Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Freedom Of Religion vs My Freedom

In my last post, I expressed my opposition to the NYC mosque, and Muslims in general.
I also stated that it was time to throw the politically correctness in the trash.
It it time to become Americans again, become patriots, and put our country first.
Well, it did not take long to be accused of " reactionary volatility " and to be called out as to use the emotions, and the situation to get viewers.

The comment reads as follows...
"You don't get it. Freedom of religion trumps Tea Party politics. Get a conscience. We all know this is for votes and nothing more.

It is easy to get viewers with reactionary volatility. But bloggers are smarter than that. Maybe you need the traffic? "
First off, what does the Tea Party have to do with it ?
I don't need a Tea Party to tell me that Dangerous people that want us dead do not need to be in our Country.
Second, I think I do have a conscience, one that works well, and one that tells me that I need to protect my family, and ensure a future for my children.
My conscience also tells me to not let my family that has worked and died to provide the life that I have to die in vain
Do you think I need traffic ? Thanks for the tip, not that I was asking, but I am not dependant on this site for my income, Nor do I need clicks from people to tell me I have some type of self worth.
This my friend is for you......

When you are involved in a terrorist action, hiding behind a tree, or trapped in your home, or watching helplessly as others are being killed because Allah says so, be sure to blog about it, maybe someone will read about it


Sandee said...

Exactly. I'm so with you on this and most of America is too. The tides are turning and it's scaring the crap out of people like that commenter. Just saying.

Keep up the good work and have a terrific day. :)

The Real American said...

Although I think it is in very poor taste, and of definite willful intention - on the part of these particular Muslims - I will continue to stand by The Constitution. They are not the first group to attempt utilizing our own Constitutional Freedoms and Rights against us. Nor, will they be the last. However, The Constitution is the very basis for everything we value as an American nation!

Rather than dealing with situations such as these, by butchering our own lawful underpinnings, we must exert our political pressures through the appropriate channels of societal protest. Sometimes political means are not the appropriate response, and social methods are far more effective!

Don E. Chute said...

I am with you, Sandee and The Real American.

Live and die by the Constitution

Except our current Administration and those of the past don't have the STONES to apply pressure to these EVIL BASTARDS!


LaurAyn said...


For the moronic email you received. Let them read that link.

Da Dude said...

Now let me see.. We can't have Christmas displays on public buildings because it would offend another religious or non-religious group. There is a group that wants to ban Christmas displays on your property because it would offend someone. We cannot discriminate against Illegal aliens because they have the right to seek a better life. We can't eat meat because P.E.T.A. is offended.

Well what about my rights. Don't your rights end where mine begin. If I don't want to see a Mosque built, because it will offend me and other people, don't I have a right to not see it? Don't I have the right to protest?

I guess their rights supersede mine so I get a Mosque shoved down my throat. I get arrested when I protest.

I guess its a strange, strange world Master Jack.