Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Getting Closer To Tuesday

I came across this video and just had to share.

Have you ever heard the expression better to laugh than cry ? Sometimes after sitting here reading the blogs from both sides of the political spectrum, and flipping between Fox News, and then trying to stomach what Chris Mathews and Maddows and that bunch is trying to sell sometimes makes me want to throw all my stuff out the door.

Everyone has an opinion, and the news has turned into an opinion program, everyone starts with a small percentage of the fact, and then runs in the direction that's suits their own agenda.

Left and Right wing bloggers have slipped into a mud slinging contest over who did what, and what side are the bigger thieves and liars.

I have a news flash for everyone, they are all as crooked as a dogs hind leg. The broken promises, and the money that has been spent, and all those stupid programs that they allow our money to go to, come on, we have been abused for years. The place is overrun with lobbyist ready to corrupt the lawmakers and sway them to vote against the people, and when they are locked away in those " hallowed halls " they are kept safe from the regular folks that would grab them and make them accountable as to what they have done.

It's not only D.C. but has filtered down to the state level as well, and worked it way to the city and county level as well.

I can tell you why the left fears the Tea Party and its members, it is because they have no leader. It is a group of people, a body of one. Their is folks that organize functions and events, and handles various things for the group, but there is no one leader.

The Tea party has a very loud voice, and that loud voice has a very large boot attached to it, and I believe that it is exactly what is needed to kick some people out of the way to get this mess cleaned up.

Obama made a comment once about cleaning up once before, but he failed to mention that he helped make the mess, the Democrats have been in office since 2006, and he had been voting with them before he got the job he has now.

Obama supporters say " He's only been in there two years, give him some time "

How much more time do you want to give him ? I think he has spent enough money and caused enough damage

Is this just my opinion ? Yeah, and it's looking like the opinion of about 75% of the rest of the Country.

I am glad to see you folks start to wake up !


Sandee said...

We can see November from OUR house.

This is excellent.

Have a terrific day. :)

lot 2 learn said...

I can see it too my dear Sandee, what worries me is the days after with the lame ducks that may want to jam whatever they can across Obama's desk.