Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The GM Screw Job

Can you believe this ass can have the nerve to make a statement like that ?

Telling us that the loans are paid off 5 years early, with interest ?

He did originally make a statement in Fairfax not long ago, but not many people took notice of that, but now on every network, right in the middle of all the good TV shows, this jackass stands on my screen and lies to my face.

Why cant he tell us the truth ? Like how the $52 Billion bailout that was handed to GM from you and I, that money, thanks to congress will turn into stock, and be wiped off the books. Well, except for just a little over $6 billion. Nice little trade off

What kind of deal is that ? I don't want any GM stock, I want the money paid back.

My light bill come in the mail, I cant send them some good ole boy stock, and a couple quarters, and say its all good.

What in the world is going on up in Washington ?

I was so proud when Ford did not take money from the Government, and I was just as proud when I heard this morning that they had profits for this past quarter on the news this morning.

I have owned Ford cars and trucks since I could drive, over 25 years, and my family is all Ford, we know a good thing when we see it.

This should be GMs commercial.

I am gonna go out now and wash my Ford Ranger

Friday, April 23, 2010

And I Think To Myself..............

I saw this on Fox News last night, and had to go back to you tube and watch it again to be sure I had heard it correctly.

I did.

I just have to wonder how the left wing media, and all those left wing bloggers will spin this off as something good.

I did see this this morning, and I feel a little better.

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Left Wing Joke

This assault on the people that are making a stand against the current administration is becoming a complete joke. They have gone from calling us a fake, to a misinformed racist mob, to now some kind of illegal, treasonous group ?

This bunch just keeps getting better every time I turn on the news.

Do you remember this ?

Even Hillary knew back then something was wrong, not that she would have been much better, but for goodness sake, do you really think she would allow this out of control spending, and backroom deals, and the admitted communist in the White House, and..............

Wait a minute

Yeah, I guess she would

But anyway, what these people, these far, far left wing, Obama hugging folks are preaching is that because people like Palin and Beck and Limbaugh, choose to speak out, are going against some kind of law, and working to destroy the Government because of their words.

Now wait a minute, was it not Barry Hussain that told us all that in 5 days that he would " Fundamentally change the country " ?

Yeah, I think so.

He stood and told us he would do it, and he marched his basketball playing self right up to the White House and has done his best to make this Obamaland.

Now, is this so called " change " destroying us all ?

With the help of the left wing media that snorts the very dirt he walks on, he gets away with whatever he wants, and gets questioned on nothing, and when he does, the names start flowing.

The media screamed REGIME whenever they wanted in the past.

That seems like a gloss over, but hey, look ! There's a couple white guy's over there with an anti-Obama sign ! One of them has a cane ! I mean a stick ! No, it's some type of weapon !

These protesters come to these meetings armed and looking for a fight.

those reporters were lucky to get away from those with the canes, I mean weapons, and the crowd moving closer and closer to the trash cans to throw away their trash so the place would not be left a mess.

Someone should get the national guard ready.

Look, if these guys want to be funny, then MSNBC, and CNN is not the place for them. Chris Matthews should really consider giving Jon Stewart a call