Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Searching for success and opinions

Hello all. I spent the day searching the net for some type of reasonable work at home income with very little success. It seems that the majority of the people who have the work at home info sites, have truckloads of cash, and so much earning potential that they must offer the information to people for the low introductory price of $39.95. That number was a very popular number today, the magic info price that nearly every site I read was offering their product for. I found that in the internet world, you can get paid to take surveys, type letters, find people who are owed rebates, and you can also make money by giving up your friends and families email info. In case you have not detected the sarcasim, I ran into dead ends. I did have a small amount of sunshine though, I found a site that pays you .50 cents to read an email. I signed up and within the first hour, I had received 2 mailings from them. It seemed easy, I clicked on the link, and in the next window an ad appeared. At the bottom was a spot to click that read click here to be paid for this email. It took less than 4 minutes to complete both emails and I made a buck. Before you say it, yes I dont know what am I going to do with all the cash. As discouraging as all the other offers were, this is the best that I could find on my quest for work at home cash. Hey, 1 or 2 dollars a day is a start, and it was free to sign up. That brings me to my next complaint today, why do you need to pay to work ? Many of the survey sites I read had a price to join. WHY ? I am sure that the survey taker will not be paid 100% of what the site gets paid for the survey. Even if it is a one time fee, it seems like a load of crap. I do not plan to search as much tomorrow, I plan to leave the house for a little while. I am about 8 minutes from the beach and I want to get out and see something different. I really hope someone reads this, because I am interested in how important these blogs are. Maybe if I said something that would strike a nerve. Who knows. I have read a few blogs today and was stunned at the veiws that were expressed. I know that this is a free country and an open society, and I am glad to be living in the USA. I am proud to see that someone can still speak their mind and offer an opinion without fear. Maybe I need a few more opinions, or some views other than the ones seen on the 11 o'clock news. I need to find more blogs

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