Monday, October 5, 2009

Moore Is Comin To Getcha !

Look out Dem's !
Mikey Moore is talkin some mean stuff about you !

What a fantastic quote
Moore said " Find your spine, read the poll's, see us coming, we will come after you ! "
Moore thinks that Democrats can do whatever they want, and he claims that if they do not get the single payer system passed, he will hit the primaries, and get them out of office.
The same person that created a movie that makes capitalism a bad thing, is now using his influence to sway the vote on health care.
Am I the only person that thinks he is an idiot ?
I must confess that his movie that put guns and gun owners in a bad light turned me off to anything he has to say, but this idiot is at the top of the list when it comes to exploiting people for personal gain.
His latest movie shows us that
I have to say, if he wants to weed out some bad democrats, by all means he has my support.
Maybe he should just bring his checkbook to the White house and hand it to Obama and let him spread the wealth.


Jen said...

You are most definitely not the only one who thinks Michael Moore is an idiot. I can't stand to see this slob on talk shows and I can't understand why people pay to see movies that nothing by vitriol and hyperbole. Of course most people who see his movies would have no idea what either of those two words mean.

Bret said...

Michael Moore drives me crazy. At first, I thought he was a completely biased Democrat. However, I realized that he is a man out for his own gain. I strongly disagree with most of his videos.

lot 2 learn said...

@ Jen
Agreed, I think Moore is working to be the poster boy for the left

@ Bret
Moore is very biased. He is using emotions and bad information to make his money. How much of it do you think he will re-distribute ?

Josh said...

Yeah, Moore is something else.

When it comes to that high-end capitalism, where people bet on money and bet on the bets and basically force everyone else to up prices and rates or go extinct, I agree with him there.

But then Moore loses me.

He believes that it was the inept government that allowed Wall St. to get out of hand. So his answer is, basically, for MORE government to come in, act as greedily as anyone in history, and take from them. The problem with that is "them" because anyone with money.

Of course, the personal fortune of Michael Moore is safe in his scenario.

Doctor Faustroll said...

You're not the only asshole to call Moore an idiot. I hold him personally responsible for putting and keeping Fubar Codpiece Mission Accomplished Bush in the White House for eight years and turning this country from a nation ruled by no one to a nation of miserable fucks (NOMF™).

I'm hoping Moore is planning of doing the sequel to ZombieLand and getting the silent moronics to nut up and start smacking the shit out of all the idiots who pretend to have a clue about what life is really like from their cloistered binary perspectives.

Let's go for it dude. I say Moore will kick ass on all the fucking idiots who waste air and time when he finally abandons the documentary for propaganda!

I think Moore finally understands that all politics is poopadoodle run by brain-eating zombies. Baseball bats. That's what we need.

Health care will solve itself if we take enough baseball bats to the heads of morons and self-righteous dickweeds who turned this country from a land of opportunity to a string of gated communities built by greedheads

I'm bringing on the bomb because I paid for it, and I don't want my investment squandered on peace and prosperity.

Lauren said...

You sure have some wackadoodles that come and post comments. LMAO I used to like Moore and sometimes he actually makes a point that is true. But he is a propaganda windbag and I regret giving him a statement once in NYC allowing him to use it in any movie he wants. i can see it face and big mouth flashed and thrown at me all these years later. Well all I can say is I grew a brain since college.