Thursday, September 30, 2010

Some mean looking guys right ?
Wonder who they work for ?
they work for us, the people, well, I mean the citizens, no, I mean the State.
Is that right ? Yeah I guess that's right.
You see, as employees of the Government, paid for by all of us, you know, We the People, I would imagine that these fine gentlemen would be the cream of the crop in our front line of defense when it comes to border security, or some type of terrorist threat, or anything where some type of the threat of extreme violence was to be encountered.
It seems when this picture was taken, these men were dressed out and readied because the Poor Peoples Economic Human Rights Campaign was scheduled to fill the streets in St. Paul Minnesota.

So whats the big deal ?

Well, yesterday millions watched and prayed as Debbie Stabenow brought her S 3706 to the floor. She gave a good nine minutes worth of time to it, and then it was left on the floor, literally.
Stabenow had done what she had promised, that she would get it out there, and now most of the Senate are relaxing at home, wondering what to do about their re-election bids, and some about retirement.
The S-3706 would have offered the 99ers more free cash, and would have supplied them enough revenue to get them through the holidays, but what then ?
I have asked in recent post to offer assistance if possible, offer some side jobs to someone, try to hit some yard sales, anything.
If you do not agree with the Government becoming involved in the states business, and you agree with smaller Government. If you think there should be cuts in spending, and want to stand behind the representatives that want to say NO to the out of control spending, and the welfare state, then support them by showing the big Government that you can be a charitable person.

Take some things to the food bank
If your kids outgrow some clothes, pass them down to someone
If your friend is out of work, he is still your friend, stop in and see if he needs something.
log onto Craigslist and check your city. find someone to rake your leaves or something, or give something away
Better yet, it will be cold soon, maybe if you had a spare room ?
Could you really sleep at night knowing a family has been put out in the streets ?

This is not the post that I had intended to write today, but as I watch the rain and wind blow past my window, I know there is someone out there right now that is cold and wet, and has had everything ripped away from them.
They worked hard, everyday, just to come in on a Friday to a pink slip in their paycheck, and now they are thrown out with the trash.

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