Thursday, July 24, 2008

What speech ?

The news channels that I frequent tonight seem obssessed with the speech given in Berlin by Obama. I see them cherry pick words and phrases and use them to make their points. I actually read the transcript of the speech, and did not find it as offenive as the reporters would want. I agree with the fact that our country cannot do it all, and we need to stand together to bring peace to the middle east. I am impressed that he stood in front of those people and reminded them of who came to their aid when they were starving and left for dead by other countries. I was, however, shocked to learn he used the Kennedy/Reagan reference and said he was a citizen of the world. I dug in a little deeper with the help of other bloggers, and one of the best places I have found unbiased opinion, craigslist R&R, and found that most of the crowd was there for a hip hop concert. I read from posters that the gathering was advertised to have music and free food. I read another poster that said that is why he came, to get his free lunch. I did more research and found a site that seems to be a HUGE McCain supporter and I read an article that talked of concern that Bush would launch an attack on Iran and Syria before he left office, so they have suspended attacks until after the election. It states that Iran and its allies are hoping Obama wins the election. It states that Bush's successor will either reject or suspend any plan to destroy their nuclear weapons infrastructure. This decision was made on July 20 in the Israeli cabinet. It makes me think that some behind closed door deals have been made, and we all need to stay up to date with the actions of our candidates. We all need to stay on our toes people !!!

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