Friday, October 8, 2010

Our Best Friends

We have all seen Gloria Allred on the TV in the past few days with poor little Nikki Diaz, the illegal that cleaning the house and driving the kids around for a Republican candidate out there in California.
Fox News has labeled her as a bad attorney because she is not doing her best to keep her client safe, exposing little Nikki to prosecution and deportation.
Well I have my own Ideas as to Allreds motives, and to what is really going on.
I think she is fed up.
I think she is sick and tired of paying for the anchor babies, and tired of the welfare system, Tired of the overcrowded jails, and tired of the unemployed Americans due to the fact that the illegals have overrun our borders and have infested her state of California and have picked it to the bone.
I think that she has played the bleeding heart liberal to the point that it has invaded her pocketbook, and has taken a seat right next to her in her spotless Mercedes, and she is terrified now, and desperately wants to cry out for help, she wants to scream out for the Tea Parties to march up to her doorstep and accept wheelbarrow fulls of cash to help get the demons out of office that have allowed this to happen.
But she can't, because she may get her hair messed, and her suit a little wrinkled, and the hard core friends she has will look down at her and point.
So what she does is takes little Nikki, drags her out into the light of day, and says's YES, YES, SHE LIED ! SHE HAD NO SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER ! SHE HAD NO DRIVERS LICENSE ! SHE WAS LYING ABOUT HER STATUS ! but it was all meg whittmans fault.
Gloria can feel as if she got rid of one of them, right ?
She is not fooling me, I think she needs a friend.

And the Pot situation over there on the West coast.
Is there a need for debate ?
As far as I am concerned, California is a lost cause, let them smoke all the pot they want, let them drop acid, let them drink, whatever makes them happy.
But as soon as the smiles begin out there, make me smile here in my house, cut them off.
Turn off everything that the Federal government hands them, and bring everything that our tax dollars paid for back to where it can be used here.
Let them smoke themselves silly, and marry their dogs, and worship their spaghetti monsters, and do whatever it is they do because in my opinion, California can't be saved, and I really don't think that with the politicians that are there running things, and the illegals there in control, they want saving.
The pot that California wants to legalize could turn out to be our best friend.

That One Nation Rally.
I just don't know what to make of that, it's like when you start to make a cake.
You have the flour, and the sugar, and a stick of butter, and all the good things that go into the batter, but then all of a sudden someone sneaks some chili powder in there, and maybe some dish soap, and some kitty litter, and before you know it, you have a big nasty mess.
A great idea that just got destroyed.
If it comes down to sides, and you choosing which one to be on, like it is today, we lose a lot of the strength that this Nation has carried for decades.
Who is telling us the truth ?
Who is truly our friend ?
I think before we pick a group, we should tune out, and look inside ourselves to decide whats important first.


Jeremy Janson said...

There actually are some reasonable people in California, like, for instance, Ronald Reagan and John Wayne, both of whom hailed from So Cal. It is true though that hiring illegals is so common in California that it's simply accepted now. Actually, one of the best conservative print journals in the country comes from the Los Angeles area:

I personally support legalizing marijuana not because I smoke it or would ever smoke it (I'm a runner, I can't afford to compromise my lungs) but because it changes the relationship between the state and the individual. It is the ultimate anti-nanny state move, and part of the reason why democrat politicians never advance it even though many democrats want it done is because they know exactly what it would do. They know that they could never again get away with nanny-stateism, excessive regulation and excessive welfare if people were truly responsible for their own actions. I've always very strongly believed that anyone has the right to damn themselves if they wish. This is a right given by God, let no man stand against it.

Sandee said...

Their rally sucked. Glenn Beck's rally didn't. Just saying.

Have a terrific day. :)