trying to get a couple days extension on the cable bill.
No one cares they have a half a tank a gas to get around till Friday, but the Republican robocaller will call and ask for a $25.00 donation
No one cares that the boss told Dad that this pipe job will be shutting down because of permits in another week, so he may be laid off for a few months.

You know what Obama, sometimes a lot of us wish you would put the damn thing in D and then hold it in the floor, just make sure you have some of them Washington folks with you

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Has Congress Lost Touch With Reality ?

Colbert comes to Washington to do what ? Make fun of them ? To put on a show ? What did he accomplish ?

Waste about $125,000 dollars of our money.

Lets see him do a spot about that on his show, about how much wasted time that little stunt took, and the money that cost us.

Big freakin deal, that was just a feather in his ratings hat, and a diversion for the left, oh yeah, dont forget, somewhere in another less attractive place they were discussing the black panthers that were scooted away that hadbeen in front of a pooling place in uniform with a nightstick.

And lets not forget also the folks living in cars, boxes, and under bridges, you know the ones that WERE working just a few months ago, like 99 weeks or more ago, thats what they call themselves, the 99ers, the ones that have exhausted all the unemployment bennie available and are now left with no place left to live, no place to go, nothing.

I know there are the few " cheaters " that maybe took advantage of the system, but let me tell you, no man is going to sit back and let his family go hungry and homeless if he can help it, he would shovel shit from a ditch for a can of beans first, thats why I do not think these people are cheaters.

Debbie Stabenow dangled the carrot in front of them before they went on their vacation claiming they would get some help when she got back. Many of the Dems signed on to back her up and it that S 3706 was going to save them all.

I go back to the message boards that are mostly operated by Dems, and I am shocked at what they have been posting, completely bashing their party, and very doubtfull that their vote for Obama was wortwhile.

Today, I checked back in and read that Stabenow had announced that she was going to debate the S 3706 bill in the coming week, and all of a sudden you would have thought Heavens gates have opened.

Wait a minute, Stabemow said she would debate the bill, you know, shake the carrot.

Am I the only one that gets this ?

Let me try this another way, when people get desperate, when they are tired, hungry, dirty, and have no place to go, they are open to a lot of things that they normally would not open themselves up too. They become willing to walk into some false hope.

For 9/11, I asked that we help someone, to pass on that feeling you had after you saw those buildings fall, and the Pentagon burning, and the feld in Shanksville.

I took it with with my gorup of friends and raised some money for the homeless, help some people so they had a place to stay, made a few connections with them and got them some work on local farms, and had a big cook out with burgers and dogs and crabs, all donated, and the folks had a great time, but most of all, they had some respect, and had some dignity, and they felt like they were not forgotten.

One man I talked to had done construction all his life, framing houses, siding, roofing, like that. He had to sell his tools, his truck, everything to feed his kids, then lost his home. He was renting a trailer for $425 a month that had no AC, and was ashamed that everything was gone.

Is he cheating the system ? Do you think he is not looking for work ? I guess he chose this spot in life.

I had a skill saw, an a drill in my shed I took to him on Tuesday, and a box with some hammers and tape measures and chalklines and stuff. I have not used them in years. I also took him a number to a guy I know that wants some rabbit cages built, its not much, but we have to help each other.

What have you done to help someone ?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

250,000 Is Not A Magic Number

The elected officials came back to D.C. a couple days ago, and it seems to me the only thing on their minds is the Bush tax cuts

Granted, this may be an important issue, but in my mind there is another issue that should embarrass every one of us, and should take center stage.

Debbie Stabenow seems like she wants to help

I am a fan of Glenn Beck, and I was all for his " Faith, Hope, and Charity " event back on 8/28, but it seems to me that this would be the biggest thing someone could do to help your fellow man, to stand with you brother, to step up and make sure your brother, your fellow man, your Countryman has food, shelter, and maybe some dignity.

Check out this guy....

We should all be ashamed.

I frequent this site Unemployed-Friends and read their stories, and read how I can help. I have used the information on the site to call email Washington and ask that something be done to help these people.

Today, I have a roof over my head, and some food on my shelves, and I am thank full. I have the ability at this time to get more, but what if ????

This man was no different than any of us just a short time ago, and because of the way the market and the economy went, he was tossed aside.

If I do not speak for him now, then who will speak for me ?

