Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Same Old Thing

I had to go back and look for this old pic, I used it in a few post some time ago when I was trying to make a point about some folks that just did not want to take a good look around at what was really going on in the world
Today I listened to a news report about how the Government is planning to do away with the emergency response system we have now, you know the one that interrupts the TV and radio with the loud beeping and then tells you " This is just a test "
From what I understand, we are to get special chips in our cell phones that will alert us to danger, special messages straight from the desk of Obama.
That would put them right in my pocket, capable of contacting me, and keeping track of me, maybe like a little lojack thing.
That doesn't sound like freedom, sounds like someone watching over me.
Which is why I posted my head in the sand pic.
Didn't we hear back when this Obama debacle started that our rights and liberties would be slowly chipped away ?
Didn't I use this pic to demonstrate what those that just stood by and did nothing, or followed blindly looked like ?
Hate to say I told you so.

Friday, May 6, 2011

The Praise Goes to Who ?

So with all the protesters in the streets around the world crying for justice because Bin Laden was killed, how much longer will it be before Obama blames Bush for what happened ?
They have blamed him for everything else, we might as well believe that when the retribution starts it will all be laid at GW's doorstep.

Everything that led to the SEAL's dropping into that compound started with what Bush had built, Obama did nothing more than turn the key.
These people are taking a joyride thanks to someone else's plans and policies.

You want to leave Bush out of what happened, and continue to think that he is an idiot or a war criminal, that's your choice.

The evidence is there for all to see that the interrogation technique's worked, and Gitmo did it's job,
and whatever secret, behind the scenes thing that went on worked.

People cheer that Bin Laden is dead, but it didn't happen overnight.

For that matter, we don't even know if it did happen.

Look at it from a common sense, down to earth point of view. I sit here and I watch a neat and tidy package get handed to me that seems to get looked at and disposed of, and then I am told I am not allowed to even see a picture to even confirm what I have been told.

Who would believe any of this in the first place ?

The best part is we have not heard a straight story from the White House from the beginning, and as far as I am concerned, Geraldo Rivera broke the story because when the announcement was made Obama was going to tell the U.S. something, and held the television stations hostage for over an hour, I heard the reports on Fox News that bin Laden was dead.

Was that a plan, or did the White House have to come up with a good speech ?

Maybe Obama just wanted to screw with Trump and his show so we couldn't find out who got kicked off.

I think the women lost, and the model was fired.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

When Does The Race Card Get Maxed Out ?

Really Tavis ?

The only thing I agree with here is the fact that the next election will be nasty and ugly. As far as racist, you can be sure the Dems will be flashing the race card at every opportunity

I would really like to know what Joy Bonehead did in a past life to carry this much guilt around that she can defend every action and statement made by Obama.

Whether or not you believe in the birth certificate theories, in my opinion the fact that so much time and energy and money was wasted keeping it out of public view tends to send a message that something is wrong. The same thought goes for College records and writings why work so hard to keep Obama's past and his ideas and values away from the American people ?

How can Joy make the claim about Obama's overwhelming brilliance when she has no clue as to anything he said or wrote while in school ?

Whoopi started out making a good point, and she was on the right track, but lost me when she went off on her tangent saying Trump is causing the rest of the world to laugh at us because he called Obama out over the birth certificate.

Are you kidding me ? After she said herself that if he would have done this a long time ago we would not be going through this Birther ordeal, and admitted Trump deserved some credit, but still had to call the entire thing racial.

Alongside this video, I see this response to Trumps news conference

So this is what it comes down to, our Country will distracted by a race war while China creeps in and takes everything we have, and we slip into a communistic way of life, the end of America, right ?

Let me send a message to Whoppi, and Baratun, and the rest of the idiots that can't help but continue to ride around on that tired old train, it really is time to get off and take a look around.

Our Nation, our Freedom, and our way of life is being attacked from all sides, and allowing people to use racism to keep us from the truth is a tactic the left is using to their advantage.

