Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Joy Behar Is Educating Us All

Here is your modern day liberal.

Here is your defeated left wing.

Yes indeed, she has nothing else to say, not one good word about her incumbent Harry Reid, just attack Sharon Angle.

And whats the big deal with coming to the South Bronx ? Is she admitting that it is a trash hole right there in her back yard that people should be afraid of ? Is she playing some sort of race card ?

The best part was Behar screaming about Angle going to hell. Behar is supposed to be an Agnostic, pretty much the same as an atheist.

Please don't try to school me on the difference because when it comes down to it, she does not believe in god, so why would she think someone would go to hell ?

Behar is nothing but a twisted bitter prune, but she is doing a great job showing the liberals for what they really are

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lauren Valle vs Rand Paul

Top row, second second from the left.
That's the woman that got her head " stomped " the other night at a Rand Paul event.
A verified paid protester that seems to have nothing better to do but the work of the left wing.
This is a group mug shot of Valle and her friends taken by Port of Fourchon Harbour Police and LaFourche Parish Sheriffs office for trespass and vandalism.
The left has many of these kinds of people sent out to stir up violence and to cause problems, that is their only job in life, their only responsibility, and they hold a rather large flame to a very short fuse.

Take a close look, enlarge he video if you have to, but look closely at Valle's face between the 14 through the 26 second time frames.
She is laughing.
Laughing at all of them because she accomplished what she came for.
And another thing, who took the video ?
It was real convenient that they were in the right place at the right time, don't you think ?
I should have named this post Lauren Valle scams us all.

Getting Closer To Tuesday

I came across this video and just had to share.

Have you ever heard the expression better to laugh than cry ? Sometimes after sitting here reading the blogs from both sides of the political spectrum, and flipping between Fox News, and then trying to stomach what Chris Mathews and Maddows and that bunch is trying to sell sometimes makes me want to throw all my stuff out the door.

Everyone has an opinion, and the news has turned into an opinion program, everyone starts with a small percentage of the fact, and then runs in the direction that's suits their own agenda.

Left and Right wing bloggers have slipped into a mud slinging contest over who did what, and what side are the bigger thieves and liars.

I have a news flash for everyone, they are all as crooked as a dogs hind leg. The broken promises, and the money that has been spent, and all those stupid programs that they allow our money to go to, come on, we have been abused for years. The place is overrun with lobbyist ready to corrupt the lawmakers and sway them to vote against the people, and when they are locked away in those " hallowed halls " they are kept safe from the regular folks that would grab them and make them accountable as to what they have done.

It's not only D.C. but has filtered down to the state level as well, and worked it way to the city and county level as well.

I can tell you why the left fears the Tea Party and its members, it is because they have no leader. It is a group of people, a body of one. Their is folks that organize functions and events, and handles various things for the group, but there is no one leader.

The Tea party has a very loud voice, and that loud voice has a very large boot attached to it, and I believe that it is exactly what is needed to kick some people out of the way to get this mess cleaned up.

Obama made a comment once about cleaning up once before, but he failed to mention that he helped make the mess, the Democrats have been in office since 2006, and he had been voting with them before he got the job he has now.

Obama supporters say " He's only been in there two years, give him some time "

How much more time do you want to give him ? I think he has spent enough money and caused enough damage

Is this just my opinion ? Yeah, and it's looking like the opinion of about 75% of the rest of the Country.

I am glad to see you folks start to wake up !

