Thursday, September 30, 2010

Some mean looking guys right ?
Wonder who they work for ?
they work for us, the people, well, I mean the citizens, no, I mean the State.
Is that right ? Yeah I guess that's right.
You see, as employees of the Government, paid for by all of us, you know, We the People, I would imagine that these fine gentlemen would be the cream of the crop in our front line of defense when it comes to border security, or some type of terrorist threat, or anything where some type of the threat of extreme violence was to be encountered.
It seems when this picture was taken, these men were dressed out and readied because the Poor Peoples Economic Human Rights Campaign was scheduled to fill the streets in St. Paul Minnesota.

So whats the big deal ?

Well, yesterday millions watched and prayed as Debbie Stabenow brought her S 3706 to the floor. She gave a good nine minutes worth of time to it, and then it was left on the floor, literally.
Stabenow had done what she had promised, that she would get it out there, and now most of the Senate are relaxing at home, wondering what to do about their re-election bids, and some about retirement.
The S-3706 would have offered the 99ers more free cash, and would have supplied them enough revenue to get them through the holidays, but what then ?
I have asked in recent post to offer assistance if possible, offer some side jobs to someone, try to hit some yard sales, anything.
If you do not agree with the Government becoming involved in the states business, and you agree with smaller Government. If you think there should be cuts in spending, and want to stand behind the representatives that want to say NO to the out of control spending, and the welfare state, then support them by showing the big Government that you can be a charitable person.

Take some things to the food bank
If your kids outgrow some clothes, pass them down to someone
If your friend is out of work, he is still your friend, stop in and see if he needs something.
log onto Craigslist and check your city. find someone to rake your leaves or something, or give something away
Better yet, it will be cold soon, maybe if you had a spare room ?
Could you really sleep at night knowing a family has been put out in the streets ?

This is not the post that I had intended to write today, but as I watch the rain and wind blow past my window, I know there is someone out there right now that is cold and wet, and has had everything ripped away from them.
They worked hard, everyday, just to come in on a Friday to a pink slip in their paycheck, and now they are thrown out with the trash.

Monday, September 27, 2010

No Support and No Change

I am not at all biased as to the sites I visit. I am open to every ones ideas about music, food, relationships, and yes of course, politics.
This morning was no different, and I made my rounds reading the feelings of some folks thinking Steve Colbert should be drug through the streets, and some thinking he is a shining example of just what a huge joke Congress has become.
I turned to a blog I sometimes go to today that must have picked up on the posts that I had done on the unemployment issues, and the people left behind in this Country, and he too had told a story of how cuts had left his family and friends huddled together with next to nothing.
Their Government had made promises to them that never appeared, and they were left with a realization that no help was ever going to reach them.
We see in the news today the riots in their streets, and the attacks against their police, and we hear people like Glenn Beck and Neil Cavuto try to explain to us that without the cuts to these extreme Government handouts, their Country will be bankrupt.
I read on his site that there was a lot of warning, and so much time to prepare, but the people, including himself always thought it could never happen to a country like his.

Today on the Unemployed Friends forum, I read this...

Below are the results from my calls to finance committee members - as you can see, this is a political very hot potato - nobody wants to commit. Please call and ask for their support - especially your Republican representatives.

Senate Finance Committee Members by Party Affiliation

* Max Baucus, Montana, Chairman - (202) 224-2651 - 99 weeks is enough
* Jay Rockefeller, West Virginia---(202) 224-6472-no comment
* Kent Conrad, North Dakota--(202) 224-2043-not released an opinion
* Jeff Bingaman, New Mexico--(202) 224-5521-hasn't released a statement
* John Kerry, Massachusetts--(202) 224-2742 -favor
* Blanche Lincoln, Arkansas--(202) 224-4843--no response
* Ron Wyden, Oregon--- 202-224-5244-hasn't issued a statement yet
* Charles Schumer, New York---202-224-6542--supports
* Debbie Stabenow, Michigan--Sponsor
* Maria Cantwell, Washington---202-224-3441--no statement yet
* Bill Nelson, Florida--202-224-5274-no statement yet
* Robert Menendez, New Jersey-- 202.224.4744--hasn't released a statement
* Thomas Carper, Delaware--(202) 224-2441--hasn't released a statement


