Monday, October 19, 2009

Good Burn Greta !

Greta was back tonight and she was on fire.
She was not at all happy with the fact that the white house thinks that Fox News is something less than a news program
I guess she showed them
Now I would like to make a couple of points.
First off, these people report this stuff, expose these people, show us the corruption, and lay out how radical this administration is EVERY DAY around the clock.
They back up what they say with video, soundbites, and documents, and catch the people with a camera and a mic for their side of the story, and they usually run off, but they bring this to you every day.
Many of you that have read this far are sitting in the same boat as I am, but I ask those others out there that think Fox News is a big joke........
What do you think, Fox News makes this stuff up ? Do you think they are like the tabloids of the cable news world ?
The second thing I would like to ask is why do you continue to rely on a news source that does not report on ALL the news ?
The big story now is Anita Dunn being a fan of a man that murdered 70 million or so people.
Does that bother you at all ?
You see, if the media will not tell you about that, what else will they not tell you ?
Or should I say, what will Obama not allow them to tell you ?
What ? Obama has no control over the media ?
You better watch Fox News and find out who Mark Lloyd is


Sandee said...

I love it. When the white house is having a fit, I'm smiling. Just saying.

They couldn't control Fox News...that's the real rub for the white house. Keep up the great work Fox News.

Have a terrific day. :)

LaurAyn said...

My concern is what are they going to do next to get rid of FOX. And then what happens to us.

Josh said...

They think it's a smart fight. In their eyes, it's a win-win.

If Fox loses influence, that's awesome for them. If Fox takes the bait and becomes emboldened, they can just scream, "We told you so!"

They want the nation to be separate, and they'll continue to up the ante with their anti-Fox attacks.

The next logical step is to outright claim--from the WH--that Fox is America's great enemy.

Radicals need an enemy to fight. They're still trying to bring in the revolution. Well, you need something to revolt against.

Fox is "the man." lmao

If liberals had any balls, any sense of patriotism or at least any shame, they would be all over this post and similar posts declaring digust over the PRESIDENT and company picking this fight.

This is freedom we're talking about, not any damned proclivities for popular fairy tales.