Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The GM Screw Job

Can you believe this ass can have the nerve to make a statement like that ?

Telling us that the loans are paid off 5 years early, with interest ?

He did originally make a statement in Fairfax not long ago, but not many people took notice of that, but now on every network, right in the middle of all the good TV shows, this jackass stands on my screen and lies to my face.

Why cant he tell us the truth ? Like how the $52 Billion bailout that was handed to GM from you and I, that money, thanks to congress will turn into stock, and be wiped off the books. Well, except for just a little over $6 billion. Nice little trade off

What kind of deal is that ? I don't want any GM stock, I want the money paid back.

My light bill come in the mail, I cant send them some good ole boy stock, and a couple quarters, and say its all good.

What in the world is going on up in Washington ?

I was so proud when Ford did not take money from the Government, and I was just as proud when I heard this morning that they had profits for this past quarter on the news this morning.

I have owned Ford cars and trucks since I could drive, over 25 years, and my family is all Ford, we know a good thing when we see it.

This should be GMs commercial.

I am gonna go out now and wash my Ford Ranger


Sandee said...

I'm with you here. That last video was right on the money. :(

FishHawk said...

I was unaware of the GM stock deal, and I don't think my wife was, either. I sure ain't gonna tell her, however. For she is too much of a Ford fanatic already while I was raised in a GM household. No, that is nothing to brag about, these days.