Friday, June 5, 2009

No More Stereotypes

I have been watching as the media has been reporting on the historic speech Obama gave
I also noticed that now that the rules on Obama's past have changed
During the election, if you were to use his middle name, or call out his Muslim past, you would be attacked and branded a racist,
It seemed ok for B.O. to bring it all out the past few days.
I knew before he was elected about his past, and like many others did what I could to call attention to it, but the Kool-Aid was just to tasty for most people
I have also been reading, and listening as B.O. tells us that Iran should have nuclear technology because they are running out of energy over there
The Kool-Aid zombies here think it is great that he is reaching out an open hand to Iran and these other countries, and doing his best to be friends
Who cares if the leader of Iran believes his God lives in a well and will not come out until he covers the land with death and fire
Everyone has a right to their religious belief. The people over there are human beings, and should be treated the way we expect to be treated, right ?
Let's have a look..............

This is how they treat their own people, this is what they call justice.
These are the human beings that call us the devil
B.O. says we need to end the stereotypes, end the violence, and bring peace.
Are we really going to be friends with a group of people like this ?


Sandee said...

I've always believed BHO was a Muslim. I still do. These people are not practicing the religion of peace. Not one bit.

Have a terrific day and weekend. :)

Harrison said...

I think it is good he is reaching out but I think he is reaching too far. he is also not being fair. How can he say on the one hand the US can't dictate another government's policies but on the other tell Israel to stop building settlements? Isn't that dictating another government's policies? Where's the love?

Da Old Man said...

He can't get them to admit Israel has a right to exist. That would be enough to swing much of the world opinion. Yet, they refuse.

Yeah, they sound so reasonable.

Which font do I use for sarcasm?

Josh said...

We're supposed to be extorted into submission in order to switch to clean, renewable energy like wind and solar, but a country that's threatened to exterminate another is being URGED to develop nuclear technology?

Am I reading this right?

And people said Obama wasn't qualified to be a president. Boy were they stupid!

Bob said...

Obama has no Muslim past. He's been a Christian his whole life. Quit spreading lies.

Bob said...

Did you miss something? How about the truth?

Da Old Man said...

I get sick of hearing that the bad ones are "the few radicals."

Just one per cent of one per cent of millions equals a hell of a lot of them.

And they have a long history of aggressive behavior, none of which seems to be different, now.

They announce Israel has no right to exist, then want nuclear capability "Just to produce electric power."

Build a windmill.

The BoBo said...

Apparently, the lesson was not learned from Clinton's deals with the North Koreans. You give a nutjob nuclear power - and that nutjob is going to build nuclear weapons.

But - as you pointed out - there are a helluva lot of BO zombies out there right now. By the time any of these people wake up - it will be under the light of an Iranian nuke headed our way.

Bob said...

You think Obama wants to be friends with Iran? I think not. Have you ever heard of diplomacy? Maybe you think Bushe's policy of calling Iran one of the 3 axis of evil worked. Most will tell you it didn't work. We need to try tell this country we aren't out to destroy it, rather we would rather give peace a chance.

Harrison said...

Obama said it was fine for Iran to get nukes. That is one of many errors he made in his speech.

Bob said...

Harrison, when you say nukes, do you mean nuclear weapons or do you mean nuclear energy? Nuclear energy is what Obama said was fine for Iran t have, not nuclear bombs.

Bob said...

Oh yeah to Sandee, only very ignorant people believe that. That means you're an ignoramus.