It does not take courage to point a finger and accuse racism, it takes courage to make a stand knowing you could be labeled a racist, or worse.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Poor Alan Colmes

I watched Alan Colmes choke on his responses to Bill O'Riley last night about Obama's choice of a church for an Easter sermon.

Instead of answering any of the questions regarding the Rev. Wallace Smith, and his obvious racial views, Colmes did his best to accuse O'Riley of attacking Obama, saying that the Right Wing only looks to create a controversy with every move Obama makes.

Well, from what I have read and heard from the Rev. Wallace Smith, he would have us to believe that the criticism and activities that will affect our lives that comes from talk radio and the programs on Fox News are Racially motivated.

This man went on to name Rush Limbaugh as a threat, and labeled him as one of those that spew hate and send others to go off and commit even more heinous acts.

The best part I have read about his comments are the ones he made concerning the Ku Klux Klan, and how they were inclined to wear white sheets to scare the black man because they were supposed to be afraid of ghosts.

The only ghost Wallace forgot to mention was that members of the Democratic party founded the White Knights, and have continued their membership to this day.

Now, that being said, and with a little insight into the man standing in the pulpit preaching to Obama and his family, what message does that send to me, a regular white man that has no signs of a hood anywhere near me ?

Well, thinking back to what happened with Jeremiah Wright, I would think Obama may have a problem with us good old boys.

I also have to think about most of the folks that expose the wrongs being committed on our Country, and then watch them get labeled as a racist, and wonder if Barrack is not leaning back in his chair laughing because the real issue is being ignored.

Now back to Alan, instead of meeting O'Riley head on about the views of this preacher, Colmes opted to accuse Bill of trying to attack Obama, and shift the debate to a tried and true left wing argument.

I think if Poor Alan Colmes would spend as much energy debating the real questions, instead of always playing the race card, or going back to Bush, Hannity may let him back on the show

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Where Has The PC Got Us ?

Where will all this wonderful political correctness get us ? Is it a valuable commodity in our society, or a tool used to manipulate people into thoughts or actions that they otherwise would not have come to on their own ? Is Political Correctness used to manipulate freedom of speech, meaning that a persons views or thoughts could be stifled for fear of being labeled incorrect by today's left wing standards ? I wonder just who it is that sets the guidelines for these PC rules, and who decides where the lines in the sands get drawn when it comes to all this correctness, and I have to think that eventually the lines will eventually be drawn right into my living room, and right next to the chair that I sit at typing this post, and soon, come between my keyboard and myself because I have offended someone or some group of people because I do not share their same views. I will let you folks in on something, according to the polls I read, and from what I see the people posting over at the left wing blogs, I am only in a 49% to 51% group of people that share the same views, so I am sure I offend someone at least 48% of the time. So what does all this mean, and with everything going on, why cry about PC stuff today ? Well, the American people have said NO to a lot of things in the last 3 years, we have expressed our fears and concerns to the Government and the White House. We went to the polls and did our best to send some fresh blood to D.C. hoping it would help turn things around, but it didn't seem to help. To speak out will either fall on deaf ears, or get you labeled racist, loony, or just stupid. I am sure you know how the Birth certificate thing went
We know what the problems are here in the United States, but there are some folks that would rather ignore it, and use Political Correctness to end all discussion about what is wrong and what needs to be done to fix it.

I need to look up from my screen to see how close the "line " is to me now, and it may be a good idea for you to take a look and see how close the PC line is to you.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Government Shutdown

With all the talk of the Government shutdown, and the finger pointing that has been going on, why even listen to what anything these morons have to say ? I think Allen West has some credibility. He was on Greta last night, and what he said and the way he said things was very different from the other leaders in charge of our future (please excuse the poor video) When asked about the shutdown, he gave an honest and direct answer that told us all that a few key Democrats were were stonewalling, and he also said that we had to remember with a budget for the 111th Congress The left can say what they want, but this new group of Republicans that entered D.C this year mean business, and I think the more time they spend there, the more they will find that will embarrass the leaders on both sides of the isle. The best part about all of this is Obama launched his re-election bid on Monday. Are you kidding me ? Really ?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Right Wing Day

First off, I spent my time with an egg sandwich and this...