If you do not stand for these people, then who will stand for you when you need someone ?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Throw The Politics Out The Window

I stop in at this message board / forums site from time to time to read comments from unemployed folks that are struggling with no jobs, no money, and no one in D.C. listening to them.
It has different topics ranging from current bills, contacting state reps, venting frustrations, and a place for like minded people to offer support to those that could use a kind word, or just to know that there may be light at the end of this long dark tunnel.
I came across this post, and it really made me think..

" Sorry guys but Ive given up. It's just too much and up is down and down is up. Right is wrong and wrong is right. Keep up the fight and carry the torch. Please forgive me for being weak. I believe strongly in God and I love Him with all of my heart. and I do believe that I will go to Heaven. I am too weak to handle any more issues with money and bills and people and stuff.

Jesus is coming soon. Please get ready. If you don't know Him as your personal Lord and Savior, please just repent of your sins and ask Jesus to come into your heart. It's that simple. there's no process and you don't have to get your act together first like the devil tells you that you do.

I'm going to go to sleep now. i won't be back, but I will hopefully be in Heaven praying for you guys and all the downtrodden. We are in the last days and this is the persuction. But along with the unemplyment my husband abandoned me with no money and no food hardly. and it doesn't matter cuz I can't eat anyway. I have not committed suicide but I did take some pills to help me relax. I'm gonna pray until I fall asleep
.... "

We get up on our soap boxes every day and type out our two cents worth of free speech, blaming Bush and Obama, and Barney Frank, and Glenn Beck, and whoever the media parades in front of us that day.
We hit the Publish Post button, and think we are making a difference in the world today because we have told it like it is, and this is the problem, and this is how to fix it.
Let's call bull right now because as the saying goes, opinions are like a**holes and everybody has one.
There are some folks out there, in OUR country, in our OWN backyards that are in trouble. They have no food, no shelter, nothing.
And everyday more and more people are joining them.

From a personal view, I have friends that were in the construction business with me, honest, hardworking guys that would give you the shirt off their backs that now have been laid off for nearly 2 years.

Two years of filling out applications, doing odd jobs for little or no money, selling everything they have just to keep a roof over their kids head.

I know these people, they are not the crowd that the few in Washington make them out to be. These folks did not cause the economic problems we have today but they are left to suffer for it now

Our Government and Americans in general are the first to step up when someone is in trouble. If a disaster hits a distant Nation, the American Flag is a welcome sight.
Today we have folks that wake up to empty cupboards, electricity turned off, and having to make a choice between a half gallon of milk for their child or a little gas to go check on a job at the fast food.
Forget the Politics this weekend, and forget to point a finger to blame someone for the Nations troubles.
Remember, when you point at someone, you have three more fingers pointing back at you.
To remember what happened on 9/11, get the feeling you had after it happened.
After the shock, I wanted to do something, to help somehow.
Well, honor 9/11 by helping someone that needs it, right in your own backyard.
Donate some food, contribute towards someones light bill, offer to fill someones tank, give some of those nice clothes to them, not the old ones, hire someone off of Craigslist to do some side work for you, spend some money at a yard sale.
Remember, these folks were the backbone of our Country not long ago, they did not choose this.

Just help someone for 9/11

Monday, August 30, 2010

Beck Rally

I want to drop my two cents off and say that I thought Glenn did a good thing on Saturday.
It was emotional, spiritual, and it was honest.
For those that condemn, and to look for a hidden message, or use images of the third Reich, or even the KKK in relation to what happened, then you are lost.
Not just a lost soul, but lost as an American.

The only good thing I heard from the Rev. Al's talk, was to smile.
Absolutely no content.
A shining example of what this great Nation has come to

Did you notice how fast they cut off the truth ?
Let me just say this about the left, and the Rev. Al, and Obama, and all the others working to destroy this Nation,

The chickens are comin home to roost

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Look At The Walking Dead

Oh My !

Strong Words !

Scary Stuff !

But why do I use a title like that ?

Because of what these people are taught from the Qur'an.

5.51 O you who believe ! Do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends, they are friends of each other, and whoever amongst you takes them for a friend surely is one of them. Surely Allah does not guide unjust people.

Well, now my feelings are hurt, they cant come out and play with us or they will be labeled as one of us. When the came to the United States, were they not supposed to join the so called "melting pot "

9.123 O you who believe ! Fight those of the unbelievers who are near to you, and let them find you in hardness, and know that Allah is with those who guard against evil.

Now let me get this straight, not are these people taught to be unfriendly to us, but taught to fight us ? Why is that ? Maybe it has something to do with how they pray.

