Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all my friends and visitors.

Lets have a night of peace

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sing It Ray !

I love it !

Merry Christmas

The Senate Starts The Vote

Back room deals, and closed door meetings are the only thing we know about this bill.
This thing is being crammed right down our throats by the most left wing, self serving government that has ever been in existence.
The people do not want this, they do not want this bill, and they do not want a government that conducts business like this.
Why cant the time and energy that is being put on bankrupting the country be spent on our economy and cleaning up the way these people just burn through our money ?
Why cant they just stop and instead of debating on what bills need to be read, and who gets to speak for another 2 minutes, why not take a week or two and read the constitution ?
Why not go over the oath of office that they took and remember what their responsibilities are ?
A message to any Liberal or left wing bloggers that may stop in, do not be surprised in 2010 when all of these people get swept out of D.C. and don't be surprised when Obama leaves in 2012 wearing Jimmy Carter's crown
This 4 years will be nothing more than a disgrace
Merry Christmas

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Senator Ben Nelson

I had missed some of the Glenn Beck episodes, and was checking them out today.
I came across this piece on Sen. Ben Nelson

Do you really think Glenn had to check 3 times to make sure this story was on the level ?
I don't think so, because I don't think this administration is beyond bribery.
I did get this clip from YouTube, and I always check out the comments, and I have noticed the same comments from the same people.
It seems that a limited number of people do their best to put negative comments on clips that discredit Obama and his crew, and they always have the same things to say.
Calling the right crazy, and the tea party movement racist and redneck.
I wonder if it is just one person that just has the hots for Obama, you know just a crush thing, and they hate to see anyone say anything bad about him.
I have found that some cities on the R&R section of Craigslist have the man-crush guys for Obama, and they seem to be on 24/7
What they cant flag and get deleted, they respond to with the typical cracks at Palin and Bush to throw people off the subject.
I am all for free speech, but you would think that just 10 minutes out of the day, these left wing nuts would take a picture of Obama into the bathroom and........well........
You know.
Anyway, I would post a picture here for them, but I figure they could look down at their T-shirt and see his smiling face.

Merry Christmas

Friday, December 18, 2009

It's Comin For Ya People !

A couple hours south east of D.C. I just took a walk outside and we have about 3 to 4 inches of snow.
It is coming down hard in tiny little flakes, and it just has that feeling that it is going to be here a while.
I tell you this because the snow that is passing over me is about to cripple Washington D.C., and will send them into a panic.
The best part is all the overtime going on with the idiots working to spend everything they can, they will be stranded.
I have a little knowledge of the Northern Va. and the D.C. residents, and just the thought of some snow would get them upset. The forecast for up to 2 feet will put them on life support.
I have my fireplace, some home made soup ready, water stored, batteries in my radio, and a mason jar with a half a peach floating in it.
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Merry Christmas

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Character Flaws

Larry King had Ron Paul and Barney Frank on the other night.
When you get these two together, it is not hard to judge their character

To begin with, Ron Paul was right to the point. He knew what he was saying, and he did not have to think back and remember what lie he had told.
Poor Barney was stuttering and stammering around, and he was interrupting Ron whenever something was said that would make Barney look bad.
Barney even made a point to throw Bush under the bus.
Larry King brought up Fannie and Freddie and Barney had a fit, and jumped right back at him.
In the end, Ron was not flustered, and was even laughing a little, but you could tell that he was not going to waste his time arguing with an idiot.
at the end of the clip, Barney looks mad, he looks as if he is thinking to himself that he should have never sat near Ron because he would never be able to talk his way out of his mistakes.
He looks angry, and he does not really look at the camera, and when he does look up, he looks ashamed.
Ron Paul does not look ashamed, he looks like " That's right Barney, I said it !, And I got a lot more to say ! "
He looks like he has nothing to hide, and he looks proud.
Let's see, when we elect someone to go to D.C. to represent us, to handle our money, and our future, and our security, what kind of person do we want when they are called to answer questions from the media ?
The stuttering, backpedaling, mad, ashamed type ?
No ?
Me either

Merry Christmas

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What Did You Get Joe ?

Joe Lieberman said today that he was ready to give his vote for health care.
He did hold out most of the morning, but I guess that now, he is just a shining example that every man has his price

The fact still remains that the American people do not want this bill.
It looks like Joe is ready to retire, because he can now be added to the list of those that will be FIRED this coming November

Monday, December 14, 2009

The Look On His Face

Did anyone catch the short debate on climate change with Rep. Ed Markey and Sen. James Inhofe ?

