Saturday, December 5, 2009


The big Climategate story.
Just how many people are hanging their heads in shame right about now ?

I just have to point out that I am one of those that was screaming scam when Al Gore and all the green people tried running this crap down our throats.
I also want to point out that I am one of those that are standing with my arms crossed and foot tapping, looking down at these crooks wondering how they plan to pay back all the money they wasted with their lies and corruption.
I propose a new law.
When a person, or persons are involved in a scam like Climategate, or a ponzi scheme like Madoff had going, or tied into the housing mess, let's strip them.
Not just strip them of their job, but their car, house, bank accounts, cell phone, baseball card collection, clothes, everything they have.
And everyone connected, and that had gained from what was going on, no chance of getting a lawyer and pleading to a judge " I didn't know what they were doing ! "
To hell with that, they know, they all do, they just keep their mouths shut as long as the money keeps coming in.
Putting Madoff in jail did not really hurt him, leaving him and his wife homeless under a bridge with no food would have punished him.
These scientists that got so much grant money to lie to everyone so that a few companies could line their pockets with more money, and make Al Gore rich, should turn your stomachs.
Strip them, strip them all

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