4.89 They desire that you should disbelieve as they have disbelieved so that you might be all alike, therefore take not from among them friends until they fly their homes in Allah's way, but if they turn back, then seize them and kill them wherever you find them, and take not from among them a friend or helper.

How many times did you have to read that before you understood it ?

I wonder how many people will read it and try to come up with an alternate translation. Let me spell it out in a non PC way. You idiots can hop on your soap boxes and cry for these Muslims and their freedoms, and you can carry your signs for the Mosque. The bottom line is, you are not their friend. you will be just as dead as I would be if I happened to be in the wrong place when they decided it was time to leave another Pathfinder in Times Square, or start shooting at a Military Base, or stuff a bomb in their boxers on the next plane somewhere.


This Mosque is nothing more than a middle finger aimed right at us all, connected to a religion that wants nothing more than to destroy anyone that does not submit to their beliefs.

These people, whether you want to label them moderate or extreme, or radical, or any other name have problems.

This is how they act in their Country, they are nothing more than crazed animals.

take a look at this one...

This is how the act when they come to our shores.

Did you read 5.51 up there ? They take that stuff serious.

This is nothing like rounding up the Japanese during the war, this is becoming a matter of self preservation and personal safety.

I won't even get into the Southern Border situation today, but I just wanted to remind those people who they were standing up for.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I Get It. Some Of You Don't

Scream and yell for a mosque that you know nothing about. Give your support for a man that would have you bring your signs, and stand in the streets for him.
And for what reason ? to defend what you believe is your own personal liberty of expression of religion ?
Do you realize that these same people view the bible as hate speech, and believe that anyone that does not follow them and their teachings should be killed ?

Where is the freedom in that ?
Where has my liberty gone when a Nativity scene is protested and removed, or a cross is removed from something that remembers fallen hero's ?
I hear the term Islamaphobia a lot on the news now, and I laugh.
That's just another reverse psychology thing the left wing media wants to use to sway anyone with some common sense.
What about Islamization ?
Why don't we hear more about that ?
Why don't we hear more about how these people are slowly creeping their way into our country, building their communities, surrounding us, working to change us, working to take over our way of life.
That's not a phobia, that's reality

We are surrounded by violence. To our south, the Mexican Government has fallen apart, and has lost control of the drug leaders.
I watch as the news media in our own country try to lay blame on our doorstep, and explain the fact as the drugs are being sold to Americans.
Wait a minute, Who are these people that are fighting to legalize pot ?
Don't you think dope is illegal for a reason ?

These people think nothing of killing each other, and all in the name of getting high.

Yeah, I get the message, do you ?
It seems that over 60% of the United Sates got the message when it comes to doing something with the border, but where was Obama ?

Many of you thought it was OK to elect a guy that was mentored by Frank Marshall Davis
You thought it was OK that when Obama wrote " I will stand with them ( Muslims ) should the political winds shift in an ugly direction"
When Obama sat in a Chicago church and listened to a preacher spew hatred for America, and preach Black Liberation Theology , many of you thought it was OK
But here in the real world, there are many of us that can make it through the day without a joint, our praising Allah, or waiting for our free stuff because we are entitled to it.
We can only make our voices heard, and then stand still while the 40% that have lost their way call us racist, haters, redneck, fear mongers, and a few other names I can't mention here.
My message today is, if you don't get it by know, you never will, and all I can say is God be with you, because you will need him.
Those of you in the cities, I feel for you the most, because many of you are stuck with no way out.
Those of you living along the Southern borders, I applaud your courage to remain, and it seems you are the last of a dying breed. My prayers are with you all.
Those of us that understand, that have prepared, that live in an area away from the border violence, and the Islamization, and the violence that is sure to come, we may have a lot of work to do in the coming months

Thursday, August 19, 2010


This Mosque debate has brought out the idiots
Instead of standing up for the dead, instead of standing up for America, people still choose to grab bits and pieces of what is left of our Constitution and use it in defense of killers.

A site that I frequent had a post today proclaiming that the site at ground zero could not be that great because nearby there were " titty bars " within walking distance.
Let me tell you something, if he is afraid of the strippers attacking, he has other issues other than terrorism.

