Thursday, December 2, 2010

Spending Or Amnesty ?

Here we see Mitch McConnell from Kentucky on the floor telling the Senate of the Republican resistance against any other business until the the finances have been hammered out.

This makes sense to me, and I am sure it makes sense to millions of other Americans that have to watch as our leaders walk past us and pay no attention to what we say.

I stopped at a blogsite this morning, and saw cartoons that portrayed McConnell on an elephant outfitted for war, with swords drawn, and below it a dumbfounded liberal that was disgusted because the Republicans were doing the " same old tactics " keeping them from moving forward.

What forward direction are the Democrats trying to move in the last few days before Christmas ?

Well, for one thing, why is Harry Reid pushing the Dream Act ? And why has he laid out 4 versions of it so far ?

What would be more important to you right now ?

Repairing our economy and jobs for Americans, or Amnesty for illegal aliens ?

Senator Jeff Sessions can't be the only one that has the stones to say no to Harry Reid NO !

We need to get a handle on this now.


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Sandee said...

I think they are getting a handle on this now. I'm thinking that things are swinging back to the center. We do need to focus on our national budget, the economy and mostly getting folks back to work.

As for amnesty? No way. Have a guest worker program and quit with the amnesty. You should see how many illegals are where I live. English is the second language here.

Have a terrific day. :)