Come on now Kieth, pull it together.
You know that is a line of crap.
Didn't you think anyone would look up your story after you told it in front of millions of people ?
Sit down and blow your nose.

Sheila Jackson Lee, now this was one of the best.
She claimed the Constitution was hurting, the living and breathing document was in pain.
Well I guess so after everything that was done to it after the health care ordeal
She mentioned something about the Klan, maybe because a white man had crossed the politically correct line and started a discussion about Radical Islam, well she is a Democrat, why can't she tell us what the Klan is up to these days ?
She wants to question those that oppose the Jewish faith ? Duh !
Did she read the sign on the way in ?
And what was that about Muslims that are hovering and scared ? Maybe the ones in the back of a truck coming across the border into Arizona. Just because they are taught from birth to kill anyone that does not believe what they believe gives me no reason to look at them any differently than anyone else, they are normal folks, right ?
S.J.Lee went off at the end of this and called out the Muslims on the panel, and the ones testifying and said it was a waste of time because everyone was doing what needed to be done.
I ask again, did she have any idea what the hearing was about ?
It was about the Radicalization of Muslim communities and their involvement.
The hearing was to point out where problems were in the Muslim community and get control of them now before it is too late.
Yes, there is a problem in the Muslim community, and there are Radical Muslims looking to destroy and kill American People.
They are actively recruiting people from all walks of life, and all religions, and it is a Global problem

When are Americans going to get some common sense and take a real look at what is going on ?
How much longer are we going to allow idiots like Lee and the rest of her Liberal friends run us into the ground ?
How much longer can we hold out until a real change is made ?
Thank God for people like Peter King, and Governor Walker in Wisconsin.
At least these guys have the stones to stand up for what is right

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Survey Says....

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death...
and the valley of the left wing goobers

I was out and about reading some of the left wing blogs and past by the the First Door on The Left, who I think could be an intelligent individual if not so misguided.
He had jumped on the New York Times poll concerning cutting pay and benefits to reduce state budget deficits, and a second poll that asked about taking away collective bargaining rights from public employee unions.
He stated that Republicans do not listen to the people, and also stated that the voters had signs of remorse now over electing Walker.
Naturally I had to comment on his great skills of following the herd, and further explained that the real " poll " had been taken when the people from Wisconsin decided to elect Walker as Governor and to make a change, which is what is happening now.
The Times poll had taken opinions from everyone, and made sure it got opinions from certain demographics, meaning that the majority of those polled were from union homes, and not registered voters.
Hmmmmm, Can you say skewed ?
Bill O'Riley used a poll Thursday night in his talking points that had the reverse outcome, and used only registered voters.
What does this all mean ? Well, it could tell us, one more time that the main stream media is incredibly slanted, but we know that, it could tell us that they would rather lie to us to help get an agenda across, but we know that too.
The problem is, less than 50% of the Nation has not caught on to what is going on yet, and that forty something percent is making life hell for the rest of us and will cause a lot of damage for years to come.
This forty something percent, when it all hits the fan, will be the ones hiding in the closet with no food, and torn dirty clothes, looking up at us asking " what happened ? "

Friday, February 25, 2011

Backfire At The View

Apologize ?

Really ?

You know, the more that these blow hard hens bring on guest's with the intention to discredit and humiliate, and use the same ignorance to do so as the rest of the left wing media, the easier it is to see why we have a minority group of Americans still drinking the Kool-Aid.

Bill O'Riley would not give in, and he got 2 of them to walk out.

Dandy Don held his ground and told them how it was, and big bad Joy seemed as if she would take him back to her place for a drink after the show.

Lets face it, the left had a good run, they scared us a little, knocked over a few tables, and even broke my favorite coffee cup, but they are on the ropes right now and will swing at anything they can.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Beck Protesters

Did you see the people outside of Glenn Beck's show today protesting ?

The Unions are going after Fox News now.

They have the sheep going after them too...

This is good to see, and in the coming months, it will get worse, but what the left needs to realize is that many Americans got the slap in the back of the head, and used their vote last November to begin to fix some of the problems we are having.

