Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Healthcare In Virginia

"Senators Warner, Webb, and Congressman Cantor Reject 6,000 Petition Signatures"

That's right.
They just don't care about what the people that they work for want

I read this press release today....

Richmond, VA -
Six thousand Richmond area residents have signed a petition protesting nationalized health care, but Warner, Webb and Cantor refuse to personally meet to acknowledge the petition despite multiple requests.

"I don't understand how an elected official can ignore that level of opposition," said Mechanicsville resident, Kevin Dumville. "When these petitions are laid down end-to-end, they stretch longer than a football field."

"The petition signatures represent genuine concern of taxpayers about government take-over of our health care system," said Sara James of Midlothian. "The signatures were gathered through face-to-face meet-ups at festivals, neighborhood walks and in our workplaces. We expect our elected representatives to at least feign interest in the will of the people, but when we requested meetings to personally deliver the petitions, we were rebuffed at every turn. These politicians have repeatedly demonstrated no interest in the opinions of thousands of voters in their districts. Warner, Webb and Cantor should be ashamed of themselves!"

Corky Mann of Henrico, a relative newcomer to the political process, expressed dismay about the lack of response by his representatives. "These politicians seem to forget that we hired them, and we expect them to be responsive and considerate of our opinions, not to mention the fact we expect, at a minimum, a reverence for the Constitution, which these health care bills clearly ignore."

The petition states: "We the People of Virginia demand that the Federal Government remain within its Constitutional boundaries on health care. We reject any of the following: Government-run health insurance; One-size government-dictated package of health benefits; New job-killing mandates on employers; Federal medical mandates that violate State Sovereignty; Requirement on individuals to buy medical insurance coverage; Federal institution that controls private health insurance; Government intrusion into our medical privacy; Taxpayer dollars for euthanasia, or life ending services; Medical coverage for illegal immigrants at taxpayer expense."

The Richmond Tea Party is a grassroots organization giving voice to the Silent Majority. Its mission is to work to reign in a government that has grown too big, spends too much and no longer listens to the will of the people.

So how are your elected officials doing ?


Josh said...

The majority of politicians no longer want to work for the people. They work for themselves.

It's becoming evident that nearly EVERY politician is only after the best career path.

When the previous elections were still going, I fancied myself more of a Republican-leaning person than a liberal/dem/left-winger. Now I'm just plain sick of 99.9% of all the bums!!

Here's a way to make sure politicians work FOR THE PEOPLE and not themselves:

Totally eliminate their salaries if they're wealthy; if not, cut them by more than half.

FBI probes every six months.

Taxes are a M-U-S-T!

No lifelong compensation.

Shorter terms.

Immediate dismissal for stepping outside of our Constitution.

NO covering crap up! Everything they do sees sunlight.

Make it a job that ONLY the most trustworthy and responsible among us can get and only the most trustworthy and responsible will apply.

Currently, they let crooks and vanity-driven morons in, so that's basically the only type rallying enough support to get elected.

The entire US has become Chicago on a political level.

Sandee said...

They know what is good for us much better than we know what is good for us. They are quite brazen anymore. Let's see what happens when they are not elected to their next term.

Have a terrific day. :)

lot 2 learn said...

@ Josh
Sounds like a plan to me

@ Sandee
I think many are about to find out what unemployment feels like

LaurAyn said...

This is worse than all that. OMG! I sent it to Glenn Beck and asked tht he look into the validity. What do you think?

LaurAyn said...

BTW it's Lauren. I hope you get the spelling change.

Pricilla said...

What is wrong with end of life counseling? I don't understand the uproar. I lost both my parents to cancer. My mother was in hospice. Both of them clearly stated their wishes.

When my father was comatose in the hospital with no hope of any recovery - his organs were slowly shutting down - his wishes were also clear so that we could come together as a family to honor those wishes.

What is wrong with having an advanced directive? What is wrong with having a living will?

Pricilla said...

and remember, your advanced directive can instruct to utilize extraordinary measures if that is YOUR desire. That is what they are for - what YOU want. Not what anyone else does. said...

As far as how my politicians are doing--I live in California so I think that pretty much says it all. They don't care what the people want, and all we can do is vote them out.

I think that they're well aware that they will never have the numbers that they currently have in congress to push through these massive programs so they're going full force knowing that it's now or never. Too bad, because once these programs are created they never go away.

MegaMan The Madman said...

It proves they think that they are working for the lobbyists and not the people that elected them.

We need desperately need to get a viable third party on the ticket, both parties are so entrenched in special interests, we have lost our voice..

da patriot said...
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da patriot said...

As a resident of Virginia, this concerns me very much. But in a couple of weeks we will be sending them another kind of message, with our vote. Virginia is set to elect a Republican Governor, a Republican Lt. Governor, and Republican Attorney General. If they will not listen to our words, perhaps they will understand the message which our votes will send.