Monday, May 18, 2009

What Burns My Ass

You know what burns my ass, besides a flame this high

Selective comments.

I post what I think, and I allow anyone to agree or disagree, to bash me, or to throw roses at my feet

All because without the chance to get opinions and ideas into the mix, our lives would be guided by people with an agenda, and we would be forced to live the way someone else saw fit
Well Hmmmm, didn't that happen to us once before ?

My rant today does not include Obama, or the government, or even the media that seems to carry the smell of Obamas Sunday dinner from the waist up
Today I am mad at a select few fellow bloggers, ones that I have read and commented on, and have in return commented here with opposing views
One blogger in particular carried this picture above and a post explaining that it was time to move away from the Pelosi situation, that the damage that Bush had done was done and it was time to move on
Just days earlier, the left thought that anyone connected to the " crimes " that the Bush administration committed while gathering information to keep further attacks from happening in the United States should be prosecuted.
They were ready to release reports, and pictures, and whatever it took to show the world that the US was a fair and just Nation
All of a sudden, it comes out that dear old Nancy may have been in on the meetings about what we were going to do with these prisoners that may have had some information about future attacks
Now we get to the part that makes me mad because I read on many of the ( cough cough ) left ( cough cough ) blogs that it is time to move forward, lets all look ahead, we cannot change the past.
I left a similar comment on many of these sites that stated simply If a crime was committed, then Nancy could be guilty as well. I wanted to see what response I would get from the other readers that also left comments
I did this 3 days ago and I looked this morning, and none of my comments have been posted.
The left answered my question exactly the way I thought they would

Thursday, May 14, 2009

You Can't Have It Both Ways

It had to begin with someone, and to tell you the truth, it couldn't have happened to a better person.
To save her own ass, Pelosi has the nerve to call the CIA a bunch of liars.
She stood in front of us in her golden halo and told us what bastards the Bush administration was, and said she was lied to, and kept in the dark about what we were doing to get information from the terrorists
What a coward, and what a great example of what we have leading our country today.
I was really impressed with what Lindsey Graham had to say about it

He says it all, if there was a crime, Nancy Pelosi was part of it

Let that sink in for a few minutes before you click my comment button

They all lie, they all steal, and they all need to be sent home in shame.
Why don't we at least agree to that ?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Fine As A Frog Hair

Boy did that last post curl some toes
Same sex marriage, that's not my fight
The ability to live your life as you see fit, without keeping your neighbor from doing the same is what I care about the most.
Two guys want to be married ? It is not for me to judge, but I was taught, and I do believe it is against God's law
Do you think I am a bigot ?
Think I am just a dumb hick Redneck down here that's homophobic ?
Is that what you think about me ?
Well then, who is the evil bigot ?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Some Queer Stuff Goin On

Before you begin to read my post, let me warn you that there is no political correctness here.
I do not believe in it at all
That being said, and you do not think that queer of me, then read on
That word has stuck to me today worse than some cheap gum stuck to the bottom of my shoe, and the post that it was in has really pissed me off.
I am by no means an Obama supporter, and at the same time, I am none to happy with the Dem's and Republicans that are scratching their asses and sniffing their fingers up in DC, but I am certainly no extremist
I also think that anyone with an opposing view other than the party in power is not an extremist, and that their opinion is just as important as a President's when it comes to personal preference

Now let me say before I send you to this site, I am not doing it to harass, or slander, I want you to see for yourselves what the author has written on the topic before I express my views

Poor Joe, this guy has been poked and prodded, and raked over the coals since the day we met him. I guess it was a matter of time before he had to give his opinion on same sex marriage and the so called liberal Democrats run with it
on the top left corner of this bloggers page, it defines liberal as ( n ) one who is generous, one who favors greater freedom in religious and political matters.
That definition of himself would tell me that the author would have an open mind as to Joe's beliefs, and how he wishes to raise his children, not sit and judge how he feels about another persons sexual orientation.

Why is it considered hate, or ignorance, or even bigotry to try and keep your children from the things in this world that we do not agree with ?

Is it not our job as parents to keep our kids in a safe environment until they are mature enough to make their own decisions ?

