Wednesday, December 29, 2010

In a recent report, that many left wing bloggers have been rolling around in, it was stated that Fox News viewers were the most uninformed of all time.
According to Mark Joyella, from Mediaite, said daily Fox viewers, regardless of their party affiliation, were significantly more likely to believe things like...

The stimulus caused job losses
The health care law will worsen the deficit
That the economy is getting worse
That most scientists do not believe in global warming
And the list goes on.

So why do I have the big TIME emblem on my front page today ?
Time magazine employs a writer by the name of Joe Klien, who in a brilliant article has the idea that the year 2010 was a waste of time.
In his own words, he starts the article with " Nothing much happened in 2010 "
He does spend just a few words reminding us of a Republican sweep, and unemployment numbers of 9.8%, and even commented on the amount of time it took Obama to get the Health Care bill passed.
Joe then moves on to the lame duck session of Congress, and thumbed his nose at the meager results, and then reminded us that not much happened overseas either.
Article here.

It amazes me how the man could keep himself awake while mustering up the shear genius to create enough content to hand over to the people at Time magazine and collect his paycheck.

Now let's just refresh, did a poll say Fox News viewers are the most uninformed ?

Roll Call, a newspaper on Capitol Hill is reporting that Nancy Pelosi is asking for donations to help combat the so called " Shadow Organizations " that are currently targeting ads against her, and the policies she helped to bring about in 2010.
Pelosi is calling for help now because these organizations are looking to repeal the progress she has made.

Wait a minute, what progress ?
Joe over there at Time magazine just wrote that nothing has happened in 2010 ?

Here is what gets me, if Fox News is so full of lies, and if they give the viewer bad information, then how is it that not one time has any type of legal action been taken and followed through ?
Why does Beck, and Hannity, and O'Riley put it out there day after day ?
Why is it that we hear about Bill Ayers, and Van Jones, and ACORN, and border violence from Fox News ?

Not much happened ?
Well, I guess that depends on weather or not you have crossed over into the sheep mentality or not.
I am contented to be hunkered down here in the middle with my own opinions.

Friday, December 17, 2010

It's Almost Over

Last night the extension of the Bush Tax plan was extended, and I learned this morning that Harry Reid had pulled the Omnibus plan from the floor.

Should we consider these Victories for Conservatives ?

Should we perhaps take a breath and relax now and enjoy the Christmas break with the knowledge that possibly with the addition of the new Republican blood that enters D.C. in a few days, things may take a turn for the better ?
What bothers me the most about our current condition, is that when any information a conservative, or someone that is not part of the "progressive " movement presents to prove that an idea is bad, a decision is wrong, or a policy will cause more damage, then the person becomes labeled as crazy, a hatemonger, a racist, and just plain attacked by the left wing machine.
Yes, Obama has been getting some time from the people on SNL, and the late night talk shows, but here we sit with an administration that promised a lot of hope and change, and now all we have is the hope for the change that is coming .
We all know what the problems are, why not just stop trying to offend and get them taken care of ?
I sit here and look at my Christmas Tree, and my two young boys getting ready to go play in the snow, and thank God that my little corner of the world is safe and secure for now, but in the back of my mind I know that there are people in Washington that do not think my opinions are credible, and that worries me, and it makes me worry for my children .
There are 14 days left until the new year, and the new crop of Republicans go to work.
It's almost over,
or is it ?
Merry Christmas

Friday, December 10, 2010

Remain Calm...All Is Well hahahahahaha

Boy howdy that pic has made a fortune.
Look at Camilla, do you think that is a staged look of fear, or is that the real thing ?
It seems that after years of extremely high taxes and nearly free education, the Government over there has decided that the Utopian society of big government tax the hell out of everybody and give them all kind of entitlements does not work, so they are going to triple the cost of tuition.
It also seems that the Democrats over there are breaking their promises, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg signed a pre-election pledge to oppose any type of tuition hike.
Just wonder if anyone sees a mirror image yet ?

Yes, he did promise to end the tax " cuts " for the rich, and accuse the Republicans of trying to remove the tax breaks for the middle class
Two years of this administration, and we get down to just days before the Christmas break to have this debate ? And with a bunch of Lame Duck's leading the way.

But let's get back to my original point, the mean, unruly protesters upset about having to pay for college.
When people find out that all the hope and change is not coming, and the super far left has had enough of the ultra slow process that the current administration has taken in getting things done, so sad : (

And whoever is really running things throws a fit because Fox news is still on the air, and Glenn Beck is still exposing them to the light of day, and we still say Merry Christmas, and go to Church, and praise God, and support our troops, and help each other, and stand strong,

Then what happens......?

Remember this old guy ?

He had a show on not long ago that I thought was slightly built up, but I checked into it.

I did find that they do exist, and I found that there are 3 within 50 miles of D.C, and 2 more just outside of Baltimore.
This is clip 1 of 6 if you have the time to watch. It starts with the LIST
I am sure we have all heard of the list the Government keeps of people that may cause problems.
There use to be a time we were afraid of getting an audit from the IRS, now we have to be afraid of Homeland Security.

Someone tell me where we live again ?

Merry Christmas

Sunday, December 5, 2010

What Brought You To This Place ?

