Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Good Deed

Rain rain rain.
We got a lot of it today.
Started around 10 AM, and had at least an inch by 3 this afternoon.
The leaves being blown off the trees onto the road made some turns and intersections like trying to stop on ice.
We have a lot of visitors come around here on the weekends since we have George Washington's boyhood home, and Stratford Hall, and James Monroe's home, and a few other places people like to visit, and they are not used to driving the back roads, much less under adverse conditions like we had today.
A few of us had decided to put out some crab pots one last time earlier in the day, and I had decided to drive down to the boat dock and check to see if the boats were still tied off OK, and shoot the breeze with the others for a while, just an excuse to get out of the house really.
Well, on the way home, Just past Monroe Hall, I saw some flashing lights, and I knew what it was before I got there, because when you come out of Monroe's home, you crest a hill and come to a stop sign in a short distance, and the combination of that, and the hard rain, and the slick leaves had left a family stuck in a ditch.
Without asking, I just pulled around them, and then back up some, got out and hooked my chain to their tow mount on the frame, and then to my hitch on the truck, I went to the window and told the guy just put it in neutral and turn the wheels and I will ease it out.
Sure enough, a minute later he was out, and I was unhooking the chain. He got out and said " I tried to call for a tow, but had no cell signal ". I said " yeah, signal is a little weak down here ".
He then said " can I pay you something ? " I said no.
He then said " you still have a McCain sticker on your truck, you guy's do know Obama won right, ha ha "
I guess I should have charged him
But anyway, it's always nice to help someone, made me think of this song


The Fearless Blog said...

Wonder if someone with an Obama sticker would have stopped to help? I am finding more and more irony in the world every day.

Some of this most compassionate people I know are conservatives and not liberals... It's one thing to speak compassion and it is another to BE compassionate. I have never received more respect and kindness than from the folks in rural or out of the way places. When we travel those backroads of WV, NC or Tenn we are always at peace, but can't say the same for the big city roads though.

LaurAyn said...

You know, I truly believe it's the little moments like yours that make the most difference. By example, you will continue to show that we are not the mobish, racists people they claim us to be and you are helping to dispell their lies.

Stunatra said...

Someone should tell the people with Obama stickers on their cars that Obama WON and that they can now REMOVE them.