Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Some Queer Stuff Goin On

Before you begin to read my post, let me warn you that there is no political correctness here.
I do not believe in it at all
That being said, and you do not think that queer of me, then read on
That word has stuck to me today worse than some cheap gum stuck to the bottom of my shoe, and the post that it was in has really pissed me off.
I am by no means an Obama supporter, and at the same time, I am none to happy with the Dem's and Republicans that are scratching their asses and sniffing their fingers up in DC, but I am certainly no extremist
I also think that anyone with an opposing view other than the party in power is not an extremist, and that their opinion is just as important as a President's when it comes to personal preference

Now let me say before I send you to this site, I am not doing it to harass, or slander, I want you to see for yourselves what the author has written on the topic before I express my views

Poor Joe, this guy has been poked and prodded, and raked over the coals since the day we met him. I guess it was a matter of time before he had to give his opinion on same sex marriage and the so called liberal Democrats run with it
on the top left corner of this bloggers page, it defines liberal as ( n ) one who is generous, one who favors greater freedom in religious and political matters.
That definition of himself would tell me that the author would have an open mind as to Joe's beliefs, and how he wishes to raise his children, not sit and judge how he feels about another persons sexual orientation.

Why is it considered hate, or ignorance, or even bigotry to try and keep your children from the things in this world that we do not agree with ?

Is it not our job as parents to keep our kids in a safe environment until they are mature enough to make their own decisions ?

In the post, they said they do not know how to respond to what Joe said, well how about " Good for you for actually caring about your kids ! "

Why not turn your attention to the fact that your leader Barrack Obama decided to do away with the school vouchers in DC, but plans to keep his little angels in private school

Yeah, that's real fair, waste our money buzzing planes around New York City, but refuse to keep a program in place that would allow the " common folk " to go to the same school as his kids

And just one more thing, did everyone notice that this generous Democrat did not forget to get in a shot at Sarah Palin ?

Again, I do not wish any ill fate on the author of the blog I have mentioned here. I have been reading the site for some time now, and I have not always agreed with what was said, I do appreciate different views on topics, but this one has disappointed me


Lauren said...

I really do not understand the conservatives stance on gay anything and I'm mostly a conservative in my political views. This one baffles me. Because we are supposed to be a party that values personal responsibility and believe that the governement shouldn't be telling us what is morally ok...hence we are against socialism which is really a supposed morally driven program to right the moral wrongs of one group to another. In that same vein I do not see one iota wrong with being gay. I've never met a gay person that tried to corrupt me in anyway, they didn't want the same normal things in life I want. And I think it is wrong to paint the picture that somehow they are people to keep our children from, who will do them harm. There are some serious heterosexuals I'd worry about for my children or any children and I suppose that there are those equally in the gay community for those same reasons I'd not want my children near either, but not because of who they choose to be emotionally and physically attracted to. I really do think that comes from ignorance and wish it would stop. There are so many examples of famous gay people throughout history that have contributed to the very life we have now that makes us so smart and wonderful a people. To date I've yet to see a gay person blow up a church, like Muslim extremist terrorists worldwide and ongoing throughout the crusades etc...

You know I love you Rob but on this issue it's just ridiculous. I understand that people have values that say it's not correct. I can respect that. What comes PAST that is NOT ok and not in the spirit of Jesus. IMHO

lot 2 learn said...

@ Lauren
My point is that it Joes decision to keep his children in a christian home until they are mature enough to make up there own minds does not make him a bigot. I do not think any less of someone for there sexual preferences, and I think that someone that has the courage to stand for what they believe is right, should not be branded

Josh said...

I'm with both of you on this one to a point.

On one hand, I really don't care about homosexuality. I'm agnostic, so the "sin" thing is up to an individual and his or her god. But I do oppose redefining marriage. You can't open the door for a single "group" without letting everyone in. Some doors are better left shut.

I also see where Joe's coming from. I don't agree with him, but I'm assuming he feels that the gay community is a bad influence on his children -- much like nudity and cursing on TV would be. It's a lifestyle thing.

I don't feel as if homosexuality should be used as a filibuster like global warming-slash-climate change-slash-Al Gore's cash cow.

People on the left scream, "The climate is changing, duh! The government MUST mandate how we live now," and walk off like it's case closed.

They do the same thing with homosexuality. They scream, "It violates civil rights. Gays are born," and storm off.

I think the science needs to be worked on, personally. Are people really born with it? Is it acquired like sociopathy and other brain ticks? I don't believe it's a lifestyle choice, but many scientists claim it's a disorder. If that's the case - and I really don't know - people like Joe not wanting it to "rub off" (LMAO!) on their children are not bigots - they're concerned parents.

Anonymous said...

You know, defending Joe the Plumber and Sarah Palin and holding them up as icons of Republicanism, is not helping the party.

Maybe you didn't notice the outcome of the 2008 election, but I think it says a lot for the Republicans when a black guy with a funny name who many thought was a secret Muslim and palled around with terrorists won Indiana, Virginia, Ohio, and North Carolina.

If you think that was the fault of John McCain, then the party really should change its mascot to the mastodon or brontosaurus, because it will be extinct.

Kelly B said...

This is an iffy one for me. I am all for gay rights, but I think people are entitled to their opinion.

Really, to me, it's a fine line...


Da Old Man said...

Quite an interesting read, Rob.

But I do like that anyone who does not agree with an enlightened liberal must be evil, etc.

I pray for this country.

Rod Williams said...

More pics of the two girls kissing, please.