Did you notice the look on Markey's face while he was sitting there and still doing his best to push his lies ?
It is the same look that my kids give me when they try to come up with a story when they have done something wrong, and they are trying to talk their way out of it.
You can't fool someone that has a little common sense.
You may confuse them a little, you might make them stop for a second until the smoke your blowing at them clears, you might even be able to distract them with something other than the real problem.
But before long, the truth comes out.
We find out, and the punishment comes.
Hello Washington !
We know what you people are doing !
You are not listening to us !
Are you ready to go home with a spanking ?
It's coming !

Friday, December 11, 2009

From The Climategate Headquaters

Shocking clip was exposed today over the hacked Emails exposing the global warming myth.

Viewer Warning !

Now we know the truth

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Black Panthers

Remember these guys ?

What about these........

It seems that whatever justice that was going to be handed down to the men that decided to stand in front of a polling place with some sort of stick or baton were just let off the hook.
No big deal ?
Well, what if it were me in front of your voting place, dressed in all my camo hunting gear, swinging around my little stick ? My muddy Ford truck parked nearby with all my McCain/Palin stickers, and my favorite sticker in the back glass, " The second amendment aint about squirrel huntin ! "
Oh yeah, there would be some NBC and MSNBC trucks speeding my way, and the headlines would be " Redneck uprising with deadly weapon "
I would bet that Matthews would dedicate an entire half hour on the hundred or so ways that I could kill or maim someone with my stick, and that the police would have no choice but to shoot to kill so that order could be restored
OK, back to reality, these guys got a few minutes on the Obama networks, but not much else, and now when it is time to pay for breaking the law, they get a pass.
It seems that our Associate Attorney General Thomas J Perrelli made the decision not to prosecute
Lets see now, if you are on the Obama team, you get a pass.
Is that how the game goes ?
Another march is planned for D.C. on Dec 15 from what I have read.
I am just not sure that all the marching and tea bags, and petitions work anymore.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

SEIU And Union Tactics

In my chosen profession of over 28 years, we have turned the union away many times.

As a group, we did listen to the pro's and con's, and were offered to many things that sounded like nothing more than bribes to sign on to the union plan.

When we voted back in the late 80's not to join into the " Brotherhood " of electrical workers, we spent the next 2 months with vandalized trucks, completed work that was later destroyed, and eventually an altercation on a job site that the union was not prepared for.

We never backed down from our decision, and as employees, we felt that we did not loose out on pay or benefits.

For that matter, because the unions were not involved in wage, leave, and insurance packages, our company could bid jobs at a more cost effective rate and keep us working.

I do not like any type of union, and think that it is a legal form of extortion.

That being said, now we have the biggest union guy Andy Stern dropping by the White House more than any other advisor, and working with Obama.

In his own words he has no problem using power to force people to do what he wants them to do.

President Obama is a strong supporter of Stern and SEIU, and declared he would paint the nation purple.

Is Stern and the SEIU members the muscle Obama plans to use to force the American people to do what he wants, or is Stern using them to force Obama to do the bidding of the unions ?

Who really is in control ?

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Anger From Both Sides

So who would you vote for if the election was today ?

Think it's time to clean house ?

Out of 1000 likely voters polled, only 36 percent would stay on the side of the Democrats.

The 22 percent that are undecided are the ones that tell the bigger story here because we need to know if the Republicans can get back on track, and why the Democrats want to destroy our country.

It is no secret that there are some worthless Republicans in D.C., and they should be looking for some retirement property as we speak, but the Dem's have no idea.

They honestly believe they are serving the people.

Guess it's time for a rude awakening

Watch the second half of Glenn's interview with Pat Caddell

I am glad a Democrat said that.

He said Democrat, Republican, it has nothing to do with it, AMERICANS feel that their country is slipping away.

He also had a message for the people in Washington, in both parties. He said the American people are coming, and they are coming for you.

He also said that the elected officials considered us nothing more than sheep that they could just run over.

I do not know about you people, but there are no sheep in my house.

