Wednesday, December 9, 2009

SEIU And Union Tactics

In my chosen profession of over 28 years, we have turned the union away many times.

As a group, we did listen to the pro's and con's, and were offered to many things that sounded like nothing more than bribes to sign on to the union plan.

When we voted back in the late 80's not to join into the " Brotherhood " of electrical workers, we spent the next 2 months with vandalized trucks, completed work that was later destroyed, and eventually an altercation on a job site that the union was not prepared for.

We never backed down from our decision, and as employees, we felt that we did not loose out on pay or benefits.

For that matter, because the unions were not involved in wage, leave, and insurance packages, our company could bid jobs at a more cost effective rate and keep us working.

I do not like any type of union, and think that it is a legal form of extortion.

That being said, now we have the biggest union guy Andy Stern dropping by the White House more than any other advisor, and working with Obama.

In his own words he has no problem using power to force people to do what he wants them to do.

President Obama is a strong supporter of Stern and SEIU, and declared he would paint the nation purple.

Is Stern and the SEIU members the muscle Obama plans to use to force the American people to do what he wants, or is Stern using them to force Obama to do the bidding of the unions ?

Who really is in control ?


LaurAyn said...

Nothing phases me with this administration.

Sandee said...

Nobama was a union organizer. Who do you expect him to have stopping by the whitehouse? Nothing surprises me about this administration. I'm telling you he's on his way to being the worst president and I thought that belonged to Jimmy Carter the Jew hater.

Have a terrific day. :)

Jude said...

Dare I mention the word "Impeach?" I am so afraid for this country I have lived in for 56 years, too dramatic? You tell me.