Monday, June 22, 2009

Wake Up Bob

Hey there Bob !

Not just any Bob, but the Bob that thinks I have a lot to learn

You know who you are, and I have got to sound the alarm for you because the Kool-Aid induced wonderland that you live in is keeping you from having a good look at our Nation and all the bad people that surround us

I can only think that you believe the actions of North Korea will just go away ? And do you think that what is happening in Iran will just end and everyone will go back to their daily lives ?

I can also imagine that in your mind, that Obama and our Government can make all our decisions for us, feed us, give us clothes to wear, keep us healthy, and even give us a job, right ?

I guess that would be OK for you and all the other Obama zombies out there, but I am a grown man, and for years I have managed to take care of myself and my family without the help of our Government. I can make my own decisions, and think that DC should clean their own house and stay out of mine.

I also think that if a person wants to represent this country, they should represent all of us, not just the ones that scream out from the left

That being said, as far as North Korea goes, in my opinion we have been threatened.

We have been slapped in the face more than once and all we have done is walk away
People in Iran took to the streets to protest what they knew was a bad election and a bad government, and our leaders offer nothing
Like many, I am sick and tired of our soldiers having to be the worlds policemen, but maybe it is time to stop being cops and go back to being soldiers. If we go to fight, then lets fight and get rid of the political correctness, get rid of having to ask Congress for permission to do something, and let the men and women that know how to fight do what they have to do.

No, I do not want Obama to declare war on North Korea, but at least make a stand that can show these people that this dog still has some bite

Lets remember Bob, and all the other zombies that may have read this far into my post, that this is the greatest nation on earth, and what our fathers and grandfathers, and great grandfathers fought for, and lets remember the men and women that stand watch for you 24 hours a day so that you can be free

Wake up Bob, and all the others that stand behind a leader with an open hand, because if you stop defending what we have, it will be lost forever

Just think.................

Monday, June 8, 2009

12 Freakin Years ? Anyone Mad Now ?

Why is this piece of crap still walking around ? Why do we allow him to intimidate the United States with his nuclear testing, and missile launches ?
When will we, as Americans, be outraged enough to demand action towards him ?

What if he took 2 American women, charge them with some bogus crimes, give them a so called trial, and then announce to the world that they will be spending the next 12 years in a " reform through labor " sentence ??

I wonder if the South Koreans did more to keep this from happening

Here ya go Superbama, here is your chance to show the world you have some balls.
I don't care who you are connected with, Democrat, Republican, Independent, or just standing on the sidelines afraid to say the wrong thing, this has got to be the last straw
This whiney, teary eyed, peace and love attitude has got to end.

Friday, June 5, 2009

No More Stereotypes

I have been watching as the media has been reporting on the historic speech Obama gave
I also noticed that now that the rules on Obama's past have changed
During the election, if you were to use his middle name, or call out his Muslim past, you would be attacked and branded a racist,
It seemed ok for B.O. to bring it all out the past few days.
I knew before he was elected about his past, and like many others did what I could to call attention to it, but the Kool-Aid was just to tasty for most people
I have also been reading, and listening as B.O. tells us that Iran should have nuclear technology because they are running out of energy over there
The Kool-Aid zombies here think it is great that he is reaching out an open hand to Iran and these other countries, and doing his best to be friends
Who cares if the leader of Iran believes his God lives in a well and will not come out until he covers the land with death and fire
Everyone has a right to their religious belief. The people over there are human beings, and should be treated the way we expect to be treated, right ?
Let's have a look..............

This is how they treat their own people, this is what they call justice.
These are the human beings that call us the devil
B.O. says we need to end the stereotypes, end the violence, and bring peace.
Are we really going to be friends with a group of people like this ?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Thinking Out Loud

Holder thinks it is just OK to stand at a voting site with a weapon and possibly intimidate people

Others think it is just fine that a Latina woman is capable of better legal decisions than a white male
Is it possible that they could be correct ?
Well, maybe
Back when the United States was being created, regular men were working together to build the greatest nation on earth
Farmers, surveyors, tobacconist's, water men, just regular people that were willing to take a stand against what they thought was wrong.
They created laws right from Gods word, and prayed for strength and guidance
What is the difference between the founders, and the lawmakers we have now ?
Would any take to arms to defend our nation ?
Would any sacrifice what they have to better Country ?
Would any stand up and point out a corrupt member ?

Whites are all racist ?
Really ?
It is a lot easier to yell racist, than to take responsibility for problems in our Nation,
It seems to creep in more and more everyday
I am beginning to think that there is an agenda in the White House that could not be so good for me.
Yup, I am a white, good ole boy, and I live back in the sticks.
This is still my America too