Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Caution ! Not In A Good Mood !

Did you catch O'Rileys talking points on Wednesday night ?
He started out with a piece about's petition to show support for Obama to stay off of Fox news.
You got to see it for yourself

Come on now, Bias coverage ?
I wonder what the Obama administration is going to give to those guys for doing that.
Did you catch Bill reporting about the private meeting with the New York Times people ?
It must have been time to get the stories for the coming week.
I poke fun at this, but it's really not funny. The White House is spoon feeding the media and directing them as to what you need to know and what you do not need to know.
Back to the talking points, Obama, and the White House is going after Fox News, and now the Chamber of Commerce, I guess they have nothing better to do.
Put Afghanistan on the back burner,
give Charlie Rangell some time to get his accounts together,
make sure John Murtha hides some stuff in one of those hangars at that big airport he built that no one uses, and, oh yeah,
ACORN is out there flappin in the breeze, let's make sure the get some papers shredded and some files thrown out

You know what ?

Enough of this.
I don't care if Obama is pickin on Fox.
It just means they are getting it right.
And you want to know something else ?
I am tired of hearing of how screwed up Obama and his left wing, Marxist, socialist, Communist, whatever they think they are at this point in time people are !
Now is the time to act. You have told us they are bad.
you have shown us the video's, played us the soundbites, and had the estimators, and the annalists.
We got it.
Lets do something about it now.
Whats next Fox News ????


LaurAyn said...

u can email me at my gmail...same addy as my blog address at gmail dot com.

Sandee said...

I do agree that he's not chosing his battles very well though. There are lots of pressing issues out there and Fox News really shouldn't be at the top of the heap.

Have a terrific day. :)

Josh said...

It's a catch-22. You cannot win.

You're either with this administration or you're an enemy.

Weigh your options.

If you're an independent thinker, questioning the moves made by a President who surrounds himself with radical after radical, then you're OBVIOUSLY a racist or a right-winger or a whatever-the-hell-it-is-this-week -- an enemy of their "progress."

If you're with them, you're forced to toe THEIR line and carry THEIR water and say what THEY tell you to say and be who THEY say you can be.

You do not get to be one of them by siding with them. You're a loyal sheep, and for that, they will not slaughter you after shaving you for five seasons. They'll turn you loose to fend for yourself in the wild pastures (that they still own and tax) once they've reached the goal of ultimate power.

Where are the liberals? Any other time they'd be plastered all over here, screaming that BUSH DID IT, or that you're blowing things out of proportion, or that a JOKE is out of line.

They're conveniently absent for this type of stuff. Attacks on freedom -- they can't defend the White House here, but they certainly won't defend a news organization and regular Americans they don't agree with, even if they could be moving (not my particular theory) to silence all opposition!

Jen said...

This seems so counterproductive to me but what do I know I'm a conservative. I stopped watching all the cable news shows right after the election, not because Obama won but because I was so sick and tired of listening to a bunch of 12 year olds argue about who has the better party. All of them need to grow up.

The Fearless Blog said...

The true question is what are WE going to do next? Fox does not and should not run the show-no pun intended. The people should run the show.

The sad part is...many ill informed people in this country believe the "LIES" about FOX news. As an educator I hear it all the time every where I go on my campus. The conservatives on campus whisper while the liberals shout. I am disgusted by the ignorance I see and hear. I was foolish once, a democrat but a stupid unwise democrat who had no clue what was happening in the world. Thank the Lord, I aged, had children, grew gray and learned my lessons while I still had time. I feel so sorry for our youth, a blinded ignorant youth, that speaks only what it "hears" and thinks they know it heart breaks for them. It's the YOUTH Obama's administration has targeted and unfortunately has hooked in by attacking FOX. Fox's ratings-see TVNEWSER- continue to rise so economically all is well for FOX. If FOX is attacked, LOOK OUT freedom of speech LOOK OUT freedom of the press. We are our brother's more than ever.

MegaMan The Madman said...

This is The President of The United States showing us that he really doesn't believe in living in a country that believes in freedom of speech and that he just doesn't understand the importance of having opposing views and beliefs..

This is absolute disgrace.. he should be ashamed..

Tracy said...

It amuses me since Fox news is one of the few stations I actually like.