Wednesday, February 9, 2011

In The Real World

Sometimes you just have to walk away.
The past few days I have been watching the attacks from the left from everything concerning Ronald Reagan, to what Glenn Beck has to say about the events in Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood, and how Bill O'Riley handled the Obama interview.
I find it useless to complain because the lines in America have been drawn out and for one reason or the other, people have chosen their side and refuse to have any reasonable debate or compromise on whats really happening.
Instead of looking for the truth, people resort to attacking anything that is said that could damage their own credibility, and allow things to happen that would destroy our way of life in the end.
Some of the loudest screamers from the left about how bad the U.S. is, and the first in line that stand up for the Muslims enjoy everything America has to offer and takes advantage of a capitalistic lifestyle.
Under Sharia law, do people really believe that their way of life would exist the way it does now ?
When all the wealth gets " spread around " will these people still enjoy their their homes and possessions, or will they give them up to someone else and settle for less ?
I hope they don't get hungry and reach for a piece of bread that's not theirs, they might get their hand chopped off.
Better watch those booty calls too, might find some rocks coming at your head.
Land of the free,
Home of the brave,
We still are out here in the real world, away from the concrete and the buildings.
I just need to throw my line and listen to my boys talk for a little while.

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Sandee said...

I find the left, for the most part, the most hateful folks on the planet. Yet they talk about peace, and love and not judging anyone. I have kicked all the libtards to the curb a long time ago and my life is peaceful again.

As for Islam? The religion of hate and intolerance. Period.

Have a terrific day. :)