Tuesday, May 5, 2009

When Pigs Fly

We have always heard people say stuff like " Yeah, that will happen when pigs fly ", well we got the swine flu now so everything and anything is gonna happen.

You remember that crazy cold from Mexico that was killing everyone, and closing schools, and flooding hospitals with infected people...................

Wait a minute,

Turns out it's not that bad.

Oh well, better safe than sorry, right ?

But wait, the crazy stuff is just beginning, did you hear the pedophiles are safe ?

Yeah, seems they were included in a hate crimes bill that was passed in congress, the same bill that left out our service men and women.

Not that I condone the act, but spit on a child molester, and go to prison for a hate crime. Spit on one of our returning vets, and get a slap on the wrist

Well, that's not true either, because if you spit on one of the military guys I know, you will probably have your ass handed to you

But the DC guys and gals aint so bad, they have some family values, I just read today that that shining star of PA. J. Murtha sealed the deal on millions of no bid contracts for Murtech, owned by Robert Murtha Jr. Hey, you gotta look out after your own, right ?

Here is another good one I caught today, Pelosi talking out of the side of her mouth about not knowing about the waterboarding.

Come on now, after 9/11 we all wanted to light those people up. We wanted their heads on a plate, and most of all, we wanted to be sure they were not planning on doing it again

George Bush had to make some hard decisions, and he put a lot on his shoulders for all of us when it came to our security. Whether you like him or not, the very fact that you are able to sit at your keyboard and curse him may be because of the decisions he made

Obama has to make a lot of tough decisions also, and back in 2004 when he started his Presidential campaign, he told us about what he needed for the job


askcherlock said...

You made some great points. I will hone in on Murtha because I am from Pennsylvania where he has done untold damage. I anxiously await the outcome of the pending Murtha investigation.

Josh said...

I've expressed my view on the whole "group hate" thing over at Malcolm's brainchild, Diversity Ink. However, I don't think I'm in friendly territory there with my strong belief that HATE IS HATE and you don't need "special" hate to qualify as hate.

You do not need to start putting people into groups and saying, "These ones are protected more than these ones, and those ones are high risk to harm these ones." It's pure insanity!

There are MANY special interest groups in America that aren't so much protected as they are backed. And that's what this quasi, after-the-fact protection is: someone in your corner to fight for you after the fact.

Well, that's basically saying that unless your "group" is protected, you have nothing or no one in your corner. And that's alienataing Americans. I thought liberals' aim was to bring us together?

We all know that's a lie. The goal is to make everyone assimilate or simply go away. Fascists on the airways and the realm of public opinion, commies in the economy, and hyocrites in their day-to-day lives. Oh, the life of a liberal. How sweet it must be to remain detached from reality.

AND... Pelosi needs to be thoroughly examined. America has had about enough of her BS.

AND... at least relase the AF1 photos if you can release the waterboarding photos, Obama! lmao! It's about the small gestures

Da Old Man said...

I saw that idiot John Stewart carrying on about the hate crime bill, and how could anyone vote against it.
We already have laws protecting everyone against attack. Why does one need extra protection? That is nonsense, pure and simple. My mother was once punched in the face by a mugger. Was it out of kindness and love? So, then isn't nearly every single crime then one of hate?
Another stupid, useless law.