Thursday, October 8, 2009

Remember This ?

This should send a shiver through every American.

The supporters of a Government run system seem to have blinders on as to the " side effects ".

Is the Baucus bill the only idea they can come up with ?

Reform should begin with the free markets.

When we allow insurance companies to compete, you get a better price, and coverage becomes affordable to everyone.

I get sale papers every week from different food stores, and I base where I shop on who has the better deal.

The same goes for auto parts, clothes and shoes, and even gas. I look for the best price before I buy, and when the health insurance market is opened up, we will get better prices.

Let capitalism handle the health care problems, and keep government out

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Jeremy Janson said...

Well, if nothing else they may lose Washington and Oregon out of this. Those states were not really that liberal to begin with in some ways, and they're MASSIVELY dependent upon the healthcare industry, an industry which is larger in America then almost any country in the world exactly because we don't have a nationalized health plan.