Saturday, October 31, 2009

Still Busy Helping The Right

Helping what ?
The Right Wing ?
The Right Candidate ?
The Right Choice ?


I Stand With Bob

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Doing My Part

Sportsmen for Bob McDonnell

I am proud to say that Virginia seems to be coming back to reality.
Next Tuesday will tell

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Bus Is Back

I have seen on Fox today that the tea party bus is on the move again.

I think it's kind of a good thing to bring people together and to give them a chance to vent about where Obama and his administration are leading us.

This tour bus is great for getting some good intentions stirred up, and maybe even starting some petitions.

But like I have said before in a previous post, what will it take to pull the plug on these people ?

When will someone bring out the " Shut It Down " Bus ?

You know, I heard Bill O'Riley say he reaches more people in one night than Time magazine reaches in a month.


Do something more with it other than the same old stuff. As I said before Bill, WE GET IT !

We know it is a corrupt, radical administration.

Greta had Newt Gingrich on tonight and was milking him to find an answer about if he was running for President in 2012.

What ?

Newt ?

I mean he a good enough guy and all, but I think what we need is to move as far away from the norm as possible.
I was thinking someone like Joe Arpaio

Chicago style politics ?
Yeah, try it with this guy
Bow to a sheik ?
Are you kidding ?
Get a budget together ?
Done it before
Hey, just a thought

Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Good Deed

Rain rain rain.
We got a lot of it today.
Started around 10 AM, and had at least an inch by 3 this afternoon.
The leaves being blown off the trees onto the road made some turns and intersections like trying to stop on ice.
We have a lot of visitors come around here on the weekends since we have George Washington's boyhood home, and Stratford Hall, and James Monroe's home, and a few other places people like to visit, and they are not used to driving the back roads, much less under adverse conditions like we had today.
A few of us had decided to put out some crab pots one last time earlier in the day, and I had decided to drive down to the boat dock and check to see if the boats were still tied off OK, and shoot the breeze with the others for a while, just an excuse to get out of the house really.
Well, on the way home, Just past Monroe Hall, I saw some flashing lights, and I knew what it was before I got there, because when you come out of Monroe's home, you crest a hill and come to a stop sign in a short distance, and the combination of that, and the hard rain, and the slick leaves had left a family stuck in a ditch.
Without asking, I just pulled around them, and then back up some, got out and hooked my chain to their tow mount on the frame, and then to my hitch on the truck, I went to the window and told the guy just put it in neutral and turn the wheels and I will ease it out.
Sure enough, a minute later he was out, and I was unhooking the chain. He got out and said " I tried to call for a tow, but had no cell signal ". I said " yeah, signal is a little weak down here ".
He then said " can I pay you something ? " I said no.
He then said " you still have a McCain sticker on your truck, you guy's do know Obama won right, ha ha "
I guess I should have charged him
But anyway, it's always nice to help someone, made me think of this song

Friday, October 23, 2009

Still Thinkin About It

The last couple of days, I have been just sick of hearing about our Government.
I felt completely weak and useless against the people in power that are supposed to be working for us.
The one thing that really iced the cake for my mood was a blog post that I read at a good friends site that had a link to Obama website, and discussed dismantling Israel, and gas chambers.
She was not only angry, but afraid.
The president of her country condoning acts like this, and no one takes a second look ?
She ended her post by asking who would stand and say this is not right ? Who would say Obama is breaking our laws by allowing this to happen ?
I have never met her, never spoke to her, only friends with her through the blog world, but I told her in her comments that I would stand up, and I say every day what he is doing wrong.
I also told her if the need ever came, she could leave the city and seek refuge here with me and my family.
That really burns my ass that an American citizen is fearful of their own country. How much worse is this going to get ?
Well, I actually turned on Fox News today to watch Glenn, this Chicago style stuff is incredible

I don't know what to think anymore, but I do know this.
I am making room for some house guests
I am going to put an extra 20 or 30 pounds of potato's in the cellar
I am glad Deer season starts next weekend so I can load the freezer

But first, I am going to watch a couple John Wayne movies

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Caution ! Not In A Good Mood !

Did you catch O'Rileys talking points on Wednesday night ?
He started out with a piece about's petition to show support for Obama to stay off of Fox news.
You got to see it for yourself

Come on now, Bias coverage ?
I wonder what the Obama administration is going to give to those guys for doing that.
Did you catch Bill reporting about the private meeting with the New York Times people ?
It must have been time to get the stories for the coming week.
I poke fun at this, but it's really not funny. The White House is spoon feeding the media and directing them as to what you need to know and what you do not need to know.
Back to the talking points, Obama, and the White House is going after Fox News, and now the Chamber of Commerce, I guess they have nothing better to do.
Put Afghanistan on the back burner,
give Charlie Rangell some time to get his accounts together,
make sure John Murtha hides some stuff in one of those hangars at that big airport he built that no one uses, and, oh yeah,
ACORN is out there flappin in the breeze, let's make sure the get some papers shredded and some files thrown out

You know what ?

