Thursday, April 28, 2011

When Does The Race Card Get Maxed Out ?

Really Tavis ?

The only thing I agree with here is the fact that the next election will be nasty and ugly. As far as racist, you can be sure the Dems will be flashing the race card at every opportunity

I would really like to know what Joy Bonehead did in a past life to carry this much guilt around that she can defend every action and statement made by Obama.

Whether or not you believe in the birth certificate theories, in my opinion the fact that so much time and energy and money was wasted keeping it out of public view tends to send a message that something is wrong. The same thought goes for College records and writings why work so hard to keep Obama's past and his ideas and values away from the American people ?

How can Joy make the claim about Obama's overwhelming brilliance when she has no clue as to anything he said or wrote while in school ?

Whoopi started out making a good point, and she was on the right track, but lost me when she went off on her tangent saying Trump is causing the rest of the world to laugh at us because he called Obama out over the birth certificate.

Are you kidding me ? After she said herself that if he would have done this a long time ago we would not be going through this Birther ordeal, and admitted Trump deserved some credit, but still had to call the entire thing racial.

Alongside this video, I see this response to Trumps news conference

So this is what it comes down to, our Country will distracted by a race war while China creeps in and takes everything we have, and we slip into a communistic way of life, the end of America, right ?

Let me send a message to Whoppi, and Baratun, and the rest of the idiots that can't help but continue to ride around on that tired old train, it really is time to get off and take a look around.

Our Nation, our Freedom, and our way of life is being attacked from all sides, and allowing people to use racism to keep us from the truth is a tactic the left is using to their advantage.

It does not take courage to point a finger and accuse racism, it takes courage to make a stand knowing you could be labeled a racist, or worse.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Poor Alan Colmes

I watched Alan Colmes choke on his responses to Bill O'Riley last night about Obama's choice of a church for an Easter sermon.

Instead of answering any of the questions regarding the Rev. Wallace Smith, and his obvious racial views, Colmes did his best to accuse O'Riley of attacking Obama, saying that the Right Wing only looks to create a controversy with every move Obama makes.

Well, from what I have read and heard from the Rev. Wallace Smith, he would have us to believe that the criticism and activities that will affect our lives that comes from talk radio and the programs on Fox News are Racially motivated.

This man went on to name Rush Limbaugh as a threat, and labeled him as one of those that spew hate and send others to go off and commit even more heinous acts.

The best part I have read about his comments are the ones he made concerning the Ku Klux Klan, and how they were inclined to wear white sheets to scare the black man because they were supposed to be afraid of ghosts.

The only ghost Wallace forgot to mention was that members of the Democratic party founded the White Knights, and have continued their membership to this day.

Now, that being said, and with a little insight into the man standing in the pulpit preaching to Obama and his family, what message does that send to me, a regular white man that has no signs of a hood anywhere near me ?

Well, thinking back to what happened with Jeremiah Wright, I would think Obama may have a problem with us good old boys.

I also have to think about most of the folks that expose the wrongs being committed on our Country, and then watch them get labeled as a racist, and wonder if Barrack is not leaning back in his chair laughing because the real issue is being ignored.

Now back to Alan, instead of meeting O'Riley head on about the views of this preacher, Colmes opted to accuse Bill of trying to attack Obama, and shift the debate to a tried and true left wing argument.

I think if Poor Alan Colmes would spend as much energy debating the real questions, instead of always playing the race card, or going back to Bush, Hannity may let him back on the show

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Where Has The PC Got Us ?

Where will all this wonderful political correctness get us ? Is it a valuable commodity in our society, or a tool used to manipulate people into thoughts or actions that they otherwise would not have come to on their own ? Is Political Correctness used to manipulate freedom of speech, meaning that a persons views or thoughts could be stifled for fear of being labeled incorrect by today's left wing standards ? I wonder just who it is that sets the guidelines for these PC rules, and who decides where the lines in the sands get drawn when it comes to all this correctness, and I have to think that eventually the lines will eventually be drawn right into my living room, and right next to the chair that I sit at typing this post, and soon, come between my keyboard and myself because I have offended someone or some group of people because I do not share their same views. I will let you folks in on something, according to the polls I read, and from what I see the people posting over at the left wing blogs, I am only in a 49% to 51% group of people that share the same views, so I am sure I offend someone at least 48% of the time. So what does all this mean, and with everything going on, why cry about PC stuff today ? Well, the American people have said NO to a lot of things in the last 3 years, we have expressed our fears and concerns to the Government and the White House. We went to the polls and did our best to send some fresh blood to D.C. hoping it would help turn things around, but it didn't seem to help. To speak out will either fall on deaf ears, or get you labeled racist, loony, or just stupid. I am sure you know how the Birth certificate thing went
We know what the problems are here in the United States, but there are some folks that would rather ignore it, and use Political Correctness to end all discussion about what is wrong and what needs to be done to fix it.

I need to look up from my screen to see how close the "line " is to me now, and it may be a good idea for you to take a look and see how close the PC line is to you.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Government Shutdown

With all the talk of the Government shutdown, and the finger pointing that has been going on, why even listen to what anything these morons have to say ? I think Allen West has some credibility. He was on Greta last night, and what he said and the way he said things was very different from the other leaders in charge of our future (please excuse the poor video) When asked about the shutdown, he gave an honest and direct answer that told us all that a few key Democrats were were stonewalling, and he also said that we had to remember with a budget for the 111th Congress The left can say what they want, but this new group of Republicans that entered D.C this year mean business, and I think the more time they spend there, the more they will find that will embarrass the leaders on both sides of the isle. The best part about all of this is Obama launched his re-election bid on Monday. Are you kidding me ? Really ?