Thursday, December 10, 2009

Black Panthers

Remember these guys ?

What about these........

It seems that whatever justice that was going to be handed down to the men that decided to stand in front of a polling place with some sort of stick or baton were just let off the hook.
No big deal ?
Well, what if it were me in front of your voting place, dressed in all my camo hunting gear, swinging around my little stick ? My muddy Ford truck parked nearby with all my McCain/Palin stickers, and my favorite sticker in the back glass, " The second amendment aint about squirrel huntin ! "
Oh yeah, there would be some NBC and MSNBC trucks speeding my way, and the headlines would be " Redneck uprising with deadly weapon "
I would bet that Matthews would dedicate an entire half hour on the hundred or so ways that I could kill or maim someone with my stick, and that the police would have no choice but to shoot to kill so that order could be restored
OK, back to reality, these guys got a few minutes on the Obama networks, but not much else, and now when it is time to pay for breaking the law, they get a pass.
It seems that our Associate Attorney General Thomas J Perrelli made the decision not to prosecute
Lets see now, if you are on the Obama team, you get a pass.
Is that how the game goes ?
Another march is planned for D.C. on Dec 15 from what I have read.
I am just not sure that all the marching and tea bags, and petitions work anymore.

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Sandee said...

The way I see it? These very same folks are going to turn on Obamination. It's happening already. You can't make all those promises and then not deliver. That's exactly what he's done.

Have a terrific day and weekend. :)