Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Beijing Bug

My comments today are very similar to a post I wrote back in May on another blog, so I have to say, " I told you so ! " I had made a comment on how free the press would be while covering the Olympics. Not free to report on who won what event, but reporting all the behind the scenes content. The images of daily life there, the people, food, culture, and lifestyle. All the while hoping they would get that one interview where a local would condemn the country or their politics. The one person that would produce monster ratings, and cause a public outcry for justice. In the main press center, sites like Amnesty International, or words with Tibet in the address could not be opened. Chinese officials said the media would have complete freedom to report, and in April, Hein Verbruggen and Kevan Gosper, senior IOC members overseeing the games, said they'd received assurances from Chinese officials that Internet censorship would be lifted for journalists during the games. Did anyone really believe that a country that blocks Internet access to their own citizens, would allow foreign journalists to have unrestricted access ? Broadcasters are now complaining about having permits rescinded, being forced to give notice a month ahead of time about the location of satellite trucks, and facing harassment from bureaucrats and police about getting parking permits for their vehicles. Earlier this month, broadcasters tried again to get Olympic organizers to lift restrictions on live broadcasts from Tienanmen Square. Alex Gilady, a senior IOC member and a senior vice president of NBC Sports, has pushed for more live time from the historic venue, but China is only offering six hours daily, and no interviews. Chinese officials are not stupid, can you picture Geraldo, or Anderson Cooper, or better yet TMZ allowed in Tienanmen Square with a mic and camera ? The scary part about this, is there will be the one reporter that gets a story that China does not want broadcast, and when that happens......................?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Brother, can you spare a dime ?

When we all saw this image, did we really think that anything had been accomplished ? Could it be that more had been accomplished than meets the eye ? What about the cost of war ? The death and destruction are an obvious cost, and it seems it brings very little in return. What about the image we give to other countries ? It has cost us credibility and respect. But what has it cost us ? What has it cost me, a guy who works to support a family, and keep a roof over our head, and have food to eat ? We are now facing a $482 billion dollar deficit in 2009, and that number does not include the billions in Iraq war funding. Guess who this deficit bill will be sent to ? Our next president ? No, all of us. I don't know about the rest of you, but I aint got it. McCain and Obama still promise to cut taxes, but how ? The Bush tax cuts that were enacted in 2001 and 2003 will end in 2010. These cuts cost the government about $200 billion a year. What is the greatest accomplishment for Bush ? What was his mission ? To destroy our economy ? This deficit did not start with Bush, and the war, although is adding to the deficit, did not bring us to where we are today. A deficit has existed for many years. What can we do ? Have the words " balanced budget " become a dirty word in Washington ? I propose a solution. Pay cuts. Not for us, but for government. Our president makes $400,000 a year, and the VP pulls in $221,100. I think that is insane. Let's change the salaries of both of them to around $50,000 a year. They can live on that, most of us live on less. The senate majority and minority leaders make about $188,100 a year, and the speaker of the house makes $217,400 a year. These people cost us $ 1,214,700 a year ! Is that much necessary ? I say NO ! Let's bring them down to around $50,000 a year. Will this help our economy ? Maybe a little, but maybe the lower pay will make these people think before they spend our money. Maybe it will drive them away from their posts to pursue more lucrative jobs elswhere. Maybe then, someone who knows what it means to live within a budget, someone who knows the worth of a human life, someone who has actually had to buy a gallon of gas, a loaf of bread, or pay an ever rising power bill, will say no to the waste and overspending that happens every day in DC. HEY GW ! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED ? YEAH, RIGHT