Enough of this.
I don't care if Obama is pickin on Fox.
It just means they are getting it right.
And you want to know something else ?
I am tired of hearing of how screwed up Obama and his left wing, Marxist, socialist, Communist, whatever they think they are at this point in time people are !
Now is the time to act. You have told us they are bad.
you have shown us the video's, played us the soundbites, and had the estimators, and the annalists.
We got it.
Lets do something about it now.
Whats next Fox News ????

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Obama Will Sign What ?

Has anyone seen this ?

A treaty that overrides our own Constitution ?
A treaty that will allow a global community to take away our freedom and prosperity forever ?
Why is Obama in favor for a world government ?, Why does the left hate our way of life so much ? How did it get so bad ?
This treaty puts the Bricker Amendment in perspective now, take a few minutes and read about it here....

If we, as Americans allow Obama to sign this treaty we will never be able to reverse this, and we will be at the mercy of the communist world government.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Good Burn Greta !

Greta was back tonight and she was on fire.
She was not at all happy with the fact that the white house thinks that Fox News is something less than a news program
I guess she showed them
Now I would like to make a couple of points.
First off, these people report this stuff, expose these people, show us the corruption, and lay out how radical this administration is EVERY DAY around the clock.
They back up what they say with video, soundbites, and documents, and catch the people with a camera and a mic for their side of the story, and they usually run off, but they bring this to you every day.
Many of you that have read this far are sitting in the same boat as I am, but I ask those others out there that think Fox News is a big joke........
What do you think, Fox News makes this stuff up ? Do you think they are like the tabloids of the cable news world ?
The second thing I would like to ask is why do you continue to rely on a news source that does not report on ALL the news ?
The big story now is Anita Dunn being a fan of a man that murdered 70 million or so people.
Does that bother you at all ?
You see, if the media will not tell you about that, what else will they not tell you ?
Or should I say, what will Obama not allow them to tell you ?
What ? Obama has no control over the media ?
You better watch Fox News and find out who Mark Lloyd is

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Healthcare In Virginia

"Senators Warner, Webb, and Congressman Cantor Reject 6,000 Petition Signatures"

That's right.
They just don't care about what the people that they work for want

I read this press release today....

Richmond, VA -
Six thousand Richmond area residents have signed a petition protesting nationalized health care, but Warner, Webb and Cantor refuse to personally meet to acknowledge the petition despite multiple requests.

"I don't understand how an elected official can ignore that level of opposition," said Mechanicsville resident, Kevin Dumville. "When these petitions are laid down end-to-end, they stretch longer than a football field."

"The petition signatures represent genuine concern of taxpayers about government take-over of our health care system," said Sara James of Midlothian. "The signatures were gathered through face-to-face meet-ups at festivals, neighborhood walks and in our workplaces. We expect our elected representatives to at least feign interest in the will of the people, but when we requested meetings to personally deliver the petitions, we were rebuffed at every turn. These politicians have repeatedly demonstrated no interest in the opinions of thousands of voters in their districts. Warner, Webb and Cantor should be ashamed of themselves!"

Corky Mann of Henrico, a relative newcomer to the political process, expressed dismay about the lack of response by his representatives. "These politicians seem to forget that we hired them, and we expect them to be responsive and considerate of our opinions, not to mention the fact we expect, at a minimum, a reverence for the Constitution, which these health care bills clearly ignore."

The petition states: "We the People of Virginia demand that the Federal Government remain within its Constitutional boundaries on health care. We reject any of the following: Government-run health insurance; One-size government-dictated package of health benefits; New job-killing mandates on employers; Federal medical mandates that violate State Sovereignty; Requirement on individuals to buy medical insurance coverage; Federal institution that controls private health insurance; Government intrusion into our medical privacy; Taxpayer dollars for euthanasia, or life ending services; Medical coverage for illegal immigrants at taxpayer expense."

The Richmond Tea Party is a grassroots organization giving voice to the Silent Majority. Its mission is to work to reign in a government that has grown too big, spends too much and no longer listens to the will of the people.

So how are your elected officials doing ?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

OOOOOOOOO Scary Scary !!!!!