I am not saying the problems began in 2008, but I will say we have been digging a hole for a long time, and now we need to look for a way out.

From this side of the fence, I have listened to laughter and ridicule, and have been dismissed when any kind of political debate had entered the conversation. It seems now that those that just shrugged off my ideas and opinions are now rethinking their own views and are now interested in my thoughts.

Many people that gave Glenn Beck the finger a year ago find it hard to argue with what he had outlined then, and what he is trying to report now. Weather you like him or not, he gives an hour of content every day, and it is displayed on the Fox News website, and all over YouTube, and the only criticism he gets is if he sheds a tear or screams to much.

Stop playing the loon card, and instead of chanting Fox Lies, Fox Lies, spell it out.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and every opinion is up for debate, but FACT is FACT !

I believe what I research for myself, and I think the media in general has let us all down. With everything that is available to us today, the American people should have not have to question what the truth is when it comes to a " transparent " Government.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Watch Those Guys


That is what it has come to.

The left desperately wants the right to show signs of violence, and wants the Tea Party to somehow rise up and start to engage in destruction and revolution, but no, they have not even turned over a trash can

We have seen left wing, Democratic supporters attack people, destroy property, and even cause physical damage to the point to where people were hospitalized.

Few were criminally charged and then ushered out the back, some were not even held accountable.

But the spotlight still shines on the " explosive " right wing and what they are about to do.

Let me say, your damn right !

I watched today as real people gathered today in Wisconsin to back Governor Walker, and to say enough is enough. To say that when they voted for the Republicans, they voted for fiscal responsibility, and looks like Walker and the other Republicans will stay strong.

Unions may provide some help to workers, but when they take advantage and abuse power they should be dismantled.

Do I stand with the workers ? No, when we are exposed financially as we are right now, everyone needs to make a sacrifice.

You can't carry a sign to Tax The Rich when you yourself are unwilling to offer a contribution yourself.

Many of these problems could be sorted out if it were not for the uninformed notions from the likes of Bill Maher, and Mike Tate, and Lena Taylor, and many of the left leaning media outlets and bloggers, but they have become blinded by a socialist agenda and some kind of redistribution theory. The funny thing about their ideas are they refuse to practice what they want everyone to follow, for example, under redistribution, I am sure Maher would not have to go far from his fancy home to find someone with less than himself so that he could even things out, and I am sure some of those lefty bloggers could make room down in the basement and share some Cheetos's with someone less fortunate than themselves.

Maybe what they could do is allow a few illegals to stay at their homes for a few weeks while they worked under the table to get some cash to send back and get more family to bring here, and then, well, you know how giving and caring and generous the left wing people are.

But anyway, Go Walker !

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

In The Real World

Sometimes you just have to walk away.
The past few days I have been watching the attacks from the left from everything concerning Ronald Reagan, to what Glenn Beck has to say about the events in Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood, and how Bill O'Riley handled the Obama interview.
I find it useless to complain because the lines in America have been drawn out and for one reason or the other, people have chosen their side and refuse to have any reasonable debate or compromise on whats really happening.
Instead of looking for the truth, people resort to attacking anything that is said that could damage their own credibility, and allow things to happen that would destroy our way of life in the end.
Some of the loudest screamers from the left about how bad the U.S. is, and the first in line that stand up for the Muslims enjoy everything America has to offer and takes advantage of a capitalistic lifestyle.
Under Sharia law, do people really believe that their way of life would exist the way it does now ?
When all the wealth gets " spread around " will these people still enjoy their their homes and possessions, or will they give them up to someone else and settle for less ?
I hope they don't get hungry and reach for a piece of bread that's not theirs, they might get their hand chopped off.
Better watch those booty calls too, might find some rocks coming at your head.
Land of the free,
Home of the brave,
We still are out here in the real world, away from the concrete and the buildings.
I just need to throw my line and listen to my boys talk for a little while.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Question Of Hate