Monday, July 28, 2008

Pleading the fifth

When our founding fathers were signing the declaration of independence, I can only imagine their thoughts of a bright future for our nation. They understood the meaning of life, liberty, and were already engaging in the pursuit of happiness. As time went on, our nation changed. The ideas that those men had were questioned. It was decided that some of the rules did not fit the times, or challenges that we were faced with, so changes were made to " repair " the rules. Today, I do not want to challenge the validity of the words those men signed their name to, and I have no intention to address all of the amendments that have been made to it. But I would like to question the Fifth amendment. The Fifth Amendment protects witnesses from being forced to incriminate themselves. To " plead the fifth" is a refusal to answer a question because the response could form self-incriminating evidence. Well, isn't that the point of being sworn to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth ? I bring this discussion because of Peter Lowy, Steven Greenfield, William Wu, and Shannon Marsh. These men were allowed to avoid the Senate permanent subcommittee on investigations questions about accounts at LGT, a Liechtenstein bank that the Senate panel says helped clients evade federal taxes. These men, allegedly, funneled money into offshore banks to avoid paying taxes. They pleaded the fifth, and walked out. Peter Lowy could not even bother to show, and sent his attorney to respond for him.The fact that these people were called in front of a committee to answer questions, in my opinion, would mean that there was some kind of illegal activity. Surely someone that was investigating these men, the ones that brought the information to the committee to start with, had enough information to prove a criminal act had occurred. But no, the men walked away without answering for what they may or may not have done. The Senate panel has no plans to pursue the silent witnesses further, because their point was not to go after these people, but to show what LGT is doing." Well, that should solve the problem. Maybe now, these men, and the owners of the additional 19,000 + accounts that are being questioned will call that 1-800 IRS number and say " oh yeah, by the way, I forgot to tell you about this money I have......" Hey, GW ! Did you make sure these guy's got their stimulus check ? I hope the IRS is foaming at the mouth waiting to get these people in their office.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

McCains turn

I do not want to be accused of bias like the commercial media, So today, I would like to shed a little light on what I have learned about John McCain. I would first like to comment on his essay that was rejected by the New York Times. I searched, and found his report. and I have some parts I would like to comment on. In McCain's submission to the TIMES, he writes of Obama: 'I am dismayed that he never talks about winning the war—only of ending it... if we don't win the war, our enemies will. A triumph for the terrorists would be a disaster for us. That is something I will not allow to happen as president.' I am not afraid to say that I am thankfull that a candidate would assure me of that. I can see where pulling out of the situation can be a good idea, I just do not want to turn and run. Further into his paper he wrote " Progress has been due primarily to an increase in the number of troops and a change in their strategy. I was an early advocate of the surge at a time when it had few supporters in Washington ". Senator Obama was an equally vocal opponent. He said " I am not persuaded that 20,000 additional troops in Iraq is going to solve the sectarian violence there, In fact, I think it will do the reverse ". In January 2007, when General David Petraeus took command in Iraq, he called the situation “hard” but not “hopeless.” And now, 19 months later, violence has fallen by up to 80% to the lowest levels in four years, and Sunni and Shiite terrorists are reeling from a string of defeats. The situation now is full of hope, but considerable hard work remains to consolidate our fragile gains. As for as the debate goes concerning the war, My opinion is to finish what we started. I do not believe that it will take years, but I also do not believe it can be done in months. We are making progress over there and I think we should see it through. I also think if more support were available, it would speed the process.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Death before forclosure ?