I think I will add that guy to my Christmas card list

Monday, December 7, 2009

Dirty Harry

The Loony Left keeps getting backed into a corner, and instead of realizing their mistakes, they continue to dribble lies from their mouths, and sound even more stupid.
Have a listen to Harry Reid

Now wait a minute. Did he say the Republicans act as if health care is not a problem ?
Well, for those that are covered, there was not a problem until D.C. claimed there was one.
You people want to allow coverage across state lines, and do something about tort reform, then do it, and then get the hell out of my wallet.
If these idiots think that the the real Americans, the blue collar, brown pants, white jacket, lime green vest wearing group of folks that actually make up these United States are going to allow Obama, and Reid, and Pelosi to beat us down and tell us how to live, then you people on the left that have mistakenly stumbled onto my site really need to wake up.
Take another look at these grassroots organizations, the Tea party movements, the 912 project, the Patriotic Resistance, the Modern Minutemen, and Citizens against Tyranny.
All of these are peaceful, passionate, patriotic groups of men and women concerned for their countries future.
The very nerve of Harry Reid to associate people against the Democratic health care plan to those against freeing slaves, and not allowing women to vote.
You look a little cold Harry, put on a jacket

Just one more question before I go Harry, this heath care plan you people are putting together for the American people, will you and your family be enrolled in the Government option ?

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Great Crasher Clip

I loved this skit

How could you not laugh at that ?

Saturday, December 5, 2009


The big Climategate story.
Just how many people are hanging their heads in shame right about now ?

I just have to point out that I am one of those that was screaming scam when Al Gore and all the green people tried running this crap down our throats.
I also want to point out that I am one of those that are standing with my arms crossed and foot tapping, looking down at these crooks wondering how they plan to pay back all the money they wasted with their lies and corruption.
I propose a new law.
When a person, or persons are involved in a scam like Climategate, or a ponzi scheme like Madoff had going, or tied into the housing mess, let's strip them.
Not just strip them of their job, but their car, house, bank accounts, cell phone, baseball card collection, clothes, everything they have.
And everyone connected, and that had gained from what was going on, no chance of getting a lawyer and pleading to a judge " I didn't know what they were doing ! "
To hell with that, they know, they all do, they just keep their mouths shut as long as the money keeps coming in.
Putting Madoff in jail did not really hurt him, leaving him and his wife homeless under a bridge with no food would have punished him.
These scientists that got so much grant money to lie to everyone so that a few companies could line their pockets with more money, and make Al Gore rich, should turn your stomachs.
Strip them, strip them all

Friday, December 4, 2009

Had To Share These

The best Christmas present Jimmy could ever get
Voter remorse ?

A great shot of Al Gore on his way to spew his global warming lies at another college campus

Looks like a gotcha moment

The best one of all.
These are real police mug shots.
Can anyone tell me what they all have in common ?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Is Ben Getting The Boot ?

This will be a good debate to watch.

Can the behind the scenes deals keep Ben Bernanke in a job ?

I have been watching Ron Pauls push to audit the fed for some time, and I support it.

It seems to me that if Ben does get put out, an audit will be sure to follow

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Over Coffee

As some of you may know, I frequent a little restaurant where I live most mornings for breakfast, a few cups of coffee, to keep up with our local news, and to hear every ones opinion on politics.
The group of people there consist of farmers, loggers, some small business people, and a few retirees
I knew It would be a hot morning after the Obama speech, so I got in and prepared for for a few hours of heated debate.
Boy was I way off.
Very little debate, and very little discussion at all.
Mostly what I heard from these people was that they were disappointed.
They are sick and tired of Obama and the rest of the left wing circus in D.C., and with Obama standing in front of us and turning against our troops, our security, and turning against what he had said during the campaign.
Listen to any of the polls or any of the news casters you choose, but real America is disappointed in Obama

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Get In, Get Out. Do What ????

What did we hear tonight ?
The security of the nation is important.
OK, sounded good.
I am sending 30,000 troops.
Well, that's less than your own guy wanted
We are bringing them home in 18 months
Huh ?
Wait a minute, Obama parades up to West Point to make his grand announcement to reveal the efforts of 3 months of thought.
Has the world tune in to hear how he is going to take the reigns and show the world his greatness
Instead, in front of some of the best military minds, on some of the most prestigious military ground, Obama tucked his tail and once again gave the rest of the world another reason to laugh at us

3 months thinking about this and this is what Obama brings us
This act of weakness, this act of defiance towards his military on the ground that are actually doing the fighting are threats to our national security
If this is the best Obama can offer the people that stand between our country and the terrorists that threaten it, maybe then the best thing would be to bring them home

If our own President will not commit to win the war, then why should we continue to fight half way for 18 months ?