Tonight on the big pre-game interview with Obama and O'Riley, Bill asked Obama how he felt about the people that hated him.
Basically, Obama answer was that people hated him because they did not know him.
I went back to Youtube when the game started and listened to the interview again, taking care to listen to that answer again, and I just find it difficult that Bill would let it go.
I understand that they were on a time limit, and I am sure there were restrictions on how far he could go with his questions, but Obama says that some people hate him because they don't know him ?
This coming from someone that has spent considerable effort concealing school and college records, having web pages and video scrubbed from the net, distancing himself from the people that launched his political career only to sneak them into his administration through other organizations, and lets not not get get into ties to SEIU, and A.C.O.R.N, and possibly the weather underground.
Your right Obama, we don't know you.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Health Care Ruling

I sat back in a medicated state as Obama wasted another hour of my time giving the State of the Union, and I listened to, and read all of the responses from both sides commenting about how wonderful the speech was, and how is was just a rehash of last years.
Some time has passed, and I am feeling a little better now, and I waited along with millions of other Americans for a ruling on the Health Care bill in Florida.
I did suspect that certain parts would be deemed unconstitutional, but never thought that the entire bill would be thrown out.
As always, I eagerly search out the responses from the left, just to find what excuse they will use for defeat, and it seems that the majority are calling it an act of " Republican Judicial Activism "
I remember when the Health Care debate was going on, and the big question was where in the Constitution does it say that the Government provide Health Care.
It looks like the question finally got answered.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Getting Back To Myself

Way back in May of '08, my life changed.
I had pulled a 10 hour day at my job installing underground power and telephone lines and was on my way to the house for some supper, and then maybe take the boys to the beach.
While I sat at a red light, 3 cars back, someone in a bigger hurry than me had dropped their phone and had reached into the passenger floorboard to get it. When they came back up to the wheel at 55 miles an hour, there I was, still waiting for the light to change.
At the hospital, I got the typical examination, and was prescribed some muscle relaxers and told to see my doctor as soon as possible.
I had never really been sick or hurt a day in my life, and other than the DOT physicals required to drive the heavy trucks at work, I had never had a doctor, so I picked one from the list given to me at the hospital.
For a little over a year, this doctor had done nothing more than prescribe muscle relaxers, pain pills, and physical therapy, which did absolutely nothing, and when I questioned or complained, the doctors response was to increase my dosage of pain pills.
I know for some folks,they may be thinking, hell yeah ! but this was just not me, and I refused to think that pills were going to be a part of the rest of my life.
I found another doctor, away from the hospital and the city, closer to where I live, and the first time I went to see him, he let me talk, and let me have a chance to explain that I was not happy with where my current repair was headed.
Thankfully I met my current Doctor, because I sit here this morning actually feeling a little better.
I went under the knife on my lower back a week ago, and I am still recovering from that, but the Doctor that did the work told me if he had seen me sooner, the damage would not be as bad.
I heard the same story from the doctor that is scheduled to repair my neck, that if I had come in sooner there would be less damage.
Why do I bore all of you with my troubles today ?
Well, with all the problems concerning health care, I think the quality that some will get will be shame full.
I was trusting, more than I should have been, with my first doctor and it cost me some real damage, and it has also cost me financially.
There are many who would be happy to remain drugged up, I wanted to be fixed.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Is It Time To Wake Up Yet ?

Happy New Year !

I guess it is about time to rub the crusties out of our eyes and grab a big cup of coffee and get ourselves ready for the next few months worth of finger pointing and name calling.

It is now time to watch as John Boehner slides the well worn chair of Nancy Pelosi aside and attempt to make good on those promises that he and the Republicans laid out to us just a short time ago.

In one way or another, they plan to choke the life from Obamacare, they plan to revive our private sector by reducing the size of Government, and they plan on changing their own rules to make it harder to spend tax dollars.

From my side of aisle, I think some of that hope and change we heard about just may make it up to D.C., but I still remain cautious of an early smile until I see some kind of positive result.

Darrell Issa said Sunday that the Obama administration was one of the most corrupt

This piece is a little long, but very interesting.

It seems that there will be no shortage of work for lawyers or accountants at the White House.
I wonder how the liberal media will spin this ?