To the best of my knowledge, I have no friends or family in Massachusetts. I have never been there, and I do not know anyone who has ever been there. But today, my heart is there. It belongs to a family in a town called Taunton, which is just outside of Boston. On Tuesday, July 22, a woman had to face the fact that she was alone and helpless. She had to face the fact that her life would never be the same. She put together a letter that said " by the time you forclose on my house, I wil be dead ". At 2:30 PM, an unnamed mortgage company recieved this note in the form of a fax. The company called police, and by 3:30 PM they had found a dead woman. A 53 year old wife and mother who thought that death was better than losing her families home. Another note was recovered at the scene, addressed to her husband, and 24 year old son that said " take the insurance money and pay for the house ". Later that day, at 5:00 PM, outside of the dead womans home, people started to gather. Not to mourn, or to pay respect, but to bid on her home. Here where I sit, I mourn for this womans family, and for her. I can only imagine the terror she lived with. We, the greatest nation in the world, A country that can send food, and blankets, and medical suplies, and money overseas to help people in need, have people in need right here at home. Will McCain or Obama go to this small town and tell these people that this was wrong? Will Bush realize that the big banks are not the only ones that are getting hurt by this economy ? Hey, GW ! I work hard for what I have........ Hey GW ! I have to decide between a tank of gas, or milk and eggs........... Hey GW ! How much did you make from the oil company last month ?....... Hey GW !.......... GW ?........ GWWWWW ? ............................. Can you even hear us ?

Thursday, July 24, 2008

What speech ?

The news channels that I frequent tonight seem obssessed with the speech given in Berlin by Obama. I see them cherry pick words and phrases and use them to make their points. I actually read the transcript of the speech, and did not find it as offenive as the reporters would want. I agree with the fact that our country cannot do it all, and we need to stand together to bring peace to the middle east. I am impressed that he stood in front of those people and reminded them of who came to their aid when they were starving and left for dead by other countries. I was, however, shocked to learn he used the Kennedy/Reagan reference and said he was a citizen of the world. I dug in a little deeper with the help of other bloggers, and one of the best places I have found unbiased opinion, craigslist R&R, and found that most of the crowd was there for a hip hop concert. I read from posters that the gathering was advertised to have music and free food. I read another poster that said that is why he came, to get his free lunch. I did more research and found a site that seems to be a HUGE McCain supporter and I read an article that talked of concern that Bush would launch an attack on Iran and Syria before he left office, so they have suspended attacks until after the election. It states that Iran and its allies are hoping Obama wins the election. It states that Bush's successor will either reject or suspend any plan to destroy their nuclear weapons infrastructure. This decision was made on July 20 in the Israeli cabinet. It makes me think that some behind closed door deals have been made, and we all need to stay up to date with the actions of our candidates. We all need to stay on our toes people !!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I love free speech

Everyday I become more and more disgusted at the media. How did this happen ? The media is only good for about 1/10 of the actual news. I had to go to youtube today to hear what GW really had to say about the mortgage crisis. I read blogs all day to get a view into what people really have to say about economy, the war, our candidates, etc. I had heard the term PUMA before today, and thought it meant Party - Unity - My - Ass, but today, for the first time it was explained to me in a blog. This blog, by the way, is one that I read daily. If you would like, you can see it for yourself at This blog has got some great stuff. I read today, on another blog about the rescue bill that is going to the senate that will bail out the mortgage lenders and banks that are in trouble. I was unaware of the tax breaks that will be given to homeowners that refinance, and new buyers that finance a new home. I know that the housing industry is a huge part of our economy, and now that I have been informed by another blogger about what steps our government is doing to fix it, I see the bigger picture. Now because of their writings, I feel more confident in the decision to fix their problem. The information I got from that blog was not offered to me on any news channel I watched today. Free speech is great, and I will stand and fight to protect the ability to do it, but the bias has to stop. Many televised media outlets are losing, or allready lost their credibility with me and many other bloggers out there. If you are going to report the news, then tell me all of it. Not just your version of it. Wer'e all big kids out here, we can take it. GO BLOGGERS !!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

OOOOO That Smell

Ok I don't want to get things stired up or anything, but things are really begining to smell around here. Not long ago I watched as Obama declared that are troops would be home in sixteen months after he took office. I took his promise with a grain of salt because unless he saw somthing in his magic 8 ball that we don't know about, it would be near impossible to promise something like that. As unstable as things are over there, anything could cause more fighting and set back our efforts. But as I watched the news tonight, I saw that Iraq PM Maiki is asking for the US to be out by 2010. Did the superstar Obama have anything to do with the decision the Iraqis made ? What caused them to announce this now ? Why set the date for 2010 ? Could there be any deals that were made behind closed doors that we should know about ? It is hard to believe that a 3 year Senator, who never even authored a noteworthy, or life changing piece of legislation, can sit with these people and negotiate anything without having something to offer them that they cannot get from the Republicans. Things are looking too shiny and bright over at the democrats side. I hope I am not the only one who smells it, but something really stinks over there

Monday, July 21, 2008

The final evil countdown ?

