Monday, September 27, 2010

No Support and No Change

I am not at all biased as to the sites I visit. I am open to every ones ideas about music, food, relationships, and yes of course, politics.
This morning was no different, and I made my rounds reading the feelings of some folks thinking Steve Colbert should be drug through the streets, and some thinking he is a shining example of just what a huge joke Congress has become.
I turned to a blog I sometimes go to today that must have picked up on the posts that I had done on the unemployment issues, and the people left behind in this Country, and he too had told a story of how cuts had left his family and friends huddled together with next to nothing.
Their Government had made promises to them that never appeared, and they were left with a realization that no help was ever going to reach them.
We see in the news today the riots in their streets, and the attacks against their police, and we hear people like Glenn Beck and Neil Cavuto try to explain to us that without the cuts to these extreme Government handouts, their Country will be bankrupt.
I read on his site that there was a lot of warning, and so much time to prepare, but the people, including himself always thought it could never happen to a country like his.

Today on the Unemployed Friends forum, I read this...

Below are the results from my calls to finance committee members - as you can see, this is a political very hot potato - nobody wants to commit. Please call and ask for their support - especially your Republican representatives.

Senate Finance Committee Members by Party Affiliation

* Max Baucus, Montana, Chairman - (202) 224-2651 - 99 weeks is enough
* Jay Rockefeller, West Virginia---(202) 224-6472-no comment
* Kent Conrad, North Dakota--(202) 224-2043-not released an opinion
* Jeff Bingaman, New Mexico--(202) 224-5521-hasn't released a statement
* John Kerry, Massachusetts--(202) 224-2742 -favor
* Blanche Lincoln, Arkansas--(202) 224-4843--no response
* Ron Wyden, Oregon--- 202-224-5244-hasn't issued a statement yet
* Charles Schumer, New York---202-224-6542--supports
* Debbie Stabenow, Michigan--Sponsor
* Maria Cantwell, Washington---202-224-3441--no statement yet
* Bill Nelson, Florida--202-224-5274-no statement yet
* Robert Menendez, New Jersey-- 202.224.4744--hasn't released a statement
* Thomas Carper, Delaware--(202) 224-2441--hasn't released a statement


* Chuck Grassley, Iowa, Ranking Minority Member-(202) 224-3744-hasn't indicated
* Orrin Hatch, Utah--(202) 224-5251--hasn't indicated
* Olympia Snowe, Maine--202-224-5344-no public opinion yet
* Jon Kyl, Arizona-- (202) 224-4521-answering machine
* Jim Bunning, Kentucky--202.224.4343-hasn't issued a statement
* Mike Crapo, Idaho--(202) 224-6142-staffer can't find any information
* Pat Roberts, Kansas--202-224-4774-no information
* John Ensign, Nevada--(202) 224-6244-considering support
* Mike Enzi, Wyoming--(202) 224-3424-still debating
* John Cornyn, Texas--202-224-2934-mailbox full- staffer didn't know

Let me just say, they don't care.
They really don't. I hate to be the one to lay it out here, but with them losing ground in the primaries, and the tea party people, and the Republicans rolling out this contract thing about all this great stuff they are gonna do, no one cares about the family of people that will come home tonight, and sit around the table while the kids work on homework, and Dad figures how he is gonna get the light bill paid, and Mom is on the phone trying to get a couple days extension on the cable bill.
No one cares they have a half a tank a gas to get around till Friday, but the Republican robocaller will call and ask for a $25.00 donation
No one cares that the boss told Dad that this pipe job will be shutting down because of permits in another week, so he may be laid off for a few months.

You know what Obama, sometimes a lot of us wish you would put the damn thing in D and then hold it in the floor, just make sure you have some of them Washington folks with you


Anonymous said...

Heaven forbid that the poor family has to cancel their cable. Oh and hilarious that the father would want Obama and Democrats in charge of government when they are the ones who imposed the limited permits that made him lose his job to begin with....

lot 2 learn said...

@ anon
Its no wonder you would want to leave a comment like that while hidden.
I can only think of the phrase " What goes around, comes around "