Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Obama Will Sign What ?

Has anyone seen this ?

A treaty that overrides our own Constitution ?
A treaty that will allow a global community to take away our freedom and prosperity forever ?
Why is Obama in favor for a world government ?, Why does the left hate our way of life so much ? How did it get so bad ?
This treaty puts the Bricker Amendment in perspective now, take a few minutes and read about it here....

If we, as Americans allow Obama to sign this treaty we will never be able to reverse this, and we will be at the mercy of the communist world government.


Sandee said...

Well, then he could be the president forever. Is that what he has in mind? Probably. Since him and Chavez are such buddies.

Have a terrific day. I need to take a couple of aspirin now. :(

Rob said...

Like Wikipedia in that posting, President George Washington warned Americans of the dangers of foreign alliances. I wonder if Obama really knows what he's doing?

LaurAyn said...

I said way back during the campaign that this man is our Chavez.

The Fearless Blog said...

The president forever? Yep! I wish someone started a list of our president's policies and decisions, awards, signed treaties and laws. After a while the math would be hard to dispute. Don't you think? My parents had their businesses taken by a dictator. My father was imprisoned for speaking out against the regime and wanting to leave the country. This dictator took over businesses, newspapers, television and radio stations; this dictator implemented mandatory drafts, school indoctrination, universal health care and established himself as the ruler for life. Sound familiar?

My family was lucky..they got in time. The problem is where would we go now?