Guess what day it is ? Today marks the 106th day untill the elections. At least that's what fox news said. Are you ready ? Are we ready ? I think we've been ready for nearly 8 years now. Have you heard the expression " lesser of two evils "? That phrase really applies to us in November. We need to make a decision on the lesser of a lot of evils. The war, the economy, healthcare, global warming, rising inflation, taxes, declining infrastructure, and so much more. But to truly prepare for the most important decision we are going to have to make, we should have started years ago. I am just as guilty as the next person in not being prepared, because two or three years ago, there was more to be pleased with than not. Let me explain. A short 12 months ago there was plenty of work to go around. I had a little disposable income in my pocket, a full tank of gas, steaks on the grill when I wanted, and the images in my mind of bigger and better things to come. Yes, we were at war, GW was fumbling his way around the white house, and according to some, the sky was falling and we were soon going to burst in flames from the global warming. But all the good things overshadowed the problems so much that they became swept under the rug. I personally hope for change in the next administration, and hopefully the change we get is not what's left after government takes what they want from my paycheck. We should not ask the government to solve all our problems, or take care of us like children, but we should ask that they remember who put them there, and we should ask that they be accountable for their decisions. As Americans, we should take the time to be accountable as well, and become educated about the people who will control our county's destiny for the next four years. It is OUR decision to make, and we all have to live with the outcome. Are these the right people for the job ? Is there no other that can be offered to us ? If not, Which of the two are the least evil ?

Saturday, July 19, 2008

It's time to meet Mr. or Mrs. RIGHT

In a recent post, I shared the news that a few of my friends were laid off from their jobs this week. I was included in their rants about how they gave 110 % to the job, never missed work, always did their best to make the company look good, and so on. All of these guys have families, and house payments and one or two kids a piece, and I could see in their faces that the worry had set in deep. Did these men cause their employment problems ? Is there anything more they could have given to keep this from happening? These guys, in my mind, are the state of the union. Their pictures should be displayed on the news programs when the newscaster talks about the recession, and they should talk about why these guys don't have a job. Is it time to think that our government has failed us ? Not just the president, or vice president. Not the congress or senate. Not the republicans or democrats, but the entire government? I am, by no means, an expert on government, nor do I have a vast knowledge of economics, but I can see the sky getting dark and hear the lightning. I want to know if Obama or McCain has a solution to this. Not a plan that gives some relief in two or three years, but a plan that can can reverse the effects of the bad decisions of the past. Is there someone out there who can do it ? Well, I have good news. There is someone who can restore us to the economic strength that we once were. There does exist someone with the power to bring us change. We all know this person, and we all should start to believe in what they think is right, and hold them accountable for what happens to us. Would you like to meet them ? Well, stand up, go into the bathroom, and look in the mirror. Introduce yourself, and tell them what you think needs to be done. Tell them what you think is right or wrong, and tell them it's time to do something about it

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Money, Money,.............. nowhere ???????

