Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Throw The Politics Out The Window

I stop in at this message board / forums site from time to time to read comments from unemployed folks that are struggling with no jobs, no money, and no one in D.C. listening to them.
It has different topics ranging from current bills, contacting state reps, venting frustrations, and a place for like minded people to offer support to those that could use a kind word, or just to know that there may be light at the end of this long dark tunnel.
I came across this post, and it really made me think..

" Sorry guys but Ive given up. It's just too much and up is down and down is up. Right is wrong and wrong is right. Keep up the fight and carry the torch. Please forgive me for being weak. I believe strongly in God and I love Him with all of my heart. and I do believe that I will go to Heaven. I am too weak to handle any more issues with money and bills and people and stuff.

Jesus is coming soon. Please get ready. If you don't know Him as your personal Lord and Savior, please just repent of your sins and ask Jesus to come into your heart. It's that simple. there's no process and you don't have to get your act together first like the devil tells you that you do.

I'm going to go to sleep now. i won't be back, but I will hopefully be in Heaven praying for you guys and all the downtrodden. We are in the last days and this is the persuction. But along with the unemplyment my husband abandoned me with no money and no food hardly. and it doesn't matter cuz I can't eat anyway. I have not committed suicide but I did take some pills to help me relax. I'm gonna pray until I fall asleep
.... "

We get up on our soap boxes every day and type out our two cents worth of free speech, blaming Bush and Obama, and Barney Frank, and Glenn Beck, and whoever the media parades in front of us that day.
We hit the Publish Post button, and think we are making a difference in the world today because we have told it like it is, and this is the problem, and this is how to fix it.
Let's call bull right now because as the saying goes, opinions are like a**holes and everybody has one.
There are some folks out there, in OUR country, in our OWN backyards that are in trouble. They have no food, no shelter, nothing.
And everyday more and more people are joining them.

From a personal view, I have friends that were in the construction business with me, honest, hardworking guys that would give you the shirt off their backs that now have been laid off for nearly 2 years.

Two years of filling out applications, doing odd jobs for little or no money, selling everything they have just to keep a roof over their kids head.

I know these people, they are not the crowd that the few in Washington make them out to be. These folks did not cause the economic problems we have today but they are left to suffer for it now

Our Government and Americans in general are the first to step up when someone is in trouble. If a disaster hits a distant Nation, the American Flag is a welcome sight.
Today we have folks that wake up to empty cupboards, electricity turned off, and having to make a choice between a half gallon of milk for their child or a little gas to go check on a job at the fast food.
Forget the Politics this weekend, and forget to point a finger to blame someone for the Nations troubles.
Remember, when you point at someone, you have three more fingers pointing back at you.
To remember what happened on 9/11, get the feeling you had after it happened.
After the shock, I wanted to do something, to help somehow.
Well, honor 9/11 by helping someone that needs it, right in your own backyard.
Donate some food, contribute towards someones light bill, offer to fill someones tank, give some of those nice clothes to them, not the old ones, hire someone off of Craigslist to do some side work for you, spend some money at a yard sale.
Remember, these folks were the backbone of our Country not long ago, they did not choose this.

Just help someone for 9/11


LaurAyn said...

Great post. I've been one of those ppl and someone did come and help me out with some of my bills. Thank g-d for them and that. It's hard to be in that place.

thedickdujour said...

Excellent post. There are those who are trying to make the day of service out to be a bad thing but it's not. Help your fellow man in anyway you can and things can get better.

113tidbits said...

Bless you for the sentiment of this post. For I was there, 9/11 for me wasn't just a happening. It was a dreadful experience that caused me and my family to make a change.

And also being homeless in the state of being as the image in your post. My family lived out of our car for the entire sweltering summer of 2006, until a kind person opened her home to us.
she to this day remains a close family friend.
I will make my post for 9/11 with images of my own personal library of how I want to remember the WTC for it's magnificence and majesty.

Bless you...

VH said...

These are tough times indeed. Thanks for bringing a little sobriety to such a difficult economic crises.

Megaman said...

Wonderfully said! Lets forget about the finger pointing everyday and work to fix the problems.

Again Great post!

Mandy said...

That is such a great post!!! Times are tough and hard for alot of people I am just so lucky that I have great family and friends around me. This is just a wondeful idea...

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