Sunday, October 4, 2009

Could Not Resist

The last few days of cruising around the blog world, I have found many sites commenting on Chicago losing the Olympic bid
What did Obie think he was going to do ? Scare them into voting for the U.S. ?
I read a few sites that blamed the loss on Bush, claiming that other countries are bitter due to decisions made by the Bush administration.
Some of the best I read claim the judges were racist, stating that our country lost the bid because we have a black president
In my opinion, why did we need to waste the money for Obie to fly over there for a few hours ?
Are the Olympic games more important than our own problems here at home ?
Its not like he is a workaholic or something, he has plenty of time off.
Here I am, working on getting my bills paid, and working on my family budget, and just hours away our elected representatives are pushing programs to spend more money we do not have.
The plane trip, the security, and the accommodations that cost us all could have been spent somewhere else.
How much longer until people see this ?
I found this site that has a real time debt clock

Take a minute and have a look.
I wonder what Obie's shirt cost us ?


Lin said...

If you are disgusted at sending Obama, imagine all the frivolous spending that was done in Chicago? We can't afford to pay the bills now, and we spend a ridiculous amount courting the IOC and sending our Mayor. I'm just glad it didn't go through. Whew!

Lauren said...

Great shirt. I think I should get one. snicker

The BoBo said...

Bwahaha! Good one!

Jan from BetterSpines said...

But if he hadn't gone, then he would have been blamed anyway. Whatever he does, nobody is happy. He can't fix all of the problems at once! They took years to become the magnitude they are now, they won't go away in just a few short months. Just my opinion.

Rob said...

I love that image. That's just too funny.

Sibel said...

It is very funny, I like your blog because you are telling it as you see it and without bitterness. I am nevertheless taking back and would have liked to see the same type of scrutiny done during the Bush administrations. To think that President Obama's trip has deepened the deficit is ironic. Unfortunately Mr Obama is going to be our rebound President. He is going to get all our unrealistic hopes and our impatience resulting of 8 years of betrayal and lies of Bush administration.

Kate Burton said...

Sure, sit on your computer and complain. But if hut if he hadn't gone he'd have received the same if not more criticism. The guy's stuck trying to clean up messes that have taken years to make and no one's happy. I wouldn't want that job on a dare.

Josh said...

I doubt the world takes too kindly to King Obama showing up and asking for things.

lot 2 learn said...

@ lin
I am afraid to think about the money that was spent, but I really do not think we need to court anyone these days

@ Lauren
I just had to share it : )

@ BoBo

@ Jan
I would have settled for Obie not going, and would not have blamed him for losing the bid

@ Rob

@ Sibel
I think Obie would have a better chance of turning things around if he had better people working with him

@ Kate
As I said above, I would not blame Obie if he did not go, and I think if he had better people surrounding him, we would see things change for the better

@ Josh
I agree, and it saddens me to see where Obie has taken his position