Thursday, August 19, 2010


This Mosque debate has brought out the idiots
Instead of standing up for the dead, instead of standing up for America, people still choose to grab bits and pieces of what is left of our Constitution and use it in defense of killers.

A site that I frequent had a post today proclaiming that the site at ground zero could not be that great because nearby there were " titty bars " within walking distance.
Let me tell you something, if he is afraid of the strippers attacking, he has other issues other than terrorism.

He also made us aware that there was a Mcdonalds close the the site as well.
What, are they gonna do, throw french fries at us ?
Come on, is this the best you have ?
This has nothing to do with the fact of the strippers, or fast food in proximity of Ground Zero.
It has everything to do with allowing a Muslim Imam, that would not denounce Hamas, that said that the United States was to blame for 9/11, that will not allow us to know where the funding for this building is coming from, that preaches a religion that teaches any other person that does not follow their religion should be killed, that has radical followers,
It has everything to do with slapping America in the face, and letting them know that the Muslim world is coming to take over.
Let me say right here and now, there are more people that do not want this, and there are more people that still feel pride when we look at the flag.
We still feel pain when we see clips from the 9/11 incident, and we know what we have to do come November, and beyond.
This is our Country, we speak English, we follow the American law, and by no means do we need someone to tell us how to act from another country.

I have said it before, and I will continue to say it, America first

If you don't like it, then just leave.


Sandee said...

They don't believe that Islam was responsible for 9/11. They think Bush was. After all Bush is responsible for everything that is wrong with America.

BO never looked better by the way.

Have a terrific day. :)

Da Dude said...

There was a movie, made years ago, that had a female assassin with guns built in her boobs. Sorry I forgot the name. Be careful of that stripper! She has a set of 44s!

Waddya mean the McDonalds is harmless? That Hamburglar is a felon if I ever saw one. If he has nothing to hide, why does he wear a mask? Huh? McDonalds discriminates also. Why can't you get chicken tenders at 10am? They bill it as a restaurant. Don't they? Maybe, it was an undercover PETA operative keeping chicken tenders away from people? Yah, right.

Have a great day!

Gary Anderson said...

Sandee, Bush was responsible for 911. The Taliban went to Texas in 1997 and then refused to build a pipeline to Cheney investments in the caspian sea. Then Cheney and the neocons on PNAC put the desire for a new pearl harbor on their website.

Cheney both had motive and knew about 911 before it happened.

Don E. Chute said...

First of all let me say this---I have been seeing this fellow comment around the blogosphere and---Gary Anderson is a lunatic kook and is a poster loon of what exactly is wrong with this country.

What the Progressive-Socialist-et all don't realize is that the radical Islamic Muslims, want to KILL his loony ass also.

America love it or leave it!

Have a great weekend!
signed---One of the Intolerant's


The BoBo said...


Internation Musing said...

Lenin once said about Non-Communist 'lefties', we need those 'usefull idiots'!
Thats happening all over the world.
But a blessing in disquise is that more people know now where Political Islam stands for: intolerance.
Another point is: you cannot leave Islam. If a child is born out of two (non-practizing) Muslems the child is automatically born muslem. My wife is a non-practizing muslem like so many in Turkey but our child dont get the religion 'muslem'.
Check out the American Islamic Forum for Democracy (AİFD) they are very against this mosqu.
Also: don't compare a mosque with a church. A mosque has more funtions.