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Juan Williams Fired

So today we find that Juan Williams has been fired.
He was fired because he had agreed with Bill O'Riley that we are facing a " Muslim Dilemma " in this Country.
He continued:
“I mean, look, Bill, I’m not a bigot. You know the kind of books I’ve written about the civil rights movement in this country. But when I get on the plane, I got to tell you, if I see people who are in Muslim garb and I think, you know, they are identifying themselves first and foremost as Muslims, I get worried. I get nervous.”
You know what, we should be nervous, we should not only be nervous of the Muslim garb, but we should be nervous that we do not have the right to stand up and say " Hey ! Somethings wrong over here ! "
We have people burning our flag right in front of us, we have kids being sent home from school fro wearing a shirt with the American Flag on it to school, we have our dead soldiers being protested and mocked while their families are trying to lay them to rest, and Juan Williams gets fired for saying what most of you are afraid to say because of Political Correctness ?
I think the best thing that could happen that all of these PC clowns jump on the Muslim bandwagon and let their wives get the hell get beat out of them, and have their hands cut off when they reach for a piece of bread.
These idiots just do not realize that their left wing utopia does not exist, unless it involves living in a cave and chasing a dog for something to eat.
Take a good look at the third world Countries because that is where these people want us, they do not want us to move forward, they want a World full of slaves.
If Capitalism is so bad, how did we get to the greatest Nation in the World ?
If Socialism is so great, why has it never made it beyond our way of life ?
I would really like to know, why is it that people like Glenn Beck, and Sarah Palin, and regular Americans like the Tea Party folks scare the hell out of the left wing, socialist group so much ?
I want to know, if you get the punch in the gut on November second, like many of us hope you do, what happens then ?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Another View

You know why that show is called " The View " ?

Because it is all about Joy Behar's and Whoopi Goldgerg's view.

If you talk above them and disagree with what they say, or oppose their position on something then you become the enemy.

Enter Bill O'Riley.

You will not talk over Bill, and he will get his point across, and he will speak his mind, and he does not care if he rattles your cage because he does not need you.

The only thing Behar and Goldgerg could do was to walk away.

O'Riley sat there and said what 70 % of the American people would have said, probably more, and I commend him for that.

Bill O'Riley still has a backbone.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Our Best Friends

We have all seen Gloria Allred on the TV in the past few days with poor little Nikki Diaz, the illegal that cleaning the house and driving the kids around for a Republican candidate out there in California.
Fox News has labeled her as a bad attorney because she is not doing her best to keep her client safe, exposing little Nikki to prosecution and deportation.
Well I have my own Ideas as to Allreds motives, and to what is really going on.
I think she is fed up.
I think she is sick and tired of paying for the anchor babies, and tired of the welfare system, Tired of the overcrowded jails, and tired of the unemployed Americans due to the fact that the illegals have overrun our borders and have infested her state of California and have picked it to the bone.
I think that she has played the bleeding heart liberal to the point that it has invaded her pocketbook, and has taken a seat right next to her in her spotless Mercedes, and she is terrified now, and desperately wants to cry out for help, she wants to scream out for the Tea Parties to march up to her doorstep and accept wheelbarrow fulls of cash to help get the demons out of office that have allowed this to happen.
But she can't, because she may get her hair messed, and her suit a little wrinkled, and the hard core friends she has will look down at her and point.
So what she does is takes little Nikki, drags her out into the light of day, and says's YES, YES, SHE LIED ! SHE HAD NO SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER ! SHE HAD NO DRIVERS LICENSE ! SHE WAS LYING ABOUT HER STATUS ! but it was all meg whittmans fault.
Gloria can feel as if she got rid of one of them, right ?
She is not fooling me, I think she needs a friend.

And the Pot situation over there on the West coast.
Is there a need for debate ?
As far as I am concerned, California is a lost cause, let them smoke all the pot they want, let them drop acid, let them drink, whatever makes them happy.
But as soon as the smiles begin out there, make me smile here in my house, cut them off.
Turn off everything that the Federal government hands them, and bring everything that our tax dollars paid for back to where it can be used here.
Let them smoke themselves silly, and marry their dogs, and worship their spaghetti monsters, and do whatever it is they do because in my opinion, California can't be saved, and I really don't think that with the politicians that are there running things, and the illegals there in control, they want saving.
The pot that California wants to legalize could turn out to be our best friend.

That One Nation Rally.
I just don't know what to make of that, it's like when you start to make a cake.
You have the flour, and the sugar, and a stick of butter, and all the good things that go into the batter, but then all of a sudden someone sneaks some chili powder in there, and maybe some dish soap, and some kitty litter, and before you know it, you have a big nasty mess.
A great idea that just got destroyed.
If it comes down to sides, and you choosing which one to be on, like it is today, we lose a lot of the strength that this Nation has carried for decades.
Who is telling us the truth ?
Who is truly our friend ?
I think before we pick a group, we should tune out, and look inside ourselves to decide whats important first.