What have we done ? Did we do it ? Who caused this motgage situation ? Where did all the money go ? Did our lives of excess finally catch up with us ? Yes it did. Because we knew those intrest only loans would catch up with us. We knew that the credit card bills would be in the mail. We knew that the big SUV that gets 9 MPG would eventually cost us more than it was worth. Who's to blame ? All of us. Yeah, I read some other blogs that say to start impeachment procedings, and I think we should. I also think that when we point out blame, we have 3 fingers pointing back at ourselves. Why do I say that ? He won the election, right ? Look, I want change as much as the next person, but we need a change that begins at the top and works it's way down. The most wealthy people in the US can shelter themselves from change, but at the bottom of the pay scale exists a large number of people who will collapse if they miss a paycheck. Our laborforce is losing jobs in record number, and with the new home's start rate at record lows, what are we to do ? Should we bail out these lenders that have lost out due to forclosure ? I say no! I have read post from other bloggers who have worked for these companies, and read about the exessive spending. These companies lived in exess on our dime. They broke it, now let them fix it. It is time that they restructure these loans so that people can keep their home. They should make it possible that a payment keeps coming in every month instead of begging at uncle sam's door. Remember, uncle sams door is also our door. I don't see the problem. So they do not make $200,000 on a $100,000 home loan. They make less and they keep working, and people still have a house to live in, and some people will be able to buy a new house and they will be in business to finance the purchase, and more people will have work building the house, and taxes will be paid, and everyone is happy ? Right? Am I completely lost, or does anyone else share this idea ? I had to vent about this today because I have friends who have been laid of because of declining work in my area, and it seems that things are circling the bowl for all of us

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I found more money

I am really starting to like the paid email plan I signed on to. I checked another site I am registered with and checked my earnings to date, and there it was. Mind you, it was not a lot, but more than I had last week ! I have included it on my links so you can get a little cash for yourself. It seems safe, and I have not seen any spam from them. In my book, they are worth reccomending, so give it a shot. The reporters on TV had a lot to talk about today, with GW informing us that our deposits are safe, and General Motors telling us that they are cutting jobs and cutting production. Obama was in DC telling us about troop withdrawl in 16 months, and everyone else commenting on our resiliant economy. I can believe the troops will be home in 16 months, or maybe even less because we will not have the money to pay them anymore. Will we be drilling off shore in the next few months ? I think so. That idea seems to be the best one GW has put out there in a while. With $5.00 gas in the future, will anyone be able to afford to go to work ? Where I live, gas is at $4.00, and I am thankfull because just a short 30 ride it is up to $4.39. I cannot believe that no one saw this comming and nothing was done to slow it down or stop it. With all these money problems in the states, I have no choice but to sit here and look for moneymaking opportunities.

Did I hit the jackpot ?

I had originally intended to start this blog with info that I had found online to help people find work at home sites. I myself was on a quest to find a way to make some money while I sat here with nothing better to do. As I had said before in an earlier post, there seems to be more trash than treasure. I had found sites that were willing to offer W-A-H jobs for a small nominal fee, and surveys that paid .50 cents for an hour of your time. I was convinced that everything was a scam. By Saturday, I had just about given up. I did, however, sign up for a couple paid email sites earlier in the month that said they would send me emails and all I had to do was read them and click the verification at the bottom, and my account would be credited cash. Well I have been doing this for a few weeks, and I happened to check my balance today and found I have some cash waiting for me. I felt like I had hit the jackpot! I know from you more seasoned people that this is not much of a find, but it was my first accomplishment in the hunt for work at home productivity. It has renewed my outlook, and given me new hope. I have also found a a goldmine of help from other bloggers that I stumbled on today. I am currently researching some of the ideas and websites I found in their writings. I will get to them and where to find them in a near future post. In my first post that hopefully is the begining of a long line of helpful hints and info, The paid sites are now in my ad column. One click and you can bring in the windfall bucks like me.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Where is our MR. Lincoln ?

