Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Poor Alan Colmes

I watched Alan Colmes choke on his responses to Bill O'Riley last night about Obama's choice of a church for an Easter sermon.

Instead of answering any of the questions regarding the Rev. Wallace Smith, and his obvious racial views, Colmes did his best to accuse O'Riley of attacking Obama, saying that the Right Wing only looks to create a controversy with every move Obama makes.

Well, from what I have read and heard from the Rev. Wallace Smith, he would have us to believe that the criticism and activities that will affect our lives that comes from talk radio and the programs on Fox News are Racially motivated.

This man went on to name Rush Limbaugh as a threat, and labeled him as one of those that spew hate and send others to go off and commit even more heinous acts.

The best part I have read about his comments are the ones he made concerning the Ku Klux Klan, and how they were inclined to wear white sheets to scare the black man because they were supposed to be afraid of ghosts.

The only ghost Wallace forgot to mention was that members of the Democratic party founded the White Knights, and have continued their membership to this day.

Now, that being said, and with a little insight into the man standing in the pulpit preaching to Obama and his family, what message does that send to me, a regular white man that has no signs of a hood anywhere near me ?

Well, thinking back to what happened with Jeremiah Wright, I would think Obama may have a problem with us good old boys.

I also have to think about most of the folks that expose the wrongs being committed on our Country, and then watch them get labeled as a racist, and wonder if Barrack is not leaning back in his chair laughing because the real issue is being ignored.

Now back to Alan, instead of meeting O'Riley head on about the views of this preacher, Colmes opted to accuse Bill of trying to attack Obama, and shift the debate to a tried and true left wing argument.

I think if Poor Alan Colmes would spend as much energy debating the real questions, instead of always playing the race card, or going back to Bush, Hannity may let him back on the show


Sandee said...

I've never understood the dems one bit. They scare the beejesus out of me. Just saying.

Have a terrific day. :)

Anonymous said...

I think Colmes started to take a pro Bill Ayers position denying his terrorist history- he later dropped that point when cross examined by many viewers on it. I think Colmes is well meaning, but just not too rational...he seems like he's one can short of a six pack in his debate.

Anonymous said...

Colmes is a sociological maggot who would like nothing better than to see outright socialism in this country. His a**hole attitude should have gotten his face bashed in long ago. Someone please stop putting this insipid moron on television.