Thursday, May 7, 2009

Fine As A Frog Hair

Boy did that last post curl some toes
Same sex marriage, that's not my fight
The ability to live your life as you see fit, without keeping your neighbor from doing the same is what I care about the most.
Two guys want to be married ? It is not for me to judge, but I was taught, and I do believe it is against God's law
Do you think I am a bigot ?
Think I am just a dumb hick Redneck down here that's homophobic ?
Is that what you think about me ?
Well then, who is the evil bigot ?


FishHawk said...

My wife thinks that they should be allowed to be as miserably married as she is.

dickster1961 said...

hmm. I respect the views of mainstream Christianity in their stance against homosexual marriage. I do not think that it makes you a bigot, just a believer in your faith. For several years, I was a member of fundamentalist churches, but some bad experiences have soured me, but I still respect the faithful and am angered when the church is attacked.

My personal view on gay marriage is, I don't care strongly one way or the other. It is amazing though how the left wants to yap on and on about how people should be tolerant of other peoples viewpoints, but if your viewpoint does not agree with theirs, then they are intolerant of your views.

Can't we all just get along?

lot 2 learn said...

@ FishHawk
We have the same policy here
@ dickster1961
I think its time the left and right shut up, and we find some average people to put in office.
Maybe they will both yap themselves to death : )

Lauren said...

I don't think you're an evil bigot. I do think you're miguided about "keeping children away from gay people"...there's a whole lotta gay people out there you'd never know were gay and probably admire.

dickster1961 said...

I think its time the left and right shut up, and we find some average people to put in office.amen!

Anonymous said...

There are only two bodies that fit together NATURALLY - man and woman.

Jude said...

There were many types of people and circumstances I kept my son away from when he was growing up and I certainly didn't feel like a bigot nor would I consider anyone else a bigot for wanting to protect their children. I have no problem with same sex marriage, but children find enough things to be confused about and it's up to the parent to protect them the best way they can until they're old enough to decide for themselves. Fortunately for me there were no open displays that I even had to explain to my son and I tried to teach him to simply accept people for who they were and not to judge unfortunately he developed a lot of prejudices the older he got.

Anonymous said...

Hi there!

Personally, my personal opinion has -0- to do with others. Like you I have an opinion, but heck - if someone ASKS for your opinion they better be prepared to take it! LOL

Things are getting really strange around here.

;) You are no biggot. You happen to have an opinion. Heavens forbid that it's not one some folks like. Too bad!

Keep who you are... not who others tell you to be. ;)

Kelly B said...

I honestly only think someone is a bigot if they express their opinions toward another grew with hate. I have not heard hate from you, so I would not say you are a bigot. I lean towards the left...I don't see why we can't all respectfully agree to disagree on certain things.


Don said...

Oh hell, I've said it several times on my blog that I'm a homophobe. I'm not certain how many labels that sticks me with, but shit happens.