Tuesday, October 13, 2009

OOOOOOOOO Scary Scary !!!!!

The public option is on its way, and it is another way for the Government to force it's way into our lives.

I have heard Olympia Snowe has agreed to vote with the Democrats.

She said " When history calls, history calls "

This is an historical moment for Snowe, as it will be the beginning of the last days for her in office.

The people have made their opinions clear, people on both sides of center.

When this " reform " has to be forced on us, something is wrong,

And when Democratic members that oppose the plan are told they will be shamed, and striped of chairmanships,

It is time to put on the brakes and find out exactly what is going on


Sandee said...

Senate committee approves health overhaul bill

This just hot off the presses.

Lauren said...

WE need to shut them down! WE the PEOPLE! They need to be more afraid of our power than Obama's!

lot 2 learn said...

@ Sandee
Thanks for the tip : )

@ Lauren
We will show them power if we can get republican elected in the govenor's race in Va and Jersey.
It will send the blue dogs running, and let the others know they will be replaced.