Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Over Coffee

As some of you may know, I frequent a little restaurant where I live most mornings for breakfast, a few cups of coffee, to keep up with our local news, and to hear every ones opinion on politics.
The group of people there consist of farmers, loggers, some small business people, and a few retirees
I knew It would be a hot morning after the Obama speech, so I got in and prepared for for a few hours of heated debate.
Boy was I way off.
Very little debate, and very little discussion at all.
Mostly what I heard from these people was that they were disappointed.
They are sick and tired of Obama and the rest of the left wing circus in D.C., and with Obama standing in front of us and turning against our troops, our security, and turning against what he had said during the campaign.
Listen to any of the polls or any of the news casters you choose, but real America is disappointed in Obama

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Sandee said...

I've been disappointed since day one. I don't see anything getting better. He needs to focus on the economy. Period. Leave this health care stuff alone and focus on the economy.

Jimmy Carter was the worst president in my lifetime. I'm wondering if that will change with this one? I'm thinking maybe. I hope I'm wrong.

Have a terrific day. :)