* Chuck Grassley, Iowa, Ranking Minority Member-(202) 224-3744-hasn't indicated
* Orrin Hatch, Utah--(202) 224-5251--hasn't indicated
* Olympia Snowe, Maine--202-224-5344-no public opinion yet
* Jon Kyl, Arizona-- (202) 224-4521-answering machine
* Jim Bunning, Kentucky--202.224.4343-hasn't issued a statement
* Mike Crapo, Idaho--(202) 224-6142-staffer can't find any information
* Pat Roberts, Kansas--202-224-4774-no information
* John Ensign, Nevada--(202) 224-6244-considering support
* Mike Enzi, Wyoming--(202) 224-3424-still debating
* John Cornyn, Texas--202-224-2934-mailbox full- staffer didn't know

Let me just say, they don't care.
They really don't. I hate to be the one to lay it out here, but with them losing ground in the primaries, and the tea party people, and the Republicans rolling out this contract thing about all this great stuff they are gonna do, no one cares about the family of people that will come home tonight, and sit around the table while the kids work on homework, and Dad figures how he is gonna get the light bill paid, and Mom is on the phone trying to get a couple days extension on the cable bill.
No one cares they have a half a tank a gas to get around till Friday, but the Republican robocaller will call and ask for a $25.00 donation
No one cares that the boss told Dad that this pipe job will be shutting down because of permits in another week, so he may be laid off for a few months.

You know what Obama, sometimes a lot of us wish you would put the damn thing in D and then hold it in the floor, just make sure you have some of them Washington folks with you

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Has Congress Lost Touch With Reality ?

Colbert comes to Washington to do what ? Make fun of them ? To put on a show ? What did he accomplish ?

Waste about $125,000 dollars of our money.

Lets see him do a spot about that on his show, about how much wasted time that little stunt took, and the money that cost us.

Big freakin deal, that was just a feather in his ratings hat, and a diversion for the left, oh yeah, dont forget, somewhere in another less attractive place they were discussing the black panthers that were scooted away that hadbeen in front of a pooling place in uniform with a nightstick.

And lets not forget also the folks living in cars, boxes, and under bridges, you know the ones that WERE working just a few months ago, like 99 weeks or more ago, thats what they call themselves, the 99ers, the ones that have exhausted all the unemployment bennie available and are now left with no place left to live, no place to go, nothing.

I know there are the few " cheaters " that maybe took advantage of the system, but let me tell you, no man is going to sit back and let his family go hungry and homeless if he can help it, he would shovel shit from a ditch for a can of beans first, thats why I do not think these people are cheaters.

Debbie Stabenow dangled the carrot in front of them before they went on their vacation claiming they would get some help when she got back. Many of the Dems signed on to back her up and it that S 3706 was going to save them all.

I go back to the message boards that are mostly operated by Dems, and I am shocked at what they have been posting, completely bashing their party, and very doubtfull that their vote for Obama was wortwhile.

Today, I checked back in and read that Stabenow had announced that she was going to debate the S 3706 bill in the coming week, and all of a sudden you would have thought Heavens gates have opened.

Wait a minute, Stabemow said she would debate the bill, you know, shake the carrot.

Am I the only one that gets this ?

Let me try this another way, when people get desperate, when they are tired, hungry, dirty, and have no place to go, they are open to a lot of things that they normally would not open themselves up too. They become willing to walk into some false hope.

For 9/11, I asked that we help someone, to pass on that feeling you had after you saw those buildings fall, and the Pentagon burning, and the feld in Shanksville.

I took it with with my gorup of friends and raised some money for the homeless, help some people so they had a place to stay, made a few connections with them and got them some work on local farms, and had a big cook out with burgers and dogs and crabs, all donated, and the folks had a great time, but most of all, they had some respect, and had some dignity, and they felt like they were not forgotten.

One man I talked to had done construction all his life, framing houses, siding, roofing, like that. He had to sell his tools, his truck, everything to feed his kids, then lost his home. He was renting a trailer for $425 a month that had no AC, and was ashamed that everything was gone.

Is he cheating the system ? Do you think he is not looking for work ? I guess he chose this spot in life.

I had a skill saw, an a drill in my shed I took to him on Tuesday, and a box with some hammers and tape measures and chalklines and stuff. I have not used them in years. I also took him a number to a guy I know that wants some rabbit cages built, its not much, but we have to help each other.