I crossed over to the left tonight, left wing blogs that is, and stopped at a site I have been leaving some comments on.
It started because he had some cartoons of Mitch McConnell riding a military style elephant, sword in hand, and it was referencing the fact that the Republicans are taking a stand about the tax cuts.
We had some back and forth, I threw some facts and numbers at him, he attacked me and made out that I was an idiot, and I said that maybe I was a little more than he could handle, and then tipped my hat and left it at that.
Tonight, I stopped in, and saw there were comments to my defense, but I left it alone, but checked the newer post.
The post was complaining about the Republicans holding up the tax cuts, but what got me was in the comments section.
The first commenter had called people that were not following along with this " Progressive Agenda " , he was calling them ' Pigheaded ". He also talked how the new congress would find it difficult to " Radically Upset the System "
While I was reading these things, I was feeling like I had snuck into a private meeting and was reading things not meant for me to see, like a secret spy, but then it became real to me.
I see these things on the news, and I know these people exist, and I have been in forums and have had some great debate with some left wing people over issues, but for some reason when I read these words tonight, it just slapped me in the face.
I did leave a comment myself, at first, I wanted to say something just to let them know I was there, and let them know I read those words, and knew their evil plans.
But it is everywhere, it is all around us, it is slowly consuming every part of our lives, so I asked simply.........
" What brought you to this place ?
After everything every American has endured and suffered through to get to where we are today, to even allow you and I the freedom to debate who may be right or wrong, why would you allow the same threat into our Government, and our lives that our Fathers and Grandfathers fought to destroy years ago ? "
Why do they do it ?
What makes them decide that the American way of life, the same kind life that people cross oceans for, and climb fences for, and risk death for, the same way of life that affords them safety, and protection to speak, what makes it so bad that they would want to destroy it, and bring about a " Progressive Agenda "
What brought them to this place ?

" If we lose freedom here, there's no place to escape to "

Friday, December 3, 2010

Blinded By The Left

Alan Grayson, in his last days, stood on the floor and did his best to prey on the mush minds of the left wing pawns that follow this New World Order cult, and put on another show.

Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Riley, Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, he even had a chance to drag George Bush into the mix. the only thing he lacked was the spooky music, and the fog creeping in around his feet, and maybe some thunder crashing in the background.

The sad thing is, after he spent all that money on that pathetic display, in the end there was only ONE person clapping for him. Listen close, they clapped about 5 or 6 times so I think it was one of Graysons staffers that was just glad that the whole thing was over.

Grayson later came out to tell us what these horrible rich people could do with this money, like buy new Mercedes cars, or a $60,000 handbag, or some $ 56,000 bottle of wine, or my favorite, he actually said they could buy 20,000 bottles of Grey Poupon mustard ?

Is this guy for real ? Does he really think this is what life is like for those that have that kind of money ?

Well maybe he does, because it seems that good ole' Grayson is worth a cool $31,000,000.00. That's right, Grayson has some bucks too, and he has had no problem collecting that $175,000 a year from all of us every year while he was in D.C. making his posters, and you know something else, Alan Grayson has been benefiting from the SAME BUSH TAX CUTS that the Republicans have been getting since the started. I wonder how much Grey Poupon he has stashed away in his Mercedes.

Why not make a poster and let us know what you spent you tax savings on there, Alan buddy ?

Now that is interesting, because after those tax cuts went into effect we gained 307,000 + jobs in the first 6 quarters, I would guess because the mean old rich had enough capitol to hire some folks and put them to work. That sounds a lot better than an unemployment check.

People have short memories, and forget the 70's and early 80's.

Most of the people that post and comment now never had to live through the gas lines, or the trucker strikes, or the Farm tractors that went into Washington D.C.

As long as the left wing pawns put their hands out, and get something in return, they will follow, but when the rewards dry up, what will happen to them then ?

The thing about these people that Grayson accused of being so bad is that they never condemn America or it's citizens, and they lokk out after everyone, no matter who they are. Take for example Jaun Williams, when NPR cast him out, Bill O'Riley had his back.

Glenn Beck never says to turn your back on anyone, he says to prepare, and be a shelter to others.

The left prefers to attack, call names, give false information, do their business behind closed doors, and hide the truth as best that they can, and use words like " no comment " on a daily basis.

To be honest, I am not happy with either party at this time, but I continue to be optimistic, and pray that Obama will realize that the United States is still a Nation full of people that would rather be free, than be ruled and dictated.


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Spending Or Amnesty ?

Here we see Mitch McConnell from Kentucky on the floor telling the Senate of the Republican resistance against any other business until the the finances have been hammered out.

This makes sense to me, and I am sure it makes sense to millions of other Americans that have to watch as our leaders walk past us and pay no attention to what we say.

I stopped at a blogsite this morning, and saw cartoons that portrayed McConnell on an elephant outfitted for war, with swords drawn, and below it a dumbfounded liberal that was disgusted because the Republicans were doing the " same old tactics " keeping them from moving forward.

What forward direction are the Democrats trying to move in the last few days before Christmas ?

Well, for one thing, why is Harry Reid pushing the Dream Act ? And why has he laid out 4 versions of it so far ?

What would be more important to you right now ?

Repairing our economy and jobs for Americans, or Amnesty for illegal aliens ?

Senator Jeff Sessions can't be the only one that has the stones to say no to Harry Reid NO !

We need to get a handle on this now.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Why would a judge step in a block a decision that people vote against ?

Why are we even considering Sharia Law in our country ?

Wait a minute, his religious freedoms were violated ?

What about my religious freedoms and beliefs and freedoms ?

What about the fact that that as a christian, my religion has to be shoved in a closet because someone says they are offended by the words Merry Christmas ?

First off, I have to say that there is a special place in Hell for for you idiots that know better and continue to turn your back on God.

On the other hand, it is right there in our back door what these Muslim people are doing in other countries, and how they are taking control of everything. It is hard for me to sit here and believe that Americans have become that brain dead that they do not see an end to our way of life as we once knew it.

Where do we go from here ? Protests, marches, or even a call to arms ? If so, who will lead the way ? How do we reclaim our Christian way of life, and what would it take to be able to say Merry Christmas without getting an evil eye from some Liberal Jackass, not that I care anyway ?

The problem is too big for me to solve, but I hope someone can come up with something soon,


Point To The Pawns