Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lauren Valle vs Rand Paul

Top row, second second from the left.
That's the woman that got her head " stomped " the other night at a Rand Paul event.
A verified paid protester that seems to have nothing better to do but the work of the left wing.
This is a group mug shot of Valle and her friends taken by Port of Fourchon Harbour Police and LaFourche Parish Sheriffs office for trespass and vandalism.
The left has many of these kinds of people sent out to stir up violence and to cause problems, that is their only job in life, their only responsibility, and they hold a rather large flame to a very short fuse.

Take a close look, enlarge he video if you have to, but look closely at Valle's face between the 14 through the 26 second time frames.
She is laughing.
Laughing at all of them because she accomplished what she came for.
And another thing, who took the video ?
It was real convenient that they were in the right place at the right time, don't you think ?
I should have named this post Lauren Valle scams us all.


Sandee said...

Everyone knows this bait routine. It happens all the time. Bunch of scum is all they are. I'm talking about Valle here, not anyone else.

Have a terrific day. :)

LaurAyn said...

Ron Paul and Rand are moronic scum, antisemetic lying pieces of garbage. We can't just vote for people because they claim to be T party. He is full of crap. You'd do better than to support this scum. And no matter what they came to do you don't stomp on someone's head. Come on I expect better from you.

lot 2 learn said...

I do not support stomping on anyones head, what I am pointing out is the fact that the lengths that people will go to cause a disturbance, and the violence that can come from it.
It is really not worth it at all, why not use the energy to bring the faults out into the light of day ? Do it without a stunt, or vandalism, or trying to cause a fight just to get some bad publicity.
As Americans, we are ALL better than that

Jeremy Janson said...

@LaurAyn: Ma'am, I'm looking at Rands website right now and he, honestly, seems pretty smart in comparison to most of the people running for Congress or Senate across the nation this year. I've looked at a lot of campaign websites as a news blogger, and in comparison to Senator Patty "Mom in Tennis Shoes" Murray (D-WA), he's brilliant. Besides, you've got to admit that old Aqua Buddha prank from college was pretty genius. I was laughing for hours!

@L2L: Well it's quite simple, the other side doesn't have an argument, and they don't want to quit either. Too bad no one can just give them back their money, and tell them to leave and try again later.

LaurAyn said...

@Jeremy you are WRONG, dead wrong. You don't know a hill of beans if you go to someone's own site to see if they are good or not. TOTALLY PATHETIC of you to try that garbage with me or anyone else for that matter.

Rand Paul took $from Moveon.org. Oh yeah did you know that? His father believes that Hamas is a product of Israel. So yeah I guess if you are ok with these things you'd think he was good. And then that would make you a braindead Left wing nut. So choose.

lot 2 learn said...

The point of my post was the tactics each side would stoop to to cause violence and anger within the crowds, thereby making them look like they were a group of crazies.
I don't really care for any candidate that is running, I don't think there is anyone left that does not have some sort of agenda.
I hate to think the best option that we have is the lesser of two evils, but where else do we go from here ?
Maybe if Valle would have had the information LaurAyn had, and let the people know of Pauls assosiation with MoveOn, then hopefully things would have been different.
I for one do not want to fight or cause harm to anyone, I just want to know the truth about people.

LaurAyn said...

Meet Sultan Knish Who So Wonderfully Exposes The Truth about Rand Paul

Here's more information so you can know better. And UGH there's so much more. Click on the link to Lisa Graas. Be ready to be pissed as "you've" been hoodwinked by FOXNEWS and the T Party on the RANDS.

LaurAyn said...


Oh you should see this too