In the news this morning, I am hearing that the feds are going to bail more mortgage leanders out of the hole that they created. I understand that these lenders have loans out in the trillions. Well, good for them. Is it fair ? I think not. Bad business decisions are just that. I picture these lenders as the villans that give the evil grin when getting a homeowner to sign on the dotted line, twirling their mustache waiting to snatch the contract away, knowing all the while that impossible payments will not be met, and then they will reclaim the home and repeat the process all over again. Yet the seemingly unfair lending practices are pushed aside when they go to Uncle Sam and cry for help. Maybe instead of these CEO's that make millions a year, and then beg for bailout help from the government that WE pay taxes to, could adjust the intrest rates or terms of the existing loans so that no family will be put out in the street, their credit will not be scared, and the mortgage payment keeps coming in. It is no secret that a very small group of americans posess the nations wealth, and that a large number of people, including myself, have limited funds. I believe that we have become slaves to the economy and there is no lincoln to free us. This economic slavery extends to all races, and many more americans are falling into this life sentence. Will bailing out these lenders help the economy enough to eventually help free us from high inflation and debt ? Will there be a trickle down effect that will eventually allow us to enjoy the fruits of our labor ? In America, I believe that the lady behind the counter is just as important as the suit that goes to work in his mercedes every day. I think she should be entitled to a lifestyle that will allow her to have a decent vehicle, and a decent place to live, and food to eat. We are promised life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in this country, but I find it hard to pursue happiness very far when after the bills are paid there is not enough money for gas in the car. We need to start seaching for our lincoln, someone who is more concerned about ALL people, and not just their account balance.........

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Open minded masses

I am a true sports fan. My preferences lean towards football, but the competition between two teams is truly entertaining. I am only a spectator from the comfort of my own home, and enjoy the TV coverage that comes with the game. It is always great to see a large group of people, each with their own idea of what play to call, who should be quarterback, should they punt the ball, or go for that last yard. A large group for one main goal, which is winning the game, but huddled into their own little groups with a different opinion than that of the group standing four rows behind them. If their team gets the win, then it's all smiles and cheers. If their team looses, then it comes down to the " well if they would have done this " commentary, and " fire the coach" , or " we need a new quarterback ". I wonder if all this can be compared to the DNC ? with the long, drawn out primary, and Hilary stepping down and Obama taking the lead, were there any armchair comments coming from the camps that sounded like the words overheard in the losers parking lot after the game ? I read today that Obama and Bill Clinton have had a conversation recently that stated that Obama has asked for his help in getting elected. What would he do different than what he did for Hilary ? In a speach given by the former president, he said that people were huddled in masses of their own ideas, and were unwilling to accept change. This may be true, but when the primary's started there were many groups huddled around many ideas, and now we are down to two. The Big Game is getting close, and it is time to make as many of these huddled masses as happy as possible. Can we find a solution to the huge increase in gas prices ? Can we bring down inflation and the cost of food ? Can we solve the mortgage crises ? Is there some type of solution to the war ? Are we safe from further attacks on our country ? Will we have an answer to these questions in February 2009 ?

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Say what you think, not yell

What would you put up with ? How far are you willing to go ? In our united states, we are allowed a say, our voice to be heard, to speak out against issues and actions that we disagree with. But are we allowed to speak it in the right place and to the right person ? What if only a small group of people had the same disagreement, maybe to few to be noticed or heard. Do they count? I think they do. And I am glad that forums like this exist to make it possible to get a message out. I read your messages, and I contemplate your views without judgement, so never think that you are not heard. That being said, I would go as far as praising someone who is willing to publish their beliefs and try to bring out a wrong that has gone unnoticed. I can put up with views that are different than mine, but I draw the line at someone criticizing me for what I believe and trying to change my opinion. I will not make a snap judgement on issues, I will take the time to get the facts and become informed before I settle in to an opinion. Today, I came out from the store and had obsenities yelled at me because of a sticker on the back of my truck. The sticker announced my choice for candidate, which I believe I am entitled to display. I can tolerate a thumbs down, or maybe a sour face, but why the cursing and name calling ? Is that freedom of speech ? I think not. But that is just my opinion. I was free to shrug it off and not make a scene. To go home and light my grill and BBQ my pork chops and corn on the cob. To turn on the TV I have out on my back porch and watch the Simpsons and Sinefield. To enjoy my ice tea and feel the breeze blow through my porch. Freedom is a fantastic thing, allthough it has different meanings for different people. My one voice will be heard on election day, and I will be happy with whatever the outcome. I am happy that we are free to at least have the choice. That's my thought for today, peace, love, and BBq pork chops

Friday, July 11, 2008

Is tommorow comming ?

