Thursday, April 9, 2009

Out of service

I will be out of commission for a few days due to medical reasons. Thanks to all my friends that stop here, and I will return ASAP
Have a happy Easter

Monday, April 6, 2009

Punishment ?

Obama is calling for some type of punishment for the missile launch n North Korea this weekend, but as many expected, Russia and China are just waving the incident off

Because of our economic problems, and the lack of a strong hand by our Commander in Chief, the United States appears to be weak, and other countries will use it to their advantage

Did the missile head our way ? Was it even aimed at us ?

Well, yes and no, because it was clearly not some type of " attack ", but it was a worldwide demonstration of what North Korea has to offer

Obama can call for punishment all he wants, but as long as a rock star is leading this nation, we will not be taken seriously in the world.

This is the first of many tests that Obama will face, and they will become more frequent and eventually more deadly, so you have to wonder

Can Obama protect this country ?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

To Smart To Believe

I am sure everyone has seen the O'riley interview on Letterman the other night, and everyone has an opinion of which one got the better jabs in.

I did watch the interview, and I saw Bill's take on it last night on the factor show, and there was something Letterman said that stuck with me, and I think applies to Bill O'Riley, and Glenn Beck, and Sean Hannity, and all the other folks over at Fox news

I will even go so far as to say it trickles down and applies to us bloggers out here, right wing, left wing, centrist, or where ever you stand in the political spectrum

Dave told Bill that he thought he was to smart to not believe what he says. Dave asked why people that he knew that were " smart people " would say and report things like they do.

Well hello people, this is real life, this is what is happening to each and every one of us, and instead of sugar coating, or telling part of a story, I have to applaud Fox news for going straight ahead with the truth.

I know some people say that fox will twist things for ratings, or do things to bash Obama and the democrats. But how can you deny the truth when it is offered to you right from the lawmakers mouth ?

Like Cavuto yesterday

what about when Big Bill called Barney Frank out on Fannie and Freddie ?

What about when Fox News showed us Pelosi's thoughts on illegal aliens ?

Fox news is not making this stuff up, it's not a soap opera where someone is writing all this stuff and these people are reading a script

Too smart to believe what they say?

Maybe smart enough to keep our heads out of the sand.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Did You Vote For This ?

Our Treasury Department wants superpowers, enough to shut down businesses if they think they may be hurting the economy

They want to rewrite the constitution to put in place their new radical proposals

They want to replace the dollar with a world reserve currency

Our national debt, that Bush doubled, has in the last few months has grown to over 9 trillion dollars

They have completly dropped the ball with AIG, but walked right in the door at GM and are making themselves at home

This new administration is beginning to release Gitmo detainees and put them on our streets, and if that's not enough, they are gonna shove some welfare money in their pockets

For the simple fact that they do not want to offend anyone, our elected officials have decided that the term " War On Terror " will no longer be used

Our Secretary of State went to Mexico and let America take the blame for the drugs and violence that is out of control

Obama is sending more troops to fight a war that he cant admit to, but wants to cut the budget for them. More troops, less money

Obama said no lobbyists, we got lobbyists

He claimed transparency, he told us we would be able to review bills and have a chance to comment, well that went out the window

Obama signed a stimulus package that no one really read, and allowed some of the most useless spending that has ever come from the beltway

Is this the progress you hoped for ?

Is this the change you were expecting ?
56% of you must be feeling a little stupid right about now.
You should also be ashamed at what you have done as well