He also made us aware that there was a Mcdonalds close the the site as well.
What, are they gonna do, throw french fries at us ?
Come on, is this the best you have ?
This has nothing to do with the fact of the strippers, or fast food in proximity of Ground Zero.
It has everything to do with allowing a Muslim Imam, that would not denounce Hamas, that said that the United States was to blame for 9/11, that will not allow us to know where the funding for this building is coming from, that preaches a religion that teaches any other person that does not follow their religion should be killed, that has radical followers,
It has everything to do with slapping America in the face, and letting them know that the Muslim world is coming to take over.
Let me say right here and now, there are more people that do not want this, and there are more people that still feel pride when we look at the flag.
We still feel pain when we see clips from the 9/11 incident, and we know what we have to do come November, and beyond.
This is our Country, we speak English, we follow the American law, and by no means do we need someone to tell us how to act from another country.

I have said it before, and I will continue to say it, America first

If you don't like it, then just leave.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Freedom Of Religion vs My Freedom

In my last post, I expressed my opposition to the NYC mosque, and Muslims in general.
I also stated that it was time to throw the politically correctness in the trash.
It it time to become Americans again, become patriots, and put our country first.
Well, it did not take long to be accused of " reactionary volatility " and to be called out as to use the emotions, and the situation to get viewers.

The comment reads as follows...
"You don't get it. Freedom of religion trumps Tea Party politics. Get a conscience. We all know this is for votes and nothing more.

It is easy to get viewers with reactionary volatility. But bloggers are smarter than that. Maybe you need the traffic? "
First off, what does the Tea Party have to do with it ?
I don't need a Tea Party to tell me that Dangerous people that want us dead do not need to be in our Country.
Second, I think I do have a conscience, one that works well, and one that tells me that I need to protect my family, and ensure a future for my children.
My conscience also tells me to not let my family that has worked and died to provide the life that I have to die in vain
Do you think I need traffic ? Thanks for the tip, not that I was asking, but I am not dependant on this site for my income, Nor do I need clicks from people to tell me I have some type of self worth.
This my friend is for you......

When you are involved in a terrorist action, hiding behind a tree, or trapped in your home, or watching helplessly as others are being killed because Allah says so, be sure to blog about it, maybe someone will read about it

Monday, August 16, 2010

Ground Zero Mosque

Out of all the things Obama has said, this has got to be the most treasonous two minutes of his Presidency.

The only thing he got right was the fact that 9/11 was a traumatic event, and that ground zero is considered hallowed ground.

When he continues to say that Muslims have a right to practice their religion, to build, build temples and community centers, he is dead wrong.

Why is the leader of our country allowing a people that is taught to kill us the right to be on our shores ?

From the Qur'an.....

9:28 Orders us to fight the unbelievers until no other religion except Islam is left

2:191 Kill the disbelievers wherever we find them

9:123 Murder and treat them harshly

8:60 To strike terror into the hearts of the enemies

9:39 He has made the Jihad mandatory and warns us that " unless we go forth ( for jihad ) he will punish us with a grievous penalty, and put others in our place.

This is just a few of the passages from their so called Holy book, some of the things they teach.

As an American, is this what we want taught across the street from the worst terror attack in recent memory ?

Obama goes on and says our commitment to religious freedom must be unshakable.

What ? Did you see 9:28 ? Kill them until nothing is left but Islam ?

Lets talk tolerance for a minute, tolerance for OUR way of life.

A tolerance to our language, our culture, our laws, and our constitution.

Lets talk tolerance to America first.

It's time to become greedy, it's time to take it all back.

This is our Nation, and our fathers, and grandfathers fought in wars, and gave their lives, worked through depressions, worked long hours, and built a Nation so that their children could have a better life, not so a Muslim could come here and kill them because they did not believe in Allah.

Screw all of this Political Correctness, and to hell with all your tolerance.

My Grandfather was not bombed and wounded on the USS St. Louis in Pearl Harbour, and my father, brother, and other family that served did not do so for an immigrant to come to my country so that I, or my children could be tolerant to someone from another nation.

I did not spend my life working in the power and telecommunications industry, helping to build an infrastructure that would be the envy of the world so that I could have my own Government regulate it away from me.

Tolerance, that word needs to have a new meaning.

Maybe put a big NO in front of it, because a real American will not tolerate this destruction any longer

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The New Monica

You know what ?
It's really not funny. It's sad.
But even worse are the idiots that blindly follow her into hell with a screwed on smile, not even knowing where they are headed.

What the heck has happened to us ?
What has happened to our Government ?
Money ? Greed ? Power ?
Or did someone just forget what it was like to work for something, and then take a step back and be proud of what they had accomplished ?
Who is to blame ?
Me ?
I don't think so, I work, and I save, and I live in a way that I can afford to.
I may not have the biggest house, or the flashiest truck in the county, but I can get to the store, and I have a place to get in out of the rain.

