Thursday, May 14, 2009

You Can't Have It Both Ways

It had to begin with someone, and to tell you the truth, it couldn't have happened to a better person.
To save her own ass, Pelosi has the nerve to call the CIA a bunch of liars.
She stood in front of us in her golden halo and told us what bastards the Bush administration was, and said she was lied to, and kept in the dark about what we were doing to get information from the terrorists
What a coward, and what a great example of what we have leading our country today.
I was really impressed with what Lindsey Graham had to say about it

He says it all, if there was a crime, Nancy Pelosi was part of it

Let that sink in for a few minutes before you click my comment button

They all lie, they all steal, and they all need to be sent home in shame.
Why don't we at least agree to that ?


Josh said...

This is one of the most ridiculous stories out there. In the context of the whole situation, Pelosi never stood a chance. She may be the liberalist of liberals, but Soros, the ACLU and the rest of the wing-tip radical public want to persecute ideology in their quasi-fascist uberliberal America, and this makes the Speaker nothing more than a speedbump.

Poor Pelosi never once expected that a democrat would have to answer for anything. I mean, with all the press, the politicians and most of the public agreeing that Bush was a total spaztard, she thought she could murder someone on film and leave DNA and walk away.

Surprise, surprise!

Ironically enough, Pelosi and the politicians aren't going after this truth commission to flame ideology like the public is. They know it won't stick. They're only setting up a smokescreen so that the public doesn't realize dems keep declining investigations into the activities of Murtha, Feinstein, and a few other shady individuals who are using taxpayer dollars and contributions to line their pockets.

That's the real story. But it won't break nationwide. Everyone's too busy watching Pelosi bury herself.

It's always been said, and I haven't been able to find evidence to dispute it, that both sides of the political aisle are crooked. The only difference is democrats rob the poor, regular people while republicans get in bed with the rich.

askcherlock said...

I am becoming more and more disenchanted. I never really trusted Pelosi but to see her tap dancing around lies is beyond the pale. If she would just own up to what she really knew, I might have a little more respect for her. Well, actually it's probably too, late for that. Maybe 'truth in government' is an oxymoron.

Kelly B said...

I think 90-99% of politicians are full of it....90-99% of the time....


Anonymous said...

It's time for the American people to wake up … stand up … and clean house.


I agree with you! You're right. I can't stand that frikin' dame either...

Anonymous said...

Yup. It sure looks like we need a thorough investigation into who said and did what.