Is age a relevant thing ? Is the new 40 now 60 ? Is it true that life is over after retirement ? When do the golden years begin. Out of all the things that should be on my mind, all I could think of was my life past and present. I am a believer that everyone is here for a purpose, but what if you have allready completed it ? What if you havent ? how do you prepare ? Should I get a first aid kit and some flares ? Are there any special tools I will need ? I want to be ready because I consider myself a very helpfull person. My inner voice tells me that I have a few reasons to be here, and some tasks have been completed and some not. So lets put this in perspective. Age is not relevant, and 40 is 40, and 60 is 60. Age is a number, and the past is just that, the past. Maybe everyday should not be spent like the last, but at least be thankfull that we were able to have it. Halfway around the world, the " kids " are displaying and testing long and short range missles, torpedoes, aircraft and who knows what else. Can we have any control over our destiny anymore ? Should we look to our government for answers ? Will one of the two candidates be able to settle the unrest ? Should we even be in a holy war on someone else's soil ? Let's bring it closer to home shall we ? If your two neighbors were in a disagreement over a property line between their homes, would you go over and try to settle the dispute ? What if you had some kind of interest in one of the neighbors property ? Hopefully you would not let things come to that. You would be self sufficient on your own property. Maybe that tells me that we should find energy here, and leave the others to their own fight and stay impartial. In the upcomming election, we are promised CHANGE, I really hope so. Just a thought.........

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Just a little, without nuts please

I spent some time online today researching more about work at home opportunities, and came to the realization that either they do not exist, or I will never find the keyword to put in my search to find them. My intention here is to help people, as well as myself to find some way to be productive over the internet. An open invitation to anyone who might have the missing link that I may have overlooked in my search. Bigger and better things know, Did you see the clip of Jesse Jackson talking during an interveiw on Sunday ? He thought his mic was off and announced his intention of removing someones nuts. It seems as if a certain candidate has a problem with the clergy. If nothing else, the news channels should send a note of thanks for giving them something spicy to discuss. A little more later.............

Searching for success and opinions

Hello all. I spent the day searching the net for some type of reasonable work at home income with very little success. It seems that the majority of the people who have the work at home info sites, have truckloads of cash, and so much earning potential that they must offer the information to people for the low introductory price of $39.95. That number was a very popular number today, the magic info price that nearly every site I read was offering their product for. I found that in the internet world, you can get paid to take surveys, type letters, find people who are owed rebates, and you can also make money by giving up your friends and families email info. In case you have not detected the sarcasim, I ran into dead ends. I did have a small amount of sunshine though, I found a site that pays you .50 cents to read an email. I signed up and within the first hour, I had received 2 mailings from them. It seemed easy, I clicked on the link, and in the next window an ad appeared. At the bottom was a spot to click that read click here to be paid for this email. It took less than 4 minutes to complete both emails and I made a buck. Before you say it, yes I dont know what am I going to do with all the cash. As discouraging as all the other offers were, this is the best that I could find on my quest for work at home cash. Hey, 1 or 2 dollars a day is a start, and it was free to sign up. That brings me to my next complaint today, why do you need to pay to work ? Many of the survey sites I read had a price to join. WHY ? I am sure that the survey taker will not be paid 100% of what the site gets paid for the survey. Even if it is a one time fee, it seems like a load of crap. I do not plan to search as much tomorrow, I plan to leave the house for a little while. I am about 8 minutes from the beach and I want to get out and see something different. I really hope someone reads this, because I am interested in how important these blogs are. Maybe if I said something that would strike a nerve. Who knows. I have read a few blogs today and was stunned at the veiws that were expressed. I know that this is a free country and an open society, and I am glad to be living in the USA. I am proud to see that someone can still speak their mind and offer an opinion without fear. Maybe I need a few more opinions, or some views other than the ones seen on the 11 o'clock news. I need to find more blogs

