Saturday, September 25, 2010

Has Congress Lost Touch With Reality ?

Colbert comes to Washington to do what ? Make fun of them ? To put on a show ? What did he accomplish ?

Waste about $125,000 dollars of our money.

Lets see him do a spot about that on his show, about how much wasted time that little stunt took, and the money that cost us.

Big freakin deal, that was just a feather in his ratings hat, and a diversion for the left, oh yeah, dont forget, somewhere in another less attractive place they were discussing the black panthers that were scooted away that hadbeen in front of a pooling place in uniform with a nightstick.

And lets not forget also the folks living in cars, boxes, and under bridges, you know the ones that WERE working just a few months ago, like 99 weeks or more ago, thats what they call themselves, the 99ers, the ones that have exhausted all the unemployment bennie available and are now left with no place left to live, no place to go, nothing.

I know there are the few " cheaters " that maybe took advantage of the system, but let me tell you, no man is going to sit back and let his family go hungry and homeless if he can help it, he would shovel shit from a ditch for a can of beans first, thats why I do not think these people are cheaters.

Debbie Stabenow dangled the carrot in front of them before they went on their vacation claiming they would get some help when she got back. Many of the Dems signed on to back her up and it that S 3706 was going to save them all.

I go back to the message boards that are mostly operated by Dems, and I am shocked at what they have been posting, completely bashing their party, and very doubtfull that their vote for Obama was wortwhile.

Today, I checked back in and read that Stabenow had announced that she was going to debate the S 3706 bill in the coming week, and all of a sudden you would have thought Heavens gates have opened.

Wait a minute, Stabemow said she would debate the bill, you know, shake the carrot.

Am I the only one that gets this ?

Let me try this another way, when people get desperate, when they are tired, hungry, dirty, and have no place to go, they are open to a lot of things that they normally would not open themselves up too. They become willing to walk into some false hope.

For 9/11, I asked that we help someone, to pass on that feeling you had after you saw those buildings fall, and the Pentagon burning, and the feld in Shanksville.

I took it with with my gorup of friends and raised some money for the homeless, help some people so they had a place to stay, made a few connections with them and got them some work on local farms, and had a big cook out with burgers and dogs and crabs, all donated, and the folks had a great time, but most of all, they had some respect, and had some dignity, and they felt like they were not forgotten.

One man I talked to had done construction all his life, framing houses, siding, roofing, like that. He had to sell his tools, his truck, everything to feed his kids, then lost his home. He was renting a trailer for $425 a month that had no AC, and was ashamed that everything was gone.

Is he cheating the system ? Do you think he is not looking for work ? I guess he chose this spot in life.

I had a skill saw, an a drill in my shed I took to him on Tuesday, and a box with some hammers and tape measures and chalklines and stuff. I have not used them in years. I also took him a number to a guy I know that wants some rabbit cages built, its not much, but we have to help each other.

What have you done to help someone ?

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Gary Anderson said...

I think he made congress look pretty stupid. Especially the part where he said that they would always be helping the American people. We know that congress could care less about the American people. They are more concerned about the banksters and giving them welfare and a free ride. And of course, Colbert's sarcasm came through about that.