Friday, July 25, 2008

Death before forclosure ?

To the best of my knowledge, I have no friends or family in Massachusetts. I have never been there, and I do not know anyone who has ever been there. But today, my heart is there. It belongs to a family in a town called Taunton, which is just outside of Boston. On Tuesday, July 22, a woman had to face the fact that she was alone and helpless. She had to face the fact that her life would never be the same. She put together a letter that said " by the time you forclose on my house, I wil be dead ". At 2:30 PM, an unnamed mortgage company recieved this note in the form of a fax. The company called police, and by 3:30 PM they had found a dead woman. A 53 year old wife and mother who thought that death was better than losing her families home. Another note was recovered at the scene, addressed to her husband, and 24 year old son that said " take the insurance money and pay for the house ". Later that day, at 5:00 PM, outside of the dead womans home, people started to gather. Not to mourn, or to pay respect, but to bid on her home. Here where I sit, I mourn for this womans family, and for her. I can only imagine the terror she lived with. We, the greatest nation in the world, A country that can send food, and blankets, and medical suplies, and money overseas to help people in need, have people in need right here at home. Will McCain or Obama go to this small town and tell these people that this was wrong? Will Bush realize that the big banks are not the only ones that are getting hurt by this economy ? Hey, GW ! I work hard for what I have........ Hey GW ! I have to decide between a tank of gas, or milk and eggs........... Hey GW ! How much did you make from the oil company last month ?....... Hey GW !.......... GW ?........ GWWWWW ? ............................. Can you even hear us ?


Jack Payne said...

This is pitiful, Rob. And, to think, most of the ARM resets have yet to take place. How this new law will effect things...well, who knows? But, we've still got a long way to go to climb out of this sub-prime mortgage crisis--the worst real estate crisis since the Great Depression.

Good piece. Thoughtful writing.

Fennster said...

I'm from MA and that is just a sad story when someone sees death as a way out to pay for a home. It's like the second great depression on our heads in the near future. I was also reading foreclosures are up 130% in the since the first quarter this year...SAD