Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Thinking Out Loud

Holder thinks it is just OK to stand at a voting site with a weapon and possibly intimidate people

Others think it is just fine that a Latina woman is capable of better legal decisions than a white male
Is it possible that they could be correct ?
Well, maybe
Back when the United States was being created, regular men were working together to build the greatest nation on earth
Farmers, surveyors, tobacconist's, water men, just regular people that were willing to take a stand against what they thought was wrong.
They created laws right from Gods word, and prayed for strength and guidance
What is the difference between the founders, and the lawmakers we have now ?
Would any take to arms to defend our nation ?
Would any sacrifice what they have to better Country ?
Would any stand up and point out a corrupt member ?

Whites are all racist ?
Really ?
It is a lot easier to yell racist, than to take responsibility for problems in our Nation,
It seems to creep in more and more everyday
I am beginning to think that there is an agenda in the White House that could not be so good for me.
Yup, I am a white, good ole boy, and I live back in the sticks.
This is still my America too


Josh said...

As a white guy in America today, I also feel the strain.

While some may be quick to say that I'm full of it, have nothing to worry about, or am misreading the lay of the land, I have to say otherwise.

A large part is liberalism is guilt. The further America pushes toward a progressive (California-like) society, the more of our citizens begin to buy into the ideology and start believing in guilt as a healing tool.

Liberal guilt is a dangerous thing. It forgives crimes--small and large--if the criminal can somehow be depicted a victim. It refuses to hold anyone accountable to themselves in terms of personal responsibility, because blaming others is such a weapon in society. And it allows self-loathing and fear to take the place of justice.

This is why the majority race in this nation is held accountable for having larger numbers, time and again. Liberal guilt mandates that minorities be pandered to because of America's past.

Ironically, there's never enough pandering that can be done to take place of the past, and so long as we attempt to cleanse ourselves, we further separate the races by dishing out entitlements and different standards based on skin tone.

But this doesn't matter to those inflicted with liberal guilt. They will crush 200-million Americans to simply feel better about themselves.

When it comes to Obama's, Holder's, and the like's "true" intentions, I can't be sure. It would be speculation.

However, it is seeming more and more like being white is automatically a strike.

And I perfectly understand that things were (and still are in some circles) like this for minorities, and WAY, WAY worse once. But the way to move past that is to remove the shoe completely, not simply put it on the other foot.


Da Old Man said...

This is like a novel. I can't believe what they are doing to this country.

Lauren said...

This is the begining of a civil war. Sad sad truth. People need to do something about this now, at this level so that it won't have to go to a war level later on. Because I'm not going to live in a nation over run by Muslims and under a racist president who calls us a Muslim nation. Which is the most idiotic idiological conclusion anyway. Because if it's about numbers than we are a Christian nation, but he just say we weren't.

Malcolm said...

I hope that we can hear from Eric Holder regarding his ruling in the Black Panther case because it needs to be explained.

As for the Sotomayor controversy surrounding the "wise Latina woman" comment, you know how I feel about that because you commented on my post (thanks by the way).

Regarding the clip of Obama saying "whites are all racist", do you think there's a possibility (even a slight one) that the comment is taken out of context?

Bob said...

That statement in the video was taken out of context for sure. Why is there no more audio to it? To The Old Man, Who are you referring to? when you say "I can't believe what they are doing to this country" I hope it's not the black people and I know it's not the Democrats. Oh!I know! you must mean the Republicans.

babygirl said...

your right he shouldnt of said whites are racist if in fact he said it i doubt he did but if he didnt he should of said all replublicans are racist
yes your racist because its all about you and forget anyone else forget the poor forget the children as long as your on top if your ran the country i could how you would do it all of us left siders would be on an island somewhere while you right siders took over and whos the one in a gang yes it might not be the bloods or crips gang but its the lets take over the world and get rid of the democrats gang. see we dont want to take over the world we just want to survive and be with are family's were just protecting ourselves so were not pushed off in an island somewhere we never tried to rule the world we just try to make it a better place