The public option is on its way, and it is another way for the Government to force it's way into our lives.

I have heard Olympia Snowe has agreed to vote with the Democrats.

She said " When history calls, history calls "

This is an historical moment for Snowe, as it will be the beginning of the last days for her in office.

The people have made their opinions clear, people on both sides of center.

When this " reform " has to be forced on us, something is wrong,

And when Democratic members that oppose the plan are told they will be shamed, and striped of chairmanships,

It is time to put on the brakes and find out exactly what is going on

Friday, October 9, 2009

A Speech In Texas

A cowboy was attending a social function where Barack Obama is trying to gather more support for his Health Plan.

Once he discovers a cowboy is in the crowd, he starts to belittle him by talking in a southern drawl and single syllable words.

As he was doing that, he kept swatting at some flies that were buzzing around his head.

The cowboy says, "Y'all havin' some problem with them circle flies?"

Obama stopped talking and said, "Well, yes, if that's what they're called, but I've never heard of circle flies."

"Well Sir," the cowboy replies, "circle flies hang around ranches. They're called circle flies because they're almost always found circling around the back end of a horse."

"Oh," Obama replies as he goes back to rambling.
But, a moment later he stops and bluntly asks, "Are you calling me a horse's ass?"

"No, Sir," the cowboy replies, "I have too much respect for the citizens of this country to call their President a horse's ass."

" That's a good thing " says Obama, and he starts rambling to the crowd again

After a long pause, the cowboy, in his best Texas drawl says,
"Hard to fool them flies, though."
Hey, I needed a laugh : )

Nobel Prize ?

Obama wins the Nobel peace prize ?
Are you kidding me ?

......."The Norwegian Nobel Committee lauded the change in global mood wrought by Obama's calls for peace and cooperation but recognized initiatives that have yet to bear fruit: reducing the world stock of nuclear arms, easing American conflicts with Muslim nations and strengthening the U.S. role in combating climate change. "

Iran building nukes and prepared to wipe Israel off the map
Kim Jong the mental case launching missles and making deals with Iran
The military begging for more troops in Afghanistan
Terror cells in our own country willing to destroy life and property
A country divided between health care and out of control spending and the possibility of socialism taking hold
And they award Obama the peace prize ?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Remember This ?

This should send a shiver through every American.

The supporters of a Government run system seem to have blinders on as to the " side effects ".

Is the Baucus bill the only idea they can come up with ?

Reform should begin with the free markets.

When we allow insurance companies to compete, you get a better price, and coverage becomes affordable to everyone.

I get sale papers every week from different food stores, and I base where I shop on who has the better deal.

The same goes for auto parts, clothes and shoes, and even gas. I look for the best price before I buy, and when the health insurance market is opened up, we will get better prices.

Let capitalism handle the health care problems, and keep government out

Monday, October 5, 2009

Moore Is Comin To Getcha !

Look out Dem's !
Mikey Moore is talkin some mean stuff about you !

What a fantastic quote
Moore said " Find your spine, read the poll's, see us coming, we will come after you ! "
Moore thinks that Democrats can do whatever they want, and he claims that if they do not get the single payer system passed, he will hit the primaries, and get them out of office.
The same person that created a movie that makes capitalism a bad thing, is now using his influence to sway the vote on health care.
Am I the only person that thinks he is an idiot ?
I must confess that his movie that put guns and gun owners in a bad light turned me off to anything he has to say, but this idiot is at the top of the list when it comes to exploiting people for personal gain.
His latest movie shows us that
I have to say, if he wants to weed out some bad democrats, by all means he has my support.
Maybe he should just bring his checkbook to the White house and hand it to Obama and let him spread the wealth.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Could Not Resist

The last few days of cruising around the blog world, I have found many sites commenting on Chicago losing the Olympic bid
What did Obie think he was going to do ? Scare them into voting for the U.S. ?
I read a few sites that blamed the loss on Bush, claiming that other countries are bitter due to decisions made by the Bush administration.
Some of the best I read claim the judges were racist, stating that our country lost the bid because we have a black president
In my opinion, why did we need to waste the money for Obie to fly over there for a few hours ?
Are the Olympic games more important than our own problems here at home ?
Its not like he is a workaholic or something, he has plenty of time off.
Here I am, working on getting my bills paid, and working on my family budget, and just hours away our elected representatives are pushing programs to spend more money we do not have.
The plane trip, the security, and the accommodations that cost us all could have been spent somewhere else.
How much longer until people see this ?
I found this site that has a real time debt clock

Take a minute and have a look.
I wonder what Obie's shirt cost us ?