In the post, they said they do not know how to respond to what Joe said, well how about " Good for you for actually caring about your kids ! "

Why not turn your attention to the fact that your leader Barrack Obama decided to do away with the school vouchers in DC, but plans to keep his little angels in private school

Yeah, that's real fair, waste our money buzzing planes around New York City, but refuse to keep a program in place that would allow the " common folk " to go to the same school as his kids

And just one more thing, did everyone notice that this generous Democrat did not forget to get in a shot at Sarah Palin ?

Again, I do not wish any ill fate on the author of the blog I have mentioned here. I have been reading the site for some time now, and I have not always agreed with what was said, I do appreciate different views on topics, but this one has disappointed me

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

When Pigs Fly

We have always heard people say stuff like " Yeah, that will happen when pigs fly ", well we got the swine flu now so everything and anything is gonna happen.

You remember that crazy cold from Mexico that was killing everyone, and closing schools, and flooding hospitals with infected people...................

Wait a minute,

Turns out it's not that bad.

Oh well, better safe than sorry, right ?

But wait, the crazy stuff is just beginning, did you hear the pedophiles are safe ?

Yeah, seems they were included in a hate crimes bill that was passed in congress, the same bill that left out our service men and women.

Not that I condone the act, but spit on a child molester, and go to prison for a hate crime. Spit on one of our returning vets, and get a slap on the wrist

Well, that's not true either, because if you spit on one of the military guys I know, you will probably have your ass handed to you

But the DC guys and gals aint so bad, they have some family values, I just read today that that shining star of PA. J. Murtha sealed the deal on millions of no bid contracts for Murtech, owned by Robert Murtha Jr. Hey, you gotta look out after your own, right ?

Here is another good one I caught today, Pelosi talking out of the side of her mouth about not knowing about the waterboarding.

Come on now, after 9/11 we all wanted to light those people up. We wanted their heads on a plate, and most of all, we wanted to be sure they were not planning on doing it again

George Bush had to make some hard decisions, and he put a lot on his shoulders for all of us when it came to our security. Whether you like him or not, the very fact that you are able to sit at your keyboard and curse him may be because of the decisions he made

Obama has to make a lot of tough decisions also, and back in 2004 when he started his Presidential campaign, he told us about what he needed for the job

Friday, May 1, 2009

Make Room Everyone !

Ok friends, it has been a while, but despite the mind altering drugs that are in control of my thoughts at this time, I figured I had to get back on the horse again sometime
Many of you Entrecard people have seen me dropping in on you for a couple days now, and I have used the last few days to kind of catch up on the events in the blog world
When we last spoke, I was having problems with headaches that were due to an accident that I was in back in May of 2008, well my docs seem to think more drugs are the answer to my problems, so I sit before you now as a complex collection of people, some of whom I have not even met yet. I will do my best to follow my notes to convey what I would like to say to you today, and hope that you could bear with me. I would also like to thank God for the spell-check button, because without that, you would think my 4 year old was writing my post today

Souter is gone. I thought one of the justice's would leave in Obama's first year, and I had thought it would be Ginsburg, but either way, this just paves the way for a left leaning supreme court

And who cares about a left leaning court ? We got a Democratic house, so there is no chance that anything but left wing views will be put in place until at least 2011

I know I am late for this story, but I need to comment. Obama bowed to him. He Freakin Bowed to this piece of crap and the White House scrambled to cover it with an excuse.
This picture, and this action is the perfect testament to the new world order Obama and the Kool-Aid drinkers want

Specter switched sides
Is that what the Dems want everyone else to do ?
Hey Arlen ! Here's 10 bucks, take it and buy a sandwich and a cup of coffee and DON'T COME BACK !
Like he was going to get re-elected anyway, he should start looking for his retirement home in Florida now
And this DingDong, I mean WTF ?
In the first place, what the hell was he doing judging a beauty contest for in the first place for ?
What would he know about a woman that looks good ? I have no concern for PC here, so I can say it, but I thought he was more interested in pipes than tunnels, you know ?
Anyway, Thanks for putting up with my first mind altered post in a few weeks