Friday, December 17, 2010

It's Almost Over

Last night the extension of the Bush Tax plan was extended, and I learned this morning that Harry Reid had pulled the Omnibus plan from the floor.

Should we consider these Victories for Conservatives ?

Should we perhaps take a breath and relax now and enjoy the Christmas break with the knowledge that possibly with the addition of the new Republican blood that enters D.C. in a few days, things may take a turn for the better ?
What bothers me the most about our current condition, is that when any information a conservative, or someone that is not part of the "progressive " movement presents to prove that an idea is bad, a decision is wrong, or a policy will cause more damage, then the person becomes labeled as crazy, a hatemonger, a racist, and just plain attacked by the left wing machine.
Yes, Obama has been getting some time from the people on SNL, and the late night talk shows, but here we sit with an administration that promised a lot of hope and change, and now all we have is the hope for the change that is coming .
We all know what the problems are, why not just stop trying to offend and get them taken care of ?
I sit here and look at my Christmas Tree, and my two young boys getting ready to go play in the snow, and thank God that my little corner of the world is safe and secure for now, but in the back of my mind I know that there are people in Washington that do not think my opinions are credible, and that worries me, and it makes me worry for my children .
There are 14 days left until the new year, and the new crop of Republicans go to work.
It's almost over,
or is it ?
Merry Christmas


Sandee said...

I don't ever think it will be over. The system is so messed up. They do this on purpose. That's my opinion in any event. Their philosophy is to not let a crisis go by without a gain in their favor.

Have a terrific day. :)

Greg said...

I hope that the new blood coming in will actually make a change, but perhaps their hearts and desires are in the right place, but I think big money(banks, corporations, military industrial complex) have bought enough votes and power to nullify anything they might want to do.

They own votes and power on both sides of the aisle, and personally I think Obama is one of them.

Have a great Christmas...

The Painted Veil said...

I can't add to anything and say it any better than both Sandee and Greg have already done.

I do so hope you have a very Merry Christmas!!

Denford said...

I find the passion on the left/right in America quite amusing and it is interesting to see how you guys over there take these things so seriously.

But I was wondering if you saw the research results from Pew which say that FOX News viewers are the least informed and most informed Americans. There is even a list of the the "facts" that Fox News viewers believe to be true which are, apparently, not at all true.

How is this possible in the 21st Century and in a country with so much freedom of information.

I can understand that sort of thing here in Zimbabwe where the ruling party hacks off people's arms and gouges out their eyes for reading our independent newspapers like The Zimbabwe Independent, The Standard and the Financial Gazette. But in America?

How do you explain this and what are your thoughts on it