What have you done to help someone ?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

250,000 Is Not A Magic Number

The elected officials came back to D.C. a couple days ago, and it seems to me the only thing on their minds is the Bush tax cuts

Granted, this may be an important issue, but in my mind there is another issue that should embarrass every one of us, and should take center stage.

Debbie Stabenow seems like she wants to help

I am a fan of Glenn Beck, and I was all for his " Faith, Hope, and Charity " event back on 8/28, but it seems to me that this would be the biggest thing someone could do to help your fellow man, to stand with you brother, to step up and make sure your brother, your fellow man, your Countryman has food, shelter, and maybe some dignity.

Check out this guy....

We should all be ashamed.

I frequent this site Unemployed-Friends and read their stories, and read how I can help. I have used the information on the site to call email Washington and ask that something be done to help these people.

Today, I have a roof over my head, and some food on my shelves, and I am thank full. I have the ability at this time to get more, but what if ????

This man was no different than any of us just a short time ago, and because of the way the market and the economy went, he was tossed aside.

If I do not speak for him now, then who will speak for me ?

If you do not stand for these people, then who will stand for you when you need someone ?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Throw The Politics Out The Window

I stop in at this message board / forums site from time to time to read comments from unemployed folks that are struggling with no jobs, no money, and no one in D.C. listening to them.
It has different topics ranging from current bills, contacting state reps, venting frustrations, and a place for like minded people to offer support to those that could use a kind word, or just to know that there may be light at the end of this long dark tunnel.
I came across this post, and it really made me think..

" Sorry guys but Ive given up. It's just too much and up is down and down is up. Right is wrong and wrong is right. Keep up the fight and carry the torch. Please forgive me for being weak. I believe strongly in God and I love Him with all of my heart. and I do believe that I will go to Heaven. I am too weak to handle any more issues with money and bills and people and stuff.

Jesus is coming soon. Please get ready. If you don't know Him as your personal Lord and Savior, please just repent of your sins and ask Jesus to come into your heart. It's that simple. there's no process and you don't have to get your act together first like the devil tells you that you do.

I'm going to go to sleep now. i won't be back, but I will hopefully be in Heaven praying for you guys and all the downtrodden. We are in the last days and this is the persuction. But along with the unemplyment my husband abandoned me with no money and no food hardly. and it doesn't matter cuz I can't eat anyway. I have not committed suicide but I did take some pills to help me relax. I'm gonna pray until I fall asleep
.... "

We get up on our soap boxes every day and type out our two cents worth of free speech, blaming Bush and Obama, and Barney Frank, and Glenn Beck, and whoever the media parades in front of us that day.
We hit the Publish Post button, and think we are making a difference in the world today because we have told it like it is, and this is the problem, and this is how to fix it.
Let's call bull right now because as the saying goes, opinions are like a**holes and everybody has one.
There are some folks out there, in OUR country, in our OWN backyards that are in trouble. They have no food, no shelter, nothing.
And everyday more and more people are joining them.

From a personal view, I have friends that were in the construction business with me, honest, hardworking guys that would give you the shirt off their backs that now have been laid off for nearly 2 years.

Two years of filling out applications, doing odd jobs for little or no money, selling everything they have just to keep a roof over their kids head.

I know these people, they are not the crowd that the few in Washington make them out to be. These folks did not cause the economic problems we have today but they are left to suffer for it now

Our Government and Americans in general are the first to step up when someone is in trouble. If a disaster hits a distant Nation, the American Flag is a welcome sight.
Today we have folks that wake up to empty cupboards, electricity turned off, and having to make a choice between a half gallon of milk for their child or a little gas to go check on a job at the fast food.
Forget the Politics this weekend, and forget to point a finger to blame someone for the Nations troubles.
Remember, when you point at someone, you have three more fingers pointing back at you.
To remember what happened on 9/11, get the feeling you had after it happened.
After the shock, I wanted to do something, to help somehow.
Well, honor 9/11 by helping someone that needs it, right in your own backyard.
Donate some food, contribute towards someones light bill, offer to fill someones tank, give some of those nice clothes to them, not the old ones, hire someone off of Craigslist to do some side work for you, spend some money at a yard sale.
Remember, these folks were the backbone of our Country not long ago, they did not choose this.

Just help someone for 9/11