I have had enough to offer some room to family and friends in the past couple years that fell on bad times during this depression, and will continue to do so for as long as I can.
I think it is time to take this bull by the horns.

Remember when that ass Maher started telling us Americans how stupid we were, and how we needed to be drug to something ?
Well I think it is time to drag something.
Maybe drag those people out of our house in D.C,
I know, November is coming, but can we wait that long ?
And how do we know we will not send another bunch of worthless crooks to take their place ?
And the biggest question I have, is can all of the destruction that has been caused by this left wing administration be repaired ?
We are so close to a civil war in our own country right now, I believe that the November elections will be the spark that sets it off.
It will not matter what side you decide to be on today, or whether you choose to stand for the constitution or not, but when people decide to turn on one another, where do you think the people with the Socialist/Marxist intentions will be ?
What do you think they will be doing ?
Will they be there to help you ?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Attack of the Predator Drones

I watched this clown on O'Reilly last night, and came close to throwing a brick at my TV.
His name is Scott Fenstermaker, and did nothing more than sit in his chair and call the United States a criminal.
I found the video, and had to post here

This is a great example of someone that sits in a cube all day and has no concept of the real world.
He will be the first to die in a disaster, and will be the first to surrender if happens to be in a situation where he would have to defend his life.
I know, people will read that and think, how many survival skills will that guy need in New York City ?
Well, the people in the towers that fell, you know the few that did make it out alive because they kept their heads and had to think and react in a tough situation maybe never thought they would ever have to face an ordeal like that either.
I guess this guy wanted to get a little "insurance " in case he ever met the business end of a terrorist's weapon, since he did volunteer to defend those left over from the 9/11 attacks
I propose this, this guy wants proof ? Let's give it to him.
Let's give it to the ACLU as well.
Why don't we make room on one of the military transport flights over to Afghanistan, and let them all read the terrorist's their rights's ?
It's so simple !
If they make it more than 20 minutes without getting their heads blown off, which to me would be no big loss,but if they made it up to the enemy combatants , let them read their rights, read them a story, hand them a flower.
Who cares ?
The point is, get the heck out of here, I don't want someone that hates the United States for whatever reason, having the ability to come here and harm my family.
Why is it that the ACLU will not recognize my right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness ?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Safe Passage For Who ?

I went over to Drudge Report tonight and saw a headline that read " Illegals free to leave ! "

I just had to click on that, and when I read the Fox news story, sure enough, its about another stupid ass group of so called Americans that want to help the criminals back across the border unharmed.
Come on, really ? I mean, is someone going to stop them and say " Hey wait a minute, you forgot your food stamps ! "
Get these people the heck out of here and wake up, most of you people just caught your breath from screaming about sending more money out to the unemployed, well now that many of these undocumented workers are leaving, employers will have no choice but to hire someone that actually is from the United States, and maybe, just maybe in a few weeks the people that are cutting your grass, and taking your order at McDonald's, and taking your 20 bucks for the 5 gallons of gas you get at the store will be an American.
It makes me mad to think that because I have an America First mentality, some jerk will more than likely want to brand me a racist, well I have a solution to that too, why don't you just pack up and go with them.
If you don't like how it's done here, just go.
Let's make that a rule for everybody.
You decide Hugo Chavez is so great, then lets book you a flight.
Maybe the Islam culture is for you, then I am sure we have a few ships headed that way.
We can have a big send off, and make sure everybody waves goodbye, and you can go off and be happy.
Just get the heck out.

Monday, July 26, 2010

WikiLeaks Scandal

OK, I have to ask,

Did I miss something ?

Hello ?

War ?

We are fighting for something here.

This idiot says it , It's war, it's one damn thing after another, the continuous death.

Well I have a suggestion, why not give this guy a big red x, and have him walk around over there and pick a spot, any spot that he likes, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, it really does not matter to me, and as soon as all of our people are loaded up and headed home, we send some missiles his way.

That would end it.

that would end the constant killing, the one damn thing after another, and it would keep our people safe from the worthless criminals that have no respect for us, or our country that we seem to try to help.

You know what, screw them anymore, let's just say the hell with it and bring all our people home and let the rest of the world fight it out, in a couple months when no one is left, we can just go over and take whatever oil or gas we want, there will be nobody left

Go ahead and cry for the women and children then