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hangin out in the shallow end

I like the title to today's submission because I am very new to this and I hope it will offer a small explanation as to the content of my story. As I said in the previous post, I was in an auto accident, and am dealing with my doctors, lawyers, and boredom on a daily basis and that is why I started this. I am hopefull that someone will read this, and offer their tales of recovery, negotiations, and settlement offers and hopefully have a positive end. A little info about what happened is that I was rear-ended while at a stoplight. Most of the damage to me is my neck and lower back. Once again, if anyone has any first hand knowledge of their own, I would be glad to hear the outcome. Enough of that, My online "research" today included work from home jobs. I did find some offers that would pay me to read emails, and take surveys for cash, but most of these are only paying .02 cents up to .50 cents per email read or survey taken. I will continue the search at dawn for a profitable work at home business that will actually make some money. I am not the "get rich quick" type, but I would like to be productive. I will share any info I find and hopefully save someone else the hassle. I saw Obama"s ad today on TV that talks about strong families and core values. He mentioned accountability, which to me is a word that is just thrown around and never really meant. How long will any elected official be accountable when called out on a decision he or she has made ? The saying that you can only please SOME of the people SOME of the time should be their motto. I think decisions made in government should benifit the majority, and I understand that it will leave the minority in the cold, but who will be accountable for them ? I feel our country is sweeping many people under the rug to benifit people who really do not deserve the help. This is just a thought, but why hasn't anyone sat down and said hey, instead of helping others outside of our country, why dont we start to fix some things here at home first. We have starving people in our country. We have sick, and homeless, and needy people that could really use a hand. We have katrina survivors that are living in tents and trailers that are trying to put their lives back together. We have whole towns destroyed by tornadoes and floods, and people living in temporary shelters with no place to go. When will someone stand in front of us at a rally, or a town meeting, or at a debate and say I will be accountable for you. I will make sure you have a home to go to. I will make sure you will have food to eat. I will make sure you are healed or cured. I will make sure you have work to care for your family, and if I dont, I will be accountable. just a thought..................

Monday, July 7, 2008

In the begining..........

What can I say ? An insomniac with nothing to do but hold this chair down and make sure the TV wont run away. I have been laid up due to an auto accident for a month now, and decided that I would learn the computer. The first time I heard " blog " it was on a TV commercial. With a little research on Google, here I am. My days and nights could be interesting to some, and I could possibly generate some good debate. First off, what is up with the auto insurance companies ? I know that there are a lot of scam artists out there trying to get rich, but what about the few who are just looking to get right ? I am a firm believer that an auto accident is not the winning lotto ticket, but fair is fair. Yes I am having some issues with a certain company, and seem to wind up at a brick wall when I try to get some information. Online searches are no better. I would love to find someone who has been hurt in an accident, and has gone through what I am heading into so I can know what to expect. I will gladly post my happenings as well. Moving right along, Mcain and Obama are huge generators of debate in my circle of friends. Will we really be able to benefit with one of these men ? It did occur to me for a brief period of time that a womans perspective might make a difference in our lives, but I did not think the one that was offered to us was the outlook we needed. I hear a lot about change, but what is the change offered to us in laymans terms ? If taxes are cut, where will the money come from to supply our government to continue to operate ? How will the " war " be funded ? How will we care for the men and women who return home injured ? Many counties in my area are cutting programs and services due to lost revenue from taxes, yet I hear from the politicians that they will not raise taxes. I cannot figure the math they use. Untill next time..........