Thursday, May 20, 2010

Go Back Home Felipe

Are you kidding me ?

Shut up, and get your ass back across the border and worry about your own Country.

Why in the world are we allowing this guy to come into our house and make any comment about any law we make ? What has happened to us ?

Is this what you left wing idiots enjoy ? And not just the Dems, all you stupid left wing, spread the wealth, let the Government control your life, Bow down to other Countries, Spend all of our children's and grand children's futures, left wing nutballs enjoy ?

A third rate leader from a Country that refuses to make life better for it's own people, that has laws in place for illegal immigrants that are worse than any law we have here in the states, to stand up in OUR HOUSE and belittle us ?

I am ashamed for our Country, and ashamed for anyone that can justify what this so called " Leader " said.

Allowing something like this to take place in OUR Government, and to stand and applaud his words is an outrage.

This gives new meaning to throw the bums out

Monday, May 17, 2010

La Raza My Ass

I am completely sick of all the debate of what happened in Arizona.
The Federal Government dropped the ball, and has not bothered to pick it up for years, so the Governor, and people took it upon themselves to do something about the growing border problem.
It is illegal to enter into this country without the proper documentation, and it is against the law to be in this country on a visa without your documentation.
In my state, it does not matter what race you are, if you are up to something, and a deputy stops you to take a closer look to see what is going on, he will ask you for your ID.
Whats the problem ?
Where is that violating any racial boundaries ?
If you are not doing anything you are not supposed to be doing, you should not have a problem.
I am legal, I have a license, and have no problem producing what is needed to prove it, and be on my way, and I am happy that the deputy would take the time to check something out, instead of looking the other way.
Have you ever heard the phrase " Me thinks though dost protest to much " ?
I guess that's how it goes, but why all the screaming about allowing the deputies to get a handle on this immigrant situation ? No one ever said lock the doors to the U.S., all we want is to control how they come in, and to know who they are.
You don't leave your front door open to the world do you ? Well, why is that ?
Could it be that just maybe there could be some that you would not feel comfortable with sitting next to on the couch with watching Leno ?
You know it's the truth, there are people that you would not allow in your house, and there are people that we do not need in our house, our Country.
If you want to stand up and show support for Obama, and his crazy radical views, you can find something more credible than the illegal immigration thing, like global warming.....
Oh yeah, that got squashed.
Well then, maybe the way he handled the stimulus money.......
Yeah, that kinda sucked too.
Jobs ?
Thats a bust.
Oh well, have some hope, I hear he can shoot some basketball

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Obama Supporters

Boy did you guys screw up.
I won't even ask what you were thinking, because I am sure you had some good intentions, but now that most of the smoke has cleared, and the crap is becoming more clear, what have you got to say for yourselves now ?
There really is no sense in playing the I told you so game, and I won't point any fingers, but come on now, it really is time to admit that this administration is a radical nightmare.
People have been screaming what a loon Glenn Beck is, and about all the lies and hate he spews on a daily basis.
Just wondering how many of you caught this clip.........

The voice of reason.............
I just wonder what else he was right about.
You know, for that matter, how much have we all been right about ?
You know, all of us racist, hatefull, uneducated teabaggin' redneck right wingers ?
We sit back and watch all this unfold in front of us, we watch as our liberties get trampled.
We watch as a principal at a taxpayer funded school tells a couple boys to turn their shirts inside out because it has an American Flag on it.
We stand by as a symbol for Veterans, a Cross, gets " stolen " from a bolted and welded foundation, and then told someone maybe took it for scrap. This just days after the courts decided that it was legal for it to stand, as if their decision was needed.

A teacher has a problem with God Bless America, but praises another student for a Barry Obama picture ?
Lets face it, Obama has turned this Country upside down, and his followers are dangerous, radical people, but there is some light at the end of the tunnel.
I say this because I do not think that the sitting back and complaining will last much longer.
I do not think the passive demonstrations will continue much longer.
I think that true Americans will only be pushed so far

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

White Powder In AZ

I was watching a report that an envelope was found in Jan Brewers office that contained a "white powder "
That's real clever, wonder who will be blamed for that.
Is there any way the Obama media can spin it as the violent Tea Party people sending a message ?
Thank God Arizona had the stones to set this law into motion, and hopefully more states will follow their lead.
More should be done to remove the criminal illegals that have invaded our country,
Say what you wish, call any name you like, but they are criminal

The race card does not apply here, this has to do with laws that everyone has to follow. If you want to live and work in the United States, then do it the right way.
If you have to sneak in, if you stay here after you have crossed the border without working to register, or apply for a visa, then you are breaking the law, and more than likely engaged in other types of criminal activity.
As far as I am concerned, the protesters should be checked for their status, and transportation should be available for those that oppose the safety of our nation to Mexico.
That way they can see first hand how foreigners in their country without the proper paperwork are dealt with.
You left wing idiots need to stick your heads in a bucket of ice water and wake up

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Walkout Worth Watching

Even though this will not get the credit that it deserves, I think it was worth watching.

I cant even think why we let this idiot on a plane to come over here. Don't we have a no fly list or something ? I am sure his name has made it to the top.

I did look for something good to post about today, something positive, but I cant find anything besides this.

I can also report that the left wing media is still attached to Barry's leg. and from my blog hopping this morning, the left wing bloggers are still humping away at his leg too.

I really need to lash out and do a good long rant about what a bunch of idiots the left are, but I have come to find out something very important

They already know.

They really do. That's why they are on the defensive 24/7. That's why they attack everyone that throws the facts at them.

You notice that they never fight back with facts, the just attack back with personal attacks, or call them racists, or go after their family.

Never do the bring the facts to the table when they go after Glenn Beck, or Rush Limbaugh, or Bill O'Riley. They just call names, and poke fun.

I have made a few posts here, and had the passing left wing loon stop in and bash me. I have the feature enabled here that allows all comments to be posted on my site to prove that I do not censor any ones views. when I was bashed, was I called on the facts I posted ?


Just called a racist, or just plain misinformed.

Well then left wing, inform me. Whats going on ? I am still waiting for proof that racist words were used when the health care bill was signed.

You didn't make that up did you ?

You know what would really would make me happy ? Just once, just one time, I wish someone would call out that damn Glenn Beck.

I wish one of you would take one of his chalkboards and disprove some of his theories.

Yeah, they are turning into the bad sports that are in a losing game of softball. They are ready to call it a night and run away, but are trash talking to the end, and are screaming cheat, but it's not going to work.

Admit it